How Dirty is Fergy?

MP investigated by audit office

* F*kc the natives! Lets replace them with our own Muhammedan proletariat!

Project funding being investigated ... Laurie Ferguson.
Project funding being investigated … Laurie Ferguson. Photo: Rebecca Hallas

THE National Audit Office is investigating the influence the federal Labor MP Laurie Ferguson may have exercised over the Immigration Department in securing money for two projects in his electorate.

Poor documentation of how migrant support services were awarded extra money after last year’s budget led the audit office to recommend more transparent decision-making.

Of nine projects to receive extra money, four were identified after discussions with Mr Ferguson – two were in his western Sydney seat of Reid, one was in adjoining Blaxland and one was in the Victorian seat of Gippsland, an audit report has shown. A byelection was held in Gippsland in 2008.

Yesterday, Mr Ferguson, the parliamentary secretary for Multicultural Affairs, said he did not recommend the projects but the ethnic groups that required further assistance. “I didn’t suggest the projects. I suggested a number of communities that needed help,” Mr Ferguson said.

They included the Alevi Turkish religious minority, the Maronite Christian community and Arabic-speaking Lebanese. Each has a presence in western Sydney.

The Gippsland project was to help Victoria’s Sudanese community and was suggested by a Liberal MP, Mr Ferguson said.

The projects received funding of between $40,000 and $72,828 each, after extra money was found after the migration intake was decided in last year’s budget. The projects had missed out in an earlier funding round.

“In considering the additional monies, the Department of Immigration did not have an order of merit, or some equivalent list from its initial assessments, that ranked all the applications in an objective manner,” the audit report said.

It instead used discussions with Mr Ferguson, the report said, together with earlier assessments and information that came to light after more money was announced, to decide where funds would go.

“The paperwork wasn’t good enough,” Mr Ferguson said. “The department has conceded that.” The only notes kept from the talks said: “The department was asked to consider funding for this community”.


There is no end to this: cupidity & stupidity by pandering, groveling polit-props who are  too timid to stand up and call a spade a spade. Its so much easier to be seen as “caring and compassionate”- even if it means blood in the streets for the next generation and selling our birthright for 30 pieces of silver:

Changes in store for bridging visas

ASYLUM seekers should be given bridging visas instead of being placed in community detention a Senate report has found.

But the report has again caused divisions on immigration matters in Coalition ranks with outspoken MP Petro Georgiou splitting with Shadow Immigration Minister Sharman Stone on the issue in two separate dissenting reports.

Adding to the confusion, Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, has decided she cannot support the position of either Mr Georgiou or Dr Stone.

The report released by the Joint Standing Committee on Migration recommends that people who are currently held in “community detention” be granted a bridging visa, meaning they could live independently in the community.

As part of the shift in the regime, the Senate committee has found the bridging visa system should be reformed to bring greater transparency to the process.

The bridging visa system would also grant asylum seekers a number of rights including access to health care, the right to work and some income assistance if they cannot find work.

* Another one of these mad, insane Labor blurbs: people who are here on executive visas, working holiday people or bona fide migrants are not eligible to get health care, but the unwanted asylum seekers (Muhammedan invaders) get it all. Unbelievable!

The report also finds the Government should create a “stock” of hotel-style housing for those on bridging visas who cannot find accommodation in the private rental market.

Dr Stone has said the Opposition rejects the proposal for a new “bridging framework”, saying it would encourage more people smuggling operations to Australia and create a greater stress on the workforce if more asylum seekers are granted work rights.

Mr Georgiou writes that the Government should move to stop any child being held in detention, which these recommendations would not ensure, and calls for the changes to go further.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Evans said the bridging visa program had been significantly expanded to ensure more people are not in detention.

But the spokesman said the Government still regarded immigration detention as appropriate “for those who pose unacceptable risks to the community and to facilitate removal”.

Divisions are also emerging in the Coalition on the issue of legislation that would strike out laws that makes asylum seekers pay for their stay in detention, which has entered the Parliament for debate.

The bill is derived from a recommendation from a previous report by the Migration Committee, which found the provision put undue pressure on asylum seekers’ finances. The original report had backing from Mr Georgiou, Liberal Senator Alan Eggleston, and importantly, Dr Stone.

But a divisive joint-party room meeting has meant Dr Stone has had to change her position, and will now oppose the legislation along with the Coalition as reported in The Age yesterday.

The legislation is likely to be debated next month.