Fatah Leader in Lebanon Sultan Abu Al-Einen: Arafat Would Condemn Suicide Operations – And At the Same Time Finance Them

* One of our “peace-partners” from moderate Fatah unashamedly tells the truth: Arafart-bastard was as false as a 13-dollar bill:


Following are excerpts from an interview with Sultan Abu Al-Einen, the leader of Fatah in Lebanon, which aired on Al-Quds TV on April 6, 2009.

To view this clip, visit http://www.memritv.org/clip/en/2085.htm. 


“When We Examine the Negative Aspects of the Oslo Accords, We Should Also Look At Their Other Aspects”

Sultan Abu Al-Einen: “It was the resistance that led to the Oslo Accords. The Israeli enemy still does not recognize the Right of Return, but 250,000 Palestinians have returned to their homeland [as part of the Oslo Accords]. The weapons that were used against the Israeli enemy in Gaza and elsewhere – the Palestinian Authority takes pride in…”

Interviewer: “You are talking about the 40,000 guns…”

Sultan Abu Al-Einen: “More than 40,000 guns.”

Interviewer: “You said that weapons were brought in through different means…”

Sultan Abu Al-Einen: “I want to talk about the weapons that were brought in as part of the agreement. These weapons were used in various times and places, and some people who returned from exile and bore these arms were martyred. When we examine the negative aspects of the Oslo Accords, we should also look at their other aspects.”[…]

“Arafat Was a Man of Contradictions… He Would Condemn Martyrdom Operations…But At the Same Time… Finance Them”

“Yasser Arafat was a man of contradictions. He could declare one thing, issue a contradictory order, and do something to the contrary at the same time.”

Interviewer: “Is this something to be proud of or ashamed of?”

Sultan Abu Al-Einen: “This is to his credit. Yasser Arafat was a multi-faceted man. Yasser Arafat would condemn and criticize martyrdom operations. He used to condemn these operations with very harsh words, but at the same time, the martyr Yasser Arafat used to finance these military operations.”