Abu Hamza sons admit £1m car scam

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Three sons of jailed cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri have admitted exploiting a loophole in the vehicle registration system to commit a £1m luxury car scam.

Al BeBeeCeera

_45831911_007395483-1Mohamed Mostafa admitted two counts of fraud using a false ID

His sons Hamza Kamel, 22, and Mohamed Mostafa, 27, ran the two-year fraud with his stepson Mohssin Ghailam, 28.

Southwark Crown Court heard they targeted cars in long-stay car parks, fraudulently obtaining their log books and keys before selling the cars on.

Four other London men also admitted their involvement.

‘Sophisticated’ fraud

Radical Muslim preacher Abu Hamza was jailed in 2006 for inciting murder and hate in speeches he made at Finsbury Park Mosque in north London.

On Wednesday the court heard that his sons were arrested in November last year, following a police investigation into the organised theft and resale of luxury cars in London.

Prosecutor Martyn Bowyer told the hearing: “This was a sophisticated, well-planned and professionally executed enterprise.”


 This was the defendants seeking to exploit a loophole in the system at the DVLA 
Prosecutor Martyn Bowyer

The gang identified luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMWs and Range Rovers left in long-stay car parks in London and applied to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to change the address.

If the DVLA did not receive a reply from the original address within 14 days, a new log book would be sent out to an address supplied by the gang.

The defendants would then inform the DVLA that the name of the registered keeper had also changed, enabling them to obtain keys for the vehicle.

The gang then stole the cars, selling them to unsuspecting buyers or using them as collateral to take out loans which they never repaid.

Mr Bowyer said: “This was the defendants seeking to exploit a loophole in the system at the DVLA.”


Radical cleric Abu Hamza  

Radical preacher Abu Hamza was jailed in 2006 for inciting hate and murder

Police identified 32 vehicles that were used in the fraud, valued at more than £1m.

Kamel, from Acton, west London, admitted five counts of handling stolen goods and laundering more than £14,000 of money in relation to the scam.

Mostafa, also from Acton, pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by using false ID to secure a £12,000 loan and to obtain keys for a BMW.

Ghailam, from Shepherd’s Bush, west London, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud.

Mohammed Chiadmi, 31, from Maida Vale, his brother Abdul Chiadmi, 22, from Ladbroke Grove, Khalid Jebari, 22, from Pimlico, and Hamza Mrimou, 27, from Fulham, admitted fraud, handling stolen goods and money laundering.

All the defendants are due to be sentenced on Thursday.

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