Yusuf Rubs It

Yusuf fears a ‘backlash’!

 Only on “Planet Irf”

In his latest blog entry  sharia advocate Yusuf Irfan fantasizes about the “Far Right”, blames  ‘prejudicial rhetoric used against certain minority groups’  (Islam & Muslims of course, nothing else matters)  whines about ‘uncontrolled and unmedicated hate’…   Same old, same old…

Yusuf has no problem with Islamic hate-mongers like this, like this  and this, but whines about Tim Blair, who does very little of that sort. 

When all fails, Yusuf wants you to believe Moslems are just like da Jooozz..


…and when nobody listens, (when did  the last poster  comment on your blog, Yusuf?) he tells us he is just like Gandhi:

mahatma-irf1Usually, there are institutions that take care of such people. Yusuf is still running around without a straight jacket.

“Today they do the same against anyone deemed Muslim. regular band of nutbags that surround Daily Telegraph opinion editor Tim Blair are typical examples racist commentary.”

“Racist” Yusuf? What race is Islam again? Are you saying the followers of your prophet are not racist?

Here Yusuf: what did he say? “Are you mah nigga??”

Apart from that, Yusuf has no problem with the demand for exclusive Muslim prayer rooms at Muslim Students at RMIT, who have indicated precisely that nothing else will do.

Europe and the rest of the West need to curb their racism or xenophobia to the levels practiced in the glorious Middle East.

That would show them.

9 thoughts on “Yusuf Rubs It”

  1. Do not give these muslims an exclusive prayer room at RMIT – they can learn to live like the rest of us or leave!

  2. Yusuf is just another lying Muslim scumbag. They can’t help themselves. Pure scum. yusuf piss off from Australia & watch the whole country applaud you bastard. Note this lowlife wouldn’t live in a Muslim country-he knows that 100% are ratshit.

  3. Irfan,
    Your sentence does more to condemn you than scare us. We are not suffering – we are waiting for our governments to give us the permission to deal with terrorists like you properly.

    How amusing that you interpret our tolerance as weakness – how amusing indeed! We (and I am not refering to the people on this web blog) know who you are, what you are and where you are.

    BTW I suggest that you learn what a NAZI is – you do not seem to able to understand this.

    Be seeing you…

  4. Nazi attitudes regarding Islam were perhaps best expressed by Himmler, who is reported to have stated: “I have nothing against Islam because it educates the men in this division for me and promises them heaven if they fight and are killed in action. A very practical and attractive religion for soldiers.”

  5. “we are waiting for our governments to give us the permission to deal with terrorists like you properly”

    Wow, Nazi vigilantes. I might call the phone number on that fridge magnet I received from John Howard. You people should be put in gaol.

    Happy easter. Try not to dream too much about carrying out revenge attacks on Jews.

  6. Irfan, you do NOT understand what a Nazi is – where I live it is illegal to use this term in the manner that you have – many folks lived through the hell that was the Nazi regime and they know exactly what it means. You seem to think that you have a worm that attracts comment – you haven’t (most people here on this blog know that you are an bad evil joke, however I have actually been studying you which is the only reason that I bothered posting replies to your badly written rubbish – but our study is concluded which for you could be very bad news) . I personally detest scum like you that throw around the word Nazi in such a flippant manner. It shows a massive amount of disrespect for those that suffered under such regimes – and that does not include the Palis. You are rude, stupid, and rather dumb Irfan.
    You are also a potential threat to our country. Vigilantes?? No Irfan – we dont have time for Vigilantes – we are rather much nastier. be seeing you….

  7. YUSUF,

    The jewish folks have contributed so richly to this country – paki slugs like you just steal our money. Your cause is already lost muslim thug – you are too dump to realise it!! be seeing you…..

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