Why does Hussain Obama (still) deny that he is Muslim?

* Can’t a fella have a Pizza?

Zimbabwe in the White House: the case for the 860 miles Pizza 

6a00e008d2bcf4883400e553c385ce8834-800wi11From Atlas:

Barack Hussein Obama was born Muslim. His father was a Muslim. His stepfather was a Muslim. He was raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world. He went to a  madrassah, he studied Quran. He knows. He knows what it is. He knows what it says.

Look: his school registration as “Barry Soetoro” in Jakarta. Religion: Islam


Obama was born a Muslim. His father was a Muslim. According to Islamic law, if your  daddy is a Muslim, you are a Muslim.  He claims to have converted to Christianity but there is no record. No baptism – he admits to that. He joined a Nation of Islam inspired church of black liberation theology.

* He told Nicolas Kristof of the New York Times that the prettiest sound he ever heard was the Muslim call to prayer at sunset.[Fingernails meet blackboard]

*  I will stand with the (Muslims)  should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”


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  1. Gee, I post at what would seem to be a pretty radical, anti-Jihadist blog. today, I linked to Pam’s post and added my own thoughts, feelings and facts. Was pretty much pinned with the ODS syndrome by one of my fellow bloggers. What are people afraid of?

    I agree with Joe Grey above. Either Obama needs to start acting like most of the ex-muslims out there or he needs to get real.

  2. Christine,

    you don’t want to live under radical jihadists.

    Enjoy commenting on our ‘radical’ site. (As long as the thought police doesn’t shut us down…)

  3. The bible. In his first inauguration, where he screwed up the oath, he used Lincoln’s bible. He did not use a bible for the do over.

  4. So his mama named him Barry. Hm…when did he change it?
    And that fake announcement in the newspaper about his birth (ha)
    where his name is listed as Barack – another point of proof of the fraud.
    BS – all of it. WHY???? can’t we get the Columbia College application and Hawaii’s PROOF of forgery???

    And I have to add: That Seder was an insult to Jewish people. Not a single representative from the Jewish community was there. Great photo op for the Jewish fools who were taken in by the propaganda. Shame on them!!

  5. A Low Minded Person will never be able to see the truth !!
    They just talked before their insting, but not their mind or their brain
    Should we talk about a medicine without being a doctor ?
    You know nothing about Islam
    So how could you hate’em ?
    I do challenge you to show a single teaching of Islam that againsts humanity as a whole ?
    Just a single prove and I’ll be leaving it behind because it’s not perfect
    How could the real religion made a mistake ?
    How could God that make this religion, made a mistake ?
    I don’t know exactly what’s religion that you faith for
    but I’m sure, if that is not Islam …! then that is not a great religion


  6. Suck Yermami
    “I do challenge you to show a single teaching of Islam that againsts humanity as a whole ?”

    I am not a doctor either, nor am I a scholar of Islam, but there are many experts on Islam who have proved conclusively that many teachings of Islam
    are against humanity.

    Try reading one of Robert Spencer’s books, or Andrew Bostom.
    Or maybe a book by an ex-Muslim, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali .
    Or a Christian who has lived under Islamic rule, such as Brigitte Gabriel.

    All attest to the racist, brutal and inhumane nature of Islam.
    The truth is out there and more and more people are now realising how evil Islam is.
    Time to say adios to Islam!!!

  7. Dear Suck,
    Firstly take an English course – your written english is comparable to that of an ignorant uneducated thug that has sneaked into our country – ooops – sorry – that’s what you are – say hi to Yusuf!. I would also say that you scored an own goal (or shot yourself in the foot) with your attempted verse.

