Integration is not happening…

(in other words: they never really left the African souk and many parts of France today look just like it…)
(ANSAmed) – PARIS, MAY 8 – Some 80% of Muslims in France believe they remain faithful to their countries of origin, according to a survey by the American Gallup research institute that questioned a sample of Muslims in 27 countries. In all 8% said they were not faithful to their original countries and 12% did not reply. The research also showed that in Britain Muslims “loyal” to their original countries amount to 82% and in Germany the figure is 71%.
moslem_deutschland  * Compare that with government spin:     

 * Just to show you how Euro-governments manipulate the data to keep the restive natives tranquilized…

The survey published yesterday but carried out in 2008 adds that only 44% of French of other religions believe that are faithful to their country against 35% who believe the contrary and 21% who didn’t reply. The French emerged as the most tolerant on religious matters and, together with the Dutch, the most willing in Europe to welcome a neighbour of another religion. At the other end of the spectrum are the Israelis who say openly that they do not respect other religions, according to the survey. The poll, carried out with the support of the Coexist Foundation, a British charity that promotes inter-religious relations, covered a sample of 500 Muslims per country. The samples of people from other religions varied from 100 to 1000 people in size.(ANSAmed).
* Hey, its not all bad news: Israeltag in München

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  1. Islamists are not loyal to the UK or to any country. They themselves state this but many refuse to hear the warning signs.

  2. 500 samples per country per religious group ?!!!! I invite people to comment on the statistical significance of the survey.

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