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Found on Tim Blair’s blog:

903780941Richard Pratt, arrived in Australia aged 4, as a poor Jewish immigrant. He died as one of the country’s wealthiest men, a philanthropist and an employer of thousands of people.

There was another group, which immigrated to Australia in the 1980s.

Their story was a bit different. 

Using data from the 2001 Census, this paper finds that Lebanese Muslim households are large and much more likely to be poor than are all households, or than Lebanese Christian households. It also finds that Lebanese Muslim men have low levels of education, relatively high levels of unemployment, and a very high tendency not to be in paid work.

And then there were the gang-rapists, criminals and murderers.

Quite a contrast in immigration stories… Quite a contrast indeed.

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  1. As as has been often written, the Jewish contributions to all societies has been much larger than their population would indicate. The converse has always been true for muslims.

  2. Then we all know what Muslims should do, live with the Jewish ideals. Then they might progress as opposed to regress!

  3. I am not sure – zero multiplied by a very large number is still zero :-).

  4. And its not just the enormous contribution they make to society in other area such as science arts and music.

    As a teenager I was blown away by the hearing David and Igor Oistrakh playing Bach’s double violin concerto.

    More recently I have been stunned by the fact that 35m jews can produce 180 Nobel prizes and muslims who may number 2bn can only point to about 8, and they had to live in the west to do most of them. A west that they want to destroy to abide by the instructions in their book of evil and the ravings of their paedophilic prophet.

    And still they come —and we are stupid enough to let them in, only to have them go on the dole.

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