"My Allah is better than yours…!"

toilet2Islamic mass psychosis  is a constant— Satanic Verses Rage, Koran Rage, Cartoon Rage, Pope Rage, even Teddy Bear Rage. (WaPo supports Geert Wilders)

Afghanistan: Provincial Government Orders Thousands of Books on Shia Islam Thrown Into River….

Provincial authorities in south-western Afghanistan have thrown thousands of books, mainly about Shias or Shia Islam, into a river.

The Nimroz government said the books, copies of 11 titles, undermined national integrity and could fuel ethnic problems.

Officials said they were acting on instructions from the ministries of culture and justice.

But ministerial spokesmen have denied this in interviews with the BBC.

The books, which circulate freely elsewhere in Afghanistan, were seized six months ago as they were being imported from Iran.

A BBC correspondent says the destruction of the books in this way is thought to be unprecedented.

But it is not clear whether it was the content or their Iranian origin that authorities objected to, our correspondent says.

Nimroz province, which borders Iran, is one of the few Afghan provinces which does not have a permanent presence of international troops.

It has seen an increase in violence over the past few months and is an area where the Taleban have a strong influence.

Submission is all in your dhimmitude

By Diana West

I’ve written about dhimmitude periodically, lo, these many years since Sept. 11, but it takes time to sink in. Dhimmitude is the coinage of a brilliant historian, Bat Ye’or, whose pioneering studies of the dhimmi, populations of Jews and Christians vanquished by Islamic jihad, have led her to conclude that a common culture has existed through the centuries among the varied dhimmi populations. From Egypt and Palestine to Iraq and Syria, from Morocco and Algeria to Spain, Sicily and Greece, from Armenia and the Balkans to the Caucasus: Wherever Islam conquered, surrendering dhimmi, known to Muslims as “people of the book (the Bible),” were tolerated, allowed to practice their religion, but at a dehumanizing cost.
There were literal taxes (jizya) to be paid; these bought the dhimmi the right to remain non-Muslim, the price not of religious freedom, but of religious identity. Freedom was lost, sorely circumscribed by a body of Islamic law (sharia) designed to subjugate, denigrate and humiliate the dhimmi. The resulting culture of self-abnegation, self-censorship and fear shared by far-flung dhimmi is the basis of dhimmitude. The extremely distressing, but highly significant fact is, dhimmitude doesn’t only exist in lands where Islamic law rules.
This is the lesson of Cartoon Rage 2006, a cultural nuke set off by an Islamic chain reaction to those 12 cartoons of Mohammed appearing in a Danish newspaper. We have watched the Muslim meltdown with shocked attention, but there is little recognition that its poisonous fallout is fear. Fear in the State Department, which, like Islam, called the cartoons unacceptable. Fear in Whitehall (where British government offices reside), which did the same. Fear in the Vatican, which did the same. And fear in the media, which have failed, with few, few exceptions, to reprint or show the images. With only a small roll of brave journals, mainly in Europe, to salute, we have seen the proud Western tradition of a free press bow its head and submit to an Islamic law against depictions of Mohammed. That’s dhimmitude.
Not that we admit it: We dress up our capitulation in fancy talk of “tolerance,” “responsibility” and “sensitivity.” We even congratulate ourselves for having the “editorial judgment” to make “pluralism” possible. “Readers were well-served … without publishing the cartoons,” said a Wall Street Journal spokesman. “CNN has chosen to not show the cartoons in respect for Islam,” reported the cable network. On behalf of the BBC, which did show some of the cartoons on the air, a news editor subsequently apologized, adding: “We’ve taken a decision not to go further … in order not to gratuitously offend the significant number” of Muslim viewers worldwide. Left unmentioned is the understanding (editorial judgment?) that “gratuitous offense” leads to gratuitous violence. Hence, fear — not the inspiration of tolerance but of capitulation — and a condition of dhimmitude.
How far does it go? Worth noting, for example, is that on the BBC Web site, a religion page about Islam presents the angels and revelations of Islamic belief as historical fact, rather than spiritual conjecture (as is the case with its Christianity Web page); plus, it follows every mention of Mohammed with “(pbuh),” which means “peace be upon him” — “as if,” writes Will Wyatt, former BBC chief executive, in a letter to the Times of London, “the corporation itself were Muslim.”
Is it? Are we? These questions may not seem so outlandish if we assess the extent to which encroaching sharia has already changed the Western way. Calling these cartoons “unacceptable,” and censoring ourselves “in respect” to Islam brings the West into compliance with a central statute of sharia. As Jyllands Posten’s Flemming Rose has noted, that’s not respect, that’s submission. And if that’s not dhimmitude, what is?
The publication of the Mohammed cartoons solicited by Denmark’s Jyllands Posten was an act of anti-dhimmitude. Since no Danish artist would dare illustrate a PC children’s book about Mohammed for fear of Islamic law (and Islamic violence), the newspaper boldly set out to reassert the rule of (non-Islamic) Danish law. It’s as simple as that. And as vital. The cartoons ran to establish — or re-establish — Denmark as bastion of Western-style liberty. But in trying to set up a force field against encroaching sharia, Jyllands Posten and the Danes have showed us that no single bastion of Western liberty can stand alone.

So, how do you say solidarity in Danish? If we don’t find out now, our future is more dhimmitude.

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  2. The person who made this site should be very ashame of them self for doing this. one thing i like to mention is that we all believe in one God, we all worship one God. and secondly why the hell wud u talk shit abt muslims and represent the holy Quran like that… not all muslims are like that, there are good and bad people all around world and every culture or religion u look. I personally think this site shud be deleted and ask people to stop thinking bad about muslims cause we are not bad and not alot of us are bad like i said we all make mistakes but dat doesnt mean we should punish other cause of stupid