KRudd lures another nine boat people to their deaths

  • Update: they just keep coming:

How many before KRudd owns up?

Andrew Bolt –

Yet another boat lured by Kevin Rudd:

KEVIN KRUDD faces a continuing influx of asylum seekers after another boatload has been intercepted on its way to Australia.

Death toll so far: 18. Boats since Rudd softened John Howard’s laws against illegal immigrants in August: 18

Cost to taxpayers?

KRudds compassion kills:

KEVIN RUDD AWB PRESSER                                                      What is it with the finger, Kev?

Andrew Bolt – 

This brings to 18 the number of asylum seekers now lured to their deaths since Kevin Rudd softened our laws:

On Tuesday, nine bodies, eight of them Pakistanis, were found floating in the South China Sea off Pengerang… In both incidents, the foreigners had luggage with them and most were carrying huge amounts of money…

(I)ntelligence reports indicated that the foreigners were on their way to Indonesia before continuing their journey to Australia where they hoped seek asylum.

The morality of public policy should be judged not by intentions but consequences, not by the seeming but the doing. In this case, it seems that Rudd’s compassion kills.

 UPDATE: I’ve adjusted the total death toll, going with the lesser reported figure for the Timor deaths.)


What effect will this latest change have, do you think?

ILLEGAL immigrants will no longer be locked up and deported when caught by authorities, in a major softening of immigration procedures.

Instead, people who overstay their visas will be invited into an immigration office and could even get temporary bridging visas. Immigration officers have been instructed not to detain visa violators unless they are known to be violent criminals or have previously been instructed to leave.

Detention renovations as island struggles with influx

Lets make sure they’re comfy:

OPEN recreation areas have been set up as dormitories and dozens of bunk beds have been flown in to Christmas Island’s detention centre, where the imminent arrival of 136 asylum seekers and boat crew is placing pressure on resources.

The Australian has more…

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  1. I’m sure all these (mainly Muslim) asylum seekers will be really grateful for our kindness to them and will repay us by becoming model citizens.

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