Day 2 in Cologne: Ten to One Pro-Islam, Lizards Jubilant…!

1240919644785lProtected by the Socialist establishment,  the Muhammedans came out in force, some waving Saudi flags and blaming ‘racism’ for Islam terror. As usual, Charles Johnson and the Lizard echo chamber is jubilant:

400 “fascists” were outnumbered by 4000 righteous multiculti fascists, Islamists, commies and anarcho-freaks.

Pathetic. Watch for updates….

1240919644605lYesterdays Dumbo, tomorrow’s Mufti… ex-boxer, revert…

1240919644635l1240919644637lProtected Species…

1240919644643l1240919644543lHomo’s for Islam… In Iraq they are currently gluing their anuses shut…

1240919644545lLots of coffee-filters and reverts…

1240919644549l“We like it here…”

1240919644611lMore Pic’s here

1240919644613lLots’a green and red flags…

1240919644489lAnti-mosque demo at Barmer Platz, heavily guarded by police. Or should we rather say “kept in check…”

1240919644425lThose who demonstrate against Islamization are vilified as “right wing radicals”

What emerges from all the information compiled by VH is the fact that the political deck is stacked against all conservative parties in Germany. 

Shops were hoarded off…

rouhsblackeyeTry to protect your culture and civilization and you get beaten up with baseball bats: Manfred Ruhs, one of the organizers of Pro-Koeln…

More from Gates of Vienna

And here an update from the Netherlands:


From Atlas Shrugs:

pk_3Solidarity with Israel: you didn’t see any support for Israel from the ferals, the “black Anarcho-brigades”  or the Muhammedans on the other side of the fence… and yet, they call us Nazi’s and ‘right wing extremists’…

Gates of Vienna has reportage on the skewed coverage here.  The media bias is clear. The Baron notes, “Notice the discrepancy in numbers between this version and the first-hand report I posted earlier today. The media would like readers to believe that Pro-Köln is a pathetic and insignificant political force, 300 versus the 1,600 “anti-fascists”.”

What’s more, the number of police is more than twice the number of demonstrators and counter-demonstrators combined.

I feel sorry for these desperate people. They are being overwhelmed.

Two right-wing groups held a controversial “anti-Islam” rally in the German city of Cologne Saturday, under massive police protection.

The huge police presence was due potential clashes with a large counter-demonstration of several hundred left wingers, churches, trade unions and Greens, opposed to the anti-Muslim and inflammatory rhetoric used by the groups.

On Friday, German judges had banned plans by the two rightist groups to march to the proposed site of Cologne’s grand mosque, after a similar demo sparked clashes there last September.

The two anti-Islam groups are opposed to the building of mosques and what they see as an influx of Muslim immigration into Germany.

The rightists argued they had a constitutional right to hold the parade through the heart of Cologne as part of their three-day convention and rally, but were dismissed by the judges.

Leftist counter-demonstrators on Saturday held banners proclaiming “Democrats stand united against right-wing radicalism, racism and agitation.”


From the early morning, there was a huge police presence across Cologne, bracing for possible violence.

9 thoughts on “Day 2 in Cologne: Ten to One Pro-Islam, Lizards Jubilant…!”

  1. The next protest should be held during ramadan…..a candle-lit vigil for Muslim victims…..just as the sun goes down. Make those famished barbarians miss their meals if they want to oppose freedom of speech.

  2. Can’t figure why you even bother to check what the lefty lizards think, who gives a toss? Haven’t been near LGF for eons, don’t miss any of it a bit.

  3. I passed through Köln on Saturday – the police were there in force at the anti-mosque demo. They DID keep the muzz out – passed quite a few looking upset because they couldn’t start the usual muslim rubbish. As regards the numbers – this is usual- I live in Germany and the ratio of police to protesters is usually larger than 1:1. As regards the PCM (Politically correct medi) – this is now starting to change – the balance is become less left wing but this will still take time to change.

  4. Good on the four hundred…it is not easy to get out there knowing you will be confronted by this arrogant ususually violent mob…Possibly there was more than four hundred and this is a media number.
    I was recently reading about how the Dayaks of Borneo dealt with their muslim problem…they killed them , beheaded them , cut their hearts out from the back , drunk their some cases barbbequed what was left of the bodies on the side of the road and ate them …….Well they had put up with them for so long and noone else was ever going to help them.
    Despite what I have just written , the Dayaks are really , really nice people..they are into black magic and go into a prolonged and unified trance when they kill like this. If you ask them about beheading and cannibalism , they will just smile at you and say , “”It is our tradition.”
    The muslims continually broke their traditional law by theiving and the like and paid the price. They said Muslims [the madurese] did not fit in ; they did not get on with their neighbours. Well isn’t this true of muslims everywhere?
    I was living in a more secure area of Borneo at the time of this slaughter. A friend came back from West Kalimantan and said he had got on a bus and that there was a severed head sitting on the back seat. Others came back and said that there were rows of heads on sticks lining the roads at the entrances of many villages.
    Surviving Madurese , who had been transplanted their by the Indonesian govt , ended up in a refugee camp in Pontianak…I do not know what happened after this as I no longer live in Borneo. I do not think that these events rec’d much publicity in the Western press.
    Too non PC. Too radical a solution….

  5. Thanks Sheik..yes the collective trance is amazing..they all make the same face shape and the same sound as they are going into it and then launch into the hunt and the killing……….nothing like keeping one’s traditions alive….of course , their traditions are far older than those of that ‘poser’ islam.
    I love Borneo..I lived there for about six years..roughly 98 to 2,003..We just missed the riots in Jakarta by a few days on the way over there..
    Another horrific incident happened while I was there…The invasion of the Flores islanders and their forced conversion to islam..they were given a choice convert or loose your head. After the slaughter , there were mass circumcisions..1 ,500 in one session. These people were peaceful, humble Catholics before this invasion.
    Again , I don’t think it got any mention in the western press.
    In the book I am currently reading , In the Time of Madness by Richard Lloyd Parry , a British journalist , he writes about this part of the world as if he just discovered it in the 1990s; He also mentions in passing the Christians and the Muslims killing each other in the Flores islands. Invasions by muslims are often turned into these kind of joint battles…never any mention of who started it.

  6. Perhaps what we need in the west , is a little black magic.
    The Dayaks teach us an important lesson in the kill or be killed stakes. If you are not prepared to kill , you have to be prepared to see your own culture and race die out. Nothing political , just the reality of survival.

  7. Hallo… ich bitte Sie mein Bild 1240919644549l rauszunehmen.
    Ich finde es nciht in Ordnung,dass sie mich unerlaubt fotografieren und es sogar ins Internet stellen.
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    Jedenfalls würde ich Sie bitten,dieses Bild so schnell wie möglich rauszunehmen.

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