Egypt: Rumor of Rock Thrown at Mosque Leads to Rampaging Islamic Mob Attacking Christians and Their Businesses….

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(AINA) – As a result of a rumor that a young Christian Copt hurled a stone towards a mosque, thousands of Muslims congregated and attacked Copts and their properties, leaving several injured and arrested.

The incident, which took place on Wednesday, May 13, 2009,in the area of Saft El-Labn, Giza, resulted in the injury of 14 people from both sides. The police arrested 20 Copts, including 6 women, and 7 Muslims, and security imposed a curfew on the region.

….”Yesterday’s sectarian clashes were brought about by an argument between the relative of a Coptic girl who was sexually harassed by a Muslim youth, and was on a small scale. Unfortunately, Muslim fanatics in the area propagated a rumour that during the melee, the Copts hurled stones towards the Mosque. As a result thousands of Muslims gathered and attacked the Copts living in the area, and destroyed 6 shops including a pharmacy, a supermarket and some vehicles.”

Copts detained “as ‘scapegoats’ to draw the attention from the scandal of the Arab attack on the … Abu Fana Monastery”

When monks were abducted, tortured, and forced to spit on the cross. “Two Christian Copts Detained for Third Time in Egypt,” by Mary Abdelmassih for AINA, May 21:

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  1. Yes, another story which can be confirmed on muslim misbehavior. I see that none of our resident “ProMo” group have much to say on this.

  2. Where is the international outcry and the UN intervention?

    Oh sorry I forgot, only muzzlemaniacs are victims these days……. it’s not even that trendy to intervene on the behalf of black africans, so sorry Ehtiopia, you’re on your own……

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