"Harry's Place" discovers 'real enemy'… Geert Wilders!

  • No need to wait for the Mohammedan’s to  saw your head off: our ‘open minded’  liberals homo’s will do that for them: Read it and weep: 


Wilders: “Enemy of Liberalism”

Here is a Geert Wilders’ Ten Point Plan to stop the “Islamisation of the West”:

Ladies and gentlemen, I am often asked whether I have any answers to the problem and what those might be. Well, I certainly have some answers. Here are ten things we would have to do to stop the Islamization of the West:

1. Stop cultural relativism. We need an article in our constitutions that lays down that we have a Jewish-Christian and humanism culture.

2. Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. In other words, the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam.

3. Stop mass immigration by people from Muslim countries. We have to end Al-Hijra.

4. Encourage voluntary repatriation.

5. Expel criminal foreigners and criminals with dual nationality, after denationalization, and send them back to their Arab countries. Likewise, expel all those who incite to a ‘violent jihad’.

6. We need an European First Amendment to strengthen free speech.

7. Have every member of a non-Western minority sign a legally binding contract of assimilation.

8. We need a binding pledge of allegiance in all Western countries.

9. Stop the building of new mosques. As long as no churches or synagogues are allowed to be build in countries like Saudi-Arabia we will not allow one more new mosque in our western countries. Close all mosques where incitement to violence is taking place. Close all Islamic schools, for they are fascist institutions and young children should not be educated an ideology of hate and violence.

10. Get rid of the current weak leaders. We have the privilege of living in a democracy. Let’s use that privilege and exchange cowards for heroes. We need more Churchills and less Chamberlains.

* Please let us know how you feel about Wilders 10 point plan!

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Yes, it is. Muhammad said, “If you find anyone doing as Lot’s people did [homosexual acts], kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done.”

Continued from Harry’s Place:

Make no mistake. Despite the talk of free speech, Wilders is an enemy of liberalism. He is also, transparently, an anti-Muslim bigot.

No liberal would treat all Muslims as essentially a fifth column, to be barred from immigration and encouraged to leave.  No liberal would lack such confidence in the persuasive power of his own ideals, that he would seek to enforce them by measures such as these.

Make no mistake. Wilders wants to see our friends, neighbours and colleagues who are Muslim barred and then hounded out of Western countries, because he regards Muslims, presumptively, as a threat.

That’s Faisal/Sid he’s talking about. That’s Shahara Islam. That’s Atique Sharafi.

The use of the term “al Hirja” in this context is also fabulously unpleasant and marks out Wilders’ bigotry.

No liberal would give Wilders the time of day.

4 thoughts on “"Harry's Place" discovers 'real enemy'… Geert Wilders!”

  1. This is the most important one.

    2. Stop pretending that Islam is a religion. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. In other words, the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam.

    Keep the other nine as well.

  2. I agree in all points, and also concur with Mullah in moving point ten to position one.

  3. This will happen but it will cost a lot of blood, because our current feckless politicians have not got a clue.

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