Italy: Fake Asylum Seekers Have "Right to Return"

* Instant repatriation works like a charm against the Muselmanic invasion:

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(ANSAmed) — ROME, MAY 25 — Italy’s new immigration policy of returning to Libya migrants rescued or intercepted at sea is an effective deterrent to illegal migration in the Mediterranean, Interior Minister Roberto Maroni told the Senate on Monday. Under the controversial initiative, which sees a key part of a landmark accord with Libya implemented for the first time, migrants are rescued in international waters and taken back to Libya where humanitarian organisations can vet their asylum claims. Providing figures on the so-called ‘push-back’ policy, Maroni said 471 migrants had been sent back to Libya from May 6 to 10, after the launch of the policy. The initiative has been contested by the centre-left opposition, the Catholic Church, humanitarian organisations and the United Nations. Boat migrations in the Mediterranean “have pratically come to halt,” Maroni said. The minister said Italy would persist with the initiative “without wavering” because “it is saving many lives at sea and is producing a drastic decline in arrivals” on its southern shores. Maroni also rebutted criticism, arguing that the initiative is “in line with existing legislation”. However, the UN refugee agency UNHCR says the initiative undermines access to asylum in the European Union and carries with it the risk of violating the fundamental principles enshrined in the 1951 (Geneva) Convention on refugees and other instruments of international human rights law. Non-refoulement is a principle in international law, specifically refugee law, that concerns the protection of refugees from being taken back to countries where their lives or freedom could be threatened. (ANSAmed).

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Video of President of the EU, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso as a Passionate Maoist Student Leader..  The EU’s own Obama!

3 thoughts on “Italy: Fake Asylum Seekers Have "Right to Return"”

  1. The sight of a muslim mob screaming “run you kaffirs, run!” to the
    retreating police can make areas “seem dangerous”, or even like the
    “no go areas” that don’t exist n Britain.

  2. It’s a right-wing government and it’s the most popular government of any nation in history, which is remarkable for a nation that was on the brink of civil war for 20 years there. That was always the policy. It’s just official now. Italy doesn’t give hardly anyone citizenship and you better be a badass if you even apply. They do have lots of guest workers, but they’re not citizens and they never will be. They did this because they needed an official policy so they wouldn’t get stuck in a tug of war with Malta again over who has to take the boatload of degenerates back.

    It’s not as effective a policy as just sinking the boats.

  3. Most muslim counties are very slow to give foreigners citizenship. Japan has a similar policy to Italy..just work visas which is how they are now able to send many Brazilians home.
    Western countries do not put a high enough price on citizenship

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