More of the same; translation:  if we would just lie down and submit, everything would be just swell. Of course, it’s always entirely up to the West to stop Islamophobia. Muslim countries couldn’t possibly consider a few simple steps of their own.

* Somebody whack this Turkey upside the head with a lead-filled snow shoe, before the enraged soldiers of Allah peacefully cut our throats…

Curiously, Muslims have no problem with  hate-filled garbage like this:


ISTANBUL (A.A) – via ZIP – Islam is against all kinds of violence, and Islamophobia is the biggest obstacle for global peace, head of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate said at the closing meeting of the 7th meeting of Eurasia Islamic Council.

“As a universal message, Islam is against all kinds of violence, extremism, pressures and intolerance. We announce that we are standing against violence and terrorism no matter who the perpetrators are and which religion they believe in,” Ali Bardakoglu told the council meeting that gathered representatives from 42 countries in Istanbul.

“And we are hopeful,” Bardakoglu said. “Because Eurasia has a big heritage of religious sciences.”

Bardakoglu said the Eurasian geography –from Istanbul to Sarajevo, Samarkand and Tashkent– was home to several important scholars in history.

“We must be aware of our rich heritage,” he said, adding that the Islamic world should overcome prejudices.

Bardakoglu also said Eurasian countries should work together to teach Islam and form a common calender for religious days.


  1. * Bardakoglu also said Eurasian countries should work together to teach Islam and form a [common calender] for religious days.

    It has to happen – a calendar based on the birth of Jesus Christ just
    will not do in a pluralist, multi-cultural, multi-faith world – but there
    is a sting in the tail…

    “He will speak against the Most High God, oppress the holy people
    of the Most High, and plan to change the appointed times and laws.
    The holy people will be handed over to him for a time, times, and
    half of a time.” (Daniel – a true prophet of God – 7:25)

  2. Bardakoglu, take your message and insert it up your anal orifice, assuming that one of your lover mullahs is not already in there. Just another poisonous islamist!


    The Godless savagery and Ideology of Islam and it’s followers, are the biggest obstacle for World Peace.
    Until “Islam” is driven into the seas of Hell there will be no Peace.

    Islam can only exist as a Disruptive Minority
    or as an Oppressive Majority.

  4. i wont suppress aussie’s thinking…may be he might be right through some of his own experiences nd if not,then may be about the global outcry against islam…but,mate.i myself am a be Agakhani muslim..its clearly written in the Quraan..”treat the jews and christians with generosity…for remember that you are all from the same clot”…Ya-Allah gave you Jesus Christ(peace be on him) coz he was to be born among the jews as a jew and wanted to absolve the sins of mankind..the first bible was in Arabic..and not the much anticipated or percepted Hebrew or Aramaic..when Muhammad’s flight to the seven clouds of heaven begun,he met Jesus Christ,Abraham,David,Moses….so dnt hate islam.hate some and i repeat only some muslims which are vile or barbaric…which explains the real reason y Muhammad was sent as a prophet to the arabs as according to the covenant of ismael’s vow…

  5. shobeb,
    Do you walk through life with your eyes closed??? Firstly, never use “mate” – this is Australian, which you are not. Secondly, preach peace to your fellow muslims. We have no intention of accepting YOUR religion as our faith – it is vile and barbaric. Allah has nothing to do with Jesus – again you are making a claim based on your faith which can be neither proved nor disproved. In much the same way I can say that allah is the devil – and the actions of your fellow muslims lend credence to this claim. Based on your own quran, mohammed would be arrested as a rapist, child molester and murderer today. Every time I read the news I see another murder or barabarism commited by one of your co-religionists – and you have the nerve to tell us muslims are peaceful!!! Not very politely shoheb – you are not welcome, you are not wanted, and if you (muslims) cannot start behaving like intelligent human beings you (muslims) will be got rid of – it is that simple and you are running out of time. So preach your messages of peace to your fellow muslims – the folks here are a lot brighter than you. Incidentally, the Old Testament was written in Hebrew with some chapters n Aramaic- the New testament in Koine Greek -a form of classical Greek which developed in the region, probably as a result of Alexander the Great. Arabic does not figure in this discussion!!

    A very key issue is contained in your sentence “Treat the jews and Christians with generosity” — WHY NOT AS EQUALS OR AS YOUR BETTERS!!!
    After all, the Jews and the Christians passed islam in all fields of human accomplishment a long time ago – except in rape. dishonesty, duplicity, murder, violence and the things that we consider counter-productive to good harmony in life.

  6. Recently on Face Book I was contacted by Shoheb Bhayani to add him as a friend. He thinks he knows a great deal about things, when in fact he is very ignorant about his own community. He does know the meaning of some of the words he uses and frankly if anyone reads this message or knows him should understand that he has very sketchy beliefs and in my opinion take what he says with a pinch of salt. Shoheb my message to you is grow up and stop being an idiot with fixed views. All people should come to one table and be able to share the same food. Maybe you should learn something from the life of Cain and Abel before you spread your nonsense across the globe!

    AHMAD (India)

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