Wilders blocks all talk with Hamas, robs EU of unified voice against Israel

 Pamela sez:

G-d bless Geert Wilders. Despite “growing calls” for Europe to recognize and engage the savage jihadis of Hamas, Wilders will have none of it. Wilders introduced a motion to block any dialogue. “We should never even talk to an organization that seeks the downfall of Israel. I am therefore glad that my resolution was accepted.”


Wilders, in effect, robs an OIC-driven EU of a unified against the Jewish people (Israel).  Wilders is a righteous Gentile. There is real greatness, real grit in the man. He is the Churchill of our day.

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Other News:

The Dutch parliament on Tuesday approved a motion seeking to block any dialogue between government officials and Hamas, Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom announced.

The motion – made in effort to counter growing calls in Europe to engage the Islamist group in dialogue – was put forward by MP Raymond de Roon, third on Wilders’ list.

“We should never even talk to an organization that seeks the downfall of Israel. I am therefore glad that my resolution was accepted, de Roon said.

In the motion, de Roon requested the government “ensure the terrorist organization Hamas is excluded from any international debate or governance forum,” a party spokesperson told Haaretz.

“Hamas is not only anti-Zionist,” de Roon previously wrote about Hamas. “It is anti-Jewish and a racist organization. If the West speaks to Hamas, it will foment Jew-hatred.” He added this hatred “flows directly from the pages of the Koran.” 

Baruch HaShem!

The controversial and publicly pro-Zionist Party for Freedom seeks to “protect the Netherlands from Islamization” by halting and minimizing the effects of immigration from non-Western countries. Recent polls predict the party, which in 2006 won nine seats out of 150 in parliament, would nab 32 seats if elections were held now.


Earlier this month Wilders, who lived in Israel in his youth and visits the country regularly, announced he is working of a sequel for his anti-Islam film, Fitna. The film, which mostly displays archive material and Koran verses while highlighting calls by Muslims to slay Jews, angered millions.


Wilders’ ideas enjoy 40% support

Tuesday 21 April 2009 Dutch News

Some 40% of the Dutch population agree with many of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilder’s statements, according to research by TNS Nipo for magazine Vrij Nederland.

According to opinion polls, Wilders would take about 18% of the vote if there was an election tomorrow. But this research shows support for his ideas is much wider, Vrij Nederland says.

Some 42% of those polled agreed with the statement that Wilders says ‘what ordinary people believe and want’. Some 35% do not think Wilders goes too far in his comments about Islam and Muslims and 38% agree with Wilders’ statement that Muslims have come to the Netherlands ‘to take things over’.

A large majority – 61% – agree with Wilders’ call for ‘street terrorists’ to be deported. Wilders used the phrase to describe gangs of youths, mainly of Moroccan origin.

Although support for Wilders among people with a university education has increased slightly, his main support is still found among ‘the ordinary man who does not feel that the established parties take him seriously,’ said researcher Peter Kanne.

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  1. And we have a group in Washington, probably led by the muzzie in chief, to spend our tax money on starting to migrate hamas and supporters from the Gaza to the USA.

    And our muzzie in chief’s ratings are down to 35% approval ratings. From over 60% to now 35% in a few weeks and still slipping.

  2. R_not, you guys have to prevent hamas activists from immigrating to the US. Use the media and what ever non-violent means at your disposal – if these people get a foothold then you will have problems for a while.

  3. Great to see obama’s popularity slipping..how many billions has he promised the Pakis? Why doe he think money will solve the problems? Also there has just been a conference on Somalia..again why do westeners think anything can help these hopeless cases??..When I was young a hopeless case was a hopeless case..there was also a saying.. “Never throw good money after bad.” This is just common sense.
    Geert Wilders is a hero..The Dutch have a saying…
    An English man is too polite to be honest and the Dutchman is too honest to be polite…thank God for honest Dutchmen. They are also very brave.

  4. Good onya Mr Wilders the only person qualified to talk to Hamarse is Dr Dolittle.

  5. Geert is one of the few european leaders who still knows the diference between good and evil.

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