    There are so many examples of how Islam is used to justify criminal actions that it is fairly clear that you are unable to see the truth. Or perhaps you cannot read?? How could G_D make Islam? G_D didn’t – a child molester called mohammed did – so that should answer the question posed in your third last sentence. You would like to see a single teaching of Islam that is against humanity as a whole – actually this question is cleverly posed because it allows the questioner to impose his concept of what is best for humanity – surprised there – given the quality of the “lyrics” I thought that Suck was a brain dead slug – well – Suck is most likely brain dead. Now to the point – when we read the Quran (and many of us have) we find large volumes of material which encourages subjugation and murder of non-muslims, subjugation of women, support of dishonesty, instructions to ignore and disrespect other cultures, and a whole lot of other activities that have been given criminal status because, over the period of human development, they have been found to rather counter-productive to mankind. We know a lot about Islam and that is precisely why we do not want islamists like you in our communities. Hate – no we don’t hate – it is a waste of energy. You and your ilk pose a danger that will shortly not be ignored, but like the farmer that has to put down a rabid dog we patiently wait for you to either grow up or push too far, the consequences of which should be obvious to you. Did you know that some islamists recently discovered that mistaking tolerance for weakness can be a fatal mistake? Examining your “lyrics” (I apologise to all musicans for calling Sucks writing a lyric) it becomes apparent that you are not very well educated, and that your sphere of comprehension is limited (to be kind). However I found your email very interesting as it has been used to add some interesting points to the profiling we do on islamists – do write again. I remember an old Robin Hood movie when a Moor replied to a child who asked why he was black with the following line: “Because G_D likes many colors”. In many ways, even if you are not religious this line of script say a lot of very deep things and it is indeed your loss Suck, and I pity you for it, that you will never understand this.

  8. People should be very very alarmed about having Al Qeda’s man in the White House –a total con man. I repeated this view many times on blogs before Obama was voted in. I know of “mobbing” in workplaces that was done by Muslims. These people used slander and lies to elevate the lowly and destroy those of quality.

    There is an alarming crime going on in the U.S. and I believe that it is being perpetrated by Muslims. Websites describe details accurately, but wrongly attribute it to the government. This vicious crime of torture and murder is referred to as “covert harrassment.” However, it is actually covert torture. Gang stalking by strangers –Muslims and Chinese, illegal entry of a person’s home, criminals illegally obtain new keys by threatening the locksmith, vandalism of personal property, tampering with food, poisoning with chemicals, torture using electronic weapons, often leading to death. The mainstream media wasn’t much help with information about Obama, either. So, don’t expect them to tell you about this vicious attack on our rights.

    Here’s a hint –they target women. Guess what Muslim men think of women. I am totally supportive of all races and religions, but not of criminals and serial killers.

    Love the tone of that person who tells you –How dare you express any opinion about Islam, unless you laud it to the skies?! Throw a good fit, liar. I love it, because I’ve seen that vicious lie used extensively by Islam. But now I would just get on with trying to protect people from the silent hollocaust.

  9. I really think everyone connected with obama’s lies and disguises should be put on notice that they should come clean now about this man and not wait until he’s proven to be an illegal candidate and be taken down with him.

  10. Grant,

    I think the time for rediculous smearing is over for the sake of protecting the right-wing of politics is over or whate-ever-agenda there is.

    Trying to bring yourself and others into believing their own imaginative BS rumours and dribble is very sad indeed.

    It must be, I guess, very insulting that the election was won by the party that was not supported or voted in by you and that insulting and making up things is the only way to vent that frustration.

    Be sure he and his fellow member of his and his family’s church must be laughing themselves stupid on Sundays.

    Muslims are certainly happy that Obama has taken the only logical step of recognizing their existance, importance and that to gain respect it needs to be given – both ways. No Muslim of course makes the mistake of thinking that or hoping that Obama is a Muslim, his church-going, obvious enjoyment of beer and inability to pronounce “Hijab” (he said hajib) confirms it. But nevertheless, he has shown that understanding, recognition and ability to accept the obvious need of constructive engagement.

    1. Is Obama his fathers son or is he not, Solker?

      Since when is the son of a Muslim and a Muslim ‘revert’ not a Muslim? Did his mother, that Gramscian whore, not marry a second (Indonesian) Muslim named Soetoro who named little Obama “Barry Soetoro?” Do you want to see his Indonesian school enrolment where he was signed in as “Muslim?”

      What’s this BS denial all about?

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