Michael Savage banned from entering UK

Totalitarianism only works when its totalitarian:

The Brownnose government that employs geniuses like Hazel Blears and Jacqui Smith turns up the volume:

                                     UK ‘least wanted’ list published
msavageThe names of some of the people barred from entering the UK for fostering extremism or hatred have been published for the first time.

Islamic extremists, white supremacists and a US radio host are among the 16 of 22 excluded in the five months to March to have been named by the Home Office.

Since 2005, the UK has been able to ban people who promote hatred, terrorist violence or serious criminal activity.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said coming to the UK should be a privilege.

Ms Smith said “the public interest was against naming” the remaining six, for example on the grounds it could reveal the type of information being held about them.

The Muslim Council of Britain says the government should not act against people – whatever their views – unless they have broken the law.

‘Against our values’

However, Ms Smith said granting free speech did not provide a licence to preach hatred and that those banned had “clearly overstepped the mark” with the attitudes they had expressed.

“[Naming them] enables people to see the sorts of unacceptable behaviour we are not willing to have in this country.

“Coming to this country is a privilege. We won’t allow people into this country who are going to propagate the sort of views… that fundamentally go against our values.”

Ms Smith had announced in October the tightening of rules determining who could come to the UK.

A “presumption in favour of exclusion” was introduced that meant it would be up to the individual concerned to prove they would not “stir up tension” after arrival.

On the list of those banned between October and March are Hamas MP Yunis Al-Astal and Jewish extremist Mike Guzovsky.

Also excluded are two leaders of a violent Russian skinhead gang, ex-Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Stephen ‘Don’ Black and neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe.

  •  Abdullah Qadri Al Ahdal
  •  Yunis Al Astal
  •  Samir Al Quntar
  •  Stephen Donald Black
  •  Wadgy Abd El Hamied Mohamed Ghoneim
  •  Erich Gliebe
  •  Mike Guzovsky
  •  Safwat Hijazi
  •  Nasr Javed
  •  Abdul Ali Musa
  •  Fred Waldron Phelps Snr
  •  Shirley Phelps-Roper
  •  Artur Ryno
  •  Amir Siddique
  •  Pavel Skachevsky
  •  Michael Alan Weiner 
  • Fred Waldron Phelps Snr, a 79-year-old American Baptist pastor, and his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper are barred for their anti-gay comments.

    Both have picketed the funerals of Aids victims and celebrated the deaths of US soldiers as “punishment” for US tolerance of homosexuality.

    Talk show host Michael Savage – real name Michael Weiner – is also excluded. His views on immigration, Islam, rape and autism have caused great offence in America.

    Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, told BBC Radio 5 Live that people should be free to enter the country, regardless of their views.

    “If they step over the line and break the law, it’s at that moment the law should be enacted, not beforehand.

    “If people are keeping their odious views to themselves, that’s their business. We should not be in the business of policing people’s minds.”

    He added that internet broadcasts meant that speeches could be screened from abroad into UK meetings anyway.

    In recent years, individuals from a range of backgrounds have been prevented from entering the UK.

    They have included animal rights activists, rap singers such as Snoop Dogg and even a lifestyle “guru” – Martha Stewart.

    She was kept out after being jailed in the US for lying to investigators about a share sale.

    7 thoughts on “Michael Savage banned from entering UK”

    1. We should all stop going to the UK. Stop our tourist dollars over there, stop buying anything that says made in the UK (cheese, etc). If they don’t like freedom – I don’t like what they have. they can keep their queenie-babe and their tower of London all by themselves. I can look at them in a picture.

    2. Sorry Brits…all of you have lost your America priveledges and are now barred from entering the US. I see a Brit, he gets a piece of my mind and nicely asked to leave immediately. We believe in free speech and NO royalty…no one has “royal” DNA or blood cells. I stand with Dr. Savage…the only one who had the guts initially to post Nick Berg beheading video on his “Savage Nation” website, thereby alerting us to the real face of Islam.

      Exceptions: All British military personnel. All Para Regiments, SAS, SBS, Royal Marines, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Gurkhas, ANZAC/Diggers, etc.

    3. I don’t agree with Savage being banned.

      However, Savage is no friend of free speech. Despite Savage painting himself as a champion of free speech, he is anything but. He took the organisation CAIR to court to prevent them from using snippets of his show on their website. He lost. However, had Savage prevailed, free speech would have lessened for us all. See:



    4. A sad development for a nation I used to love and respect. Generations of my ancestors have served in the British military. My late Aunt lived through the Blitz in London. It’s a shame those in power in the U.K. have such a narrow understanding of free speech. Savage is a looney and completely over the edge, and I can’t stand the bloody git. But you can bet your life that Savage will never set off a bomb in a bus or subway. Dear Jaqui, please add me to the list of banned in Britain.

    5. No matter if you agree with Dr. Savage or not, this is both outageous and sad for the citizens of the U.K. They now have thought police and are no different than Hitler. The U.K. is off my travel list until this woman discloses why she included Dr. Savage on the list. There is a story behind this we are not being told. She is a LIAR! Stop traveling to the U.K. and do NOT buy anything made in the U.K. Next time the Brits need help, call someone else.

    6. Wait……….
      Let me see if I can get this straight…….

      Its ok for the precious USA to ban well-respected scholars, and government personal from other allied countries, just because they don’t tow the party line, and because they don’t want their views expressed in this country, but….
      As soon as someone else does it, you people start blabbing about boycotting their products and whining that the next time you “see a Brit, he gets a piece of my mind and nicely asked to leave immediately”? See how well that works out for you, buddy…

      I certainly don’t agree with it, but I’m gonna go ahead and worry about what MY corrupt government is doing before I start crying about the UK not letting in people who picket at someone’s funeral to tell their family and loved ones that the deceased is going to hell; or the “leaders of a violent Russian skinhead gang which committed 20 racially motivated murders…both are currently in prison”. If those people came knocking on my door, I certainly wouldn’t let them in.

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