Bunglawussi Spin Watch: Five injured in Athens mosque attack

Five injured in Athens mosque attack 

Being Muslim means never having to bear responsibility for your actions:

* As always, the Muslim rioters are totally innocent and were just responding to provocation by the Greek police. If only we would respect their rights to rule over us and not resist Islam everything would be just swell…

So much for spin. Now back to reality:

Islamic jihadists attack Hare Krishna temple in Bangladesh

And as is so often the case when jihadists rampage in Muslim countries, the local police did nothing. “Terrorists Attack ISKCON Temple in Chittagong, Bangladesh,” from ISKCON News Weekly, May 23 (thanks to Religion of Peace):

Unknown assailants tried to burn down a makeshift mosque in Athens on Saturday, injuring five Bangladeshi migrants who suffered burns and respiratory problems in the attack, police said.

The attackers broke the windows of a basement flat used as a mosque early on Saturday morning and threw gasoline inside before lighting it, a police source said.

The incident followed clashes in Athens between Muslim immigrants and Greek police during protests sparked by allegations that a police officer tore up and stamped on a Koran during an identity check earlier in the week.

Dawn, 24 May 2009

Straight from the Bunglawussi blog…

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  1. so – locals against the muslims
    Israelis against palestinians
    local Bradfordians against muslim Bradfordians

    and so on ……………

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