Australia, Jew-hatred and Racism

Australian Jews shocked by anti-Semitic YouTube videos

3_a                                                                   Arrested attacker

 Offensive videos posted on YouTube by Perth man Brendon O’Connell send shockwaves through local Jewish community. ‘People said they didn’t know such things still existed, certainly not in Australia,’ Jewish Agency emissary relates

* This is a case of  assault, stalking, verbally battering  and savaging two young Jews, who just happened to be in a supermarket minding their own business. The fact that O’Donnell actually punched one of them in the face (which was not shown on the video) makes it a first degree hate crime. Therefore its not  a free speech issue and we don’t need racial vilification laws to deal with this.

The video of the actual confrontation was taken down by YouTube for it’s antisemitic tirade.

Youtube  still has a few O’Donnell  vid’s which haven’t been removed since the time of this writing, via Jawa Report:

His youtube account is here.

Part I 
Part II

Daniel Edelson/Israel News

VIDEO – Anti-Semitic videos posted by an Australian man, Brendon O’Connell from Perth, on YouTube have sent shockwaves through the Jewish community in the city.

O’Connell, 39, was arrested Thursday and is set to appear before a court next week and be charged with conduct likely to incite animosity or racist harassment. If convicted, he faces a possible maximum penalty of 14 years in prison plus a fine of $18,000.

The affair began about 10 days ago, during a rally held by a number of members of the “Friends of Palestine” group outside a local grocery selling fruits from Israel. Several Jewish students from the Australian Union of Jewish Students arrived at the place to stage a counter-rally, and were then confronted by O’Connell.

“He pulled out a video camera and started yelling at us,” recounted Stanley Keiser, the union’s president. “We soon entered into a heated debate and very soon he began making anti-Semitic slurs.

“He said that the Jewish religion preaches murder, that we are a bunch of blood-thirsty murderers… and that we want to wipe all the non-Jews off the map,” said Keiser. “I asked him whether he was denouncing Israel’s actions or if he’s simply an anti-Semite. He said he was anti-Jewish. At this point I realized that I’m dealing with a certified anti-Semite,” he added.

Keiser also said that at some point the confrontation escalated even further and O’Connell punched him in the face.

‘People literally cried’

Two days later a member of the Jewish community encountered one of O’Connell’s videos on YouTube and contacted the police, which found dozens other racist videos in his home.

According to Tal Dror, the Jewish Agency emissary to Perth, “Things calmed down after he was arrested, but before that the reactions in the community were terrible. People literally cried when they saw the video on the internet. They said they didn’t know such things still existed, certainly not in Australia.”

According to Tal, “This is a small community numbering 4,000-6,000 members, and anti-Semitic harassments are very rare. People are pleased with the way the police handled the affair and don’t feel threatened. I just hope that this person doesn’t try to hurt innocent Jews before his trial.”

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6 thoughts on “Australia, Jew-hatred and Racism”

  1. The Australian Socialist Labor Government, financed by the Marxist based Australian Council of Trade Unions, led by,PM Kevin 07 “I have never been a Socialist” Rudd, has given just under $100 Million to what the Australian left calls “The Palestineans” so as they are able to re group and re arm following their recent flogging at the hands of the Israeli’s.

    The Left in Australia are very antisemitic and very Pro Islam, just look at the PRO illegal immigration policies of the Rudd government, that favor Muslim illegal entrants,irrespective of their background and anti Australian sentiments.

    Brendon O’Connell is but a pimple on the arse hole of the Australian left, he is simply enunciating the views of the Australian Labor Party and their cabal of Democrat and Green Socialist misfits, he at least had the balls to come out publicly and stated his and “The Party’s” views on Jews.
    Rudd and Co. are still not sure as to the political ramifications of enunciating their policy publicly and leave it to the likes of Brendon O’Connell to test the water until such time as they too feel it’s suitably fashionable to engage in a bit of Jew bashing.
    This piece of shit (Brendon O’Connell) should not be charged with anything other than assault,he should be dealt with by the law of criminal assault against a HUMAN not assault against a Jew just plain old assault against ANYBODY will do.

  2. Thanks Aussie,

    We already have laws to deal with these arseholes. This other hate shit is bullshit.
    We have laws already. The problem is not the law it is the useful idiots that do not use them.

  3. In Perth recently, at a pro-Palestinian rally, a man called Brendan O’Connell was charged under The Racial Vilification Act with incitement to racial hatred, for making a Youtube video, in which he was seen verbally ‘abusing’ two Jewish men, who, he claims were filming him without his permission. Having watched the video, it’s obvious to me, that O’Connell’s accusers dished out as good as they got. Personally, I find any form of racism objectionable, but I think the RVA goes a little too far.

    As an atheist, living at the gateway to the 21 Century, I find all religions outdated and objectionable, because of the irrationality and racist tenants upon which they are based. These relics of the past should all be relegated to the dustbin of history, but not before being recognized for the madness, hatred, elitism and resentment they inspire in their followers, which brings me back to the case of Brendan O’Connell.

    Brendan described himself as a ‘good Christian’ who, it was obvious, had quite an extensive knowledge of the Bible and other Jewish holy books (Torah/Talmud) from which he quoted passage after passage to the two Jewish men he was arguing with, as ‘proof’ that the Jewish holy books were filled with racist commentaries about non-Jewish people. In turn, the two Jewish men had a lot of disparaging things to say about Christians and the New Testament which they claimed were ‘anti-Semitic…’

    So here, on the Streets of Perth, the old Jewish/Christian hatred and animosity were played out. What this tells an atheist like me, is that Brendan and his co-accusers were, in a way, both ‘victims’ of religious indoctrination and brainwashing, who were all now ‘acting out’ their beliefs by accusing each other. Now if these men had never read their so-called ‘holy books’ it would be safe to presume that this confrontation would never have taken place.

    It’s obvious, that these ‘holy books’ were, at a deeper psychological level, responsible for the incitement to racial hatred. Having looked into other so-called ‘holy books’ – such as the Koran – I also discovered that it too was filled with racist commentaries.

    In conclusion, I believe there is enough evidence in all these holy books, to bring about a class action against them, based on their capacity to incite racial hatred, and that such materials should be removed from public institutions i.e. Schools, where children are exposed to the divisive and hate-filled rhetoric they contain.

    What do you think?

  4. Alex, I have watched this video many times now and the two kids Brendon attacks do not say anything that makes christianity look racist. Brendon at the beginning of the video states that he is hoping to confront some jews. He makes I clear that he thinks the jewish people are discussing and should be wiped out. The two kids do not say anything in this manner they were just trying to get away once they found out how anti-jewish Brendon was and that he wasn’t there trying to defend the Palestinian people, he was out filming trying to racially vilify any jew he came across. The two kids were not religious jews, As the video was filmed at a Saturday protest (the jewish holiday) .

  5. jews are an evil race they control yhe porn industry banking the media in australia jew doctors control 83% of abortion clinics jews stole palestine killed palestines people bull doze their homes mueder theie politicans currupt goverments by donations jews tell lies about the gallant german people who only tried to rid jews from europe in a mor humane way than jews treat palestians jews are criminals in australia out of proportion to thier population (i have list of jew criminals) if any body says any thing jews do not agree with they use their power to shut that person up look what they did to dr. toban jews did 9/11 silverman and lowy did a jew stoke take for millions in insurance and we would invade iraq and afghanstan i hope iran nukes israel and kills as maby jews as they can a good jew is a dead jew

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