Australia: How (not) to Defend a Serial Rapist


Tim Blair – 

Lawyers sometimes wonder why they’re held in low public esteem. Perhaps they should consider the arguments offered by Sydney lawyer Clive Steirn in defending a multiple rapist: 

Suffering bastard:

Taxi driver Hassan Nagi should not receive a harsh sentence for raping three women as he suffered a condition called “Don Juanism” which made him addicted to sex, his barrister said yesterday.

Clive Steirn SC also urged a District Court judge to spare the sex predator a “crushing” sentence because he never bashed his victims while he was raping them.

“There was no gratuitous violence. None of the women was physically harmed. It’s an important consideration,” he said. 

The judge’s response: “He doesn’t get rewarded for not belting them.” Good, although it shouldn’t need saying. Further from Steirn, who seems to have emerged from the 17th century: 

Mr Steirn said Nagi – who has pleaded guilty to raping female passengers in 2003, 2006 and 2007 – was merely being “opportunistic” and should be punished “at the lower end of the spectrum”.

“He’s taken advantage of their extreme states of intoxication to carry out the offences,” he said.

“In terms of driving a cab over many years, he had ample opportunity to commit other types of offences”. 

This is offered in mitigation. In 2009. Seriously. Do continue, Mr Steirn: 

“It cannot be said he is a serial offender. These are three separate episodes over five years.” 

Three rapes in five years? That’s a definition of a serial offender. Nagi should be jailed for life. About Clive Steirn, I really don’t know what to say. 

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  1. Hmmm, can I molest young girls & claim I suffer from “prophet

  2. Good point Sheik. How many others were there? In many countries, three rapes would result in indefinite detention.
    They were raped and yet the lawyer says they were not physically harmed?? More and more muslim men are being associated with rape.

  3. This is just more evidence supporting the contention that the legal profession is being degraded due to inbreeding.

  4. I think he should be given a nice home instead. In Rookwood cemetary, Or what do they call it now in wog language?

  5. I wonder if this scum felcher from the legal nest has a wife or daughters, and the same thing happened to them. Honestly we do have an abundance of high level cock-heads wafting around the legal avocation.

  6. My rehabilitation program? One bullet (approx. $2.40 Canadian) administered to the base of the skull, a la chinese. End of problem.

  7. I can tell you straight that he has raped more woman, I feel sick to my stomach that he was even allowed bail. Some woman have not come forward for fear of reprisals or the indignity of it all and I am one of them. I hope the bastard rots in hell and lives every day in hell as he has left us woman.

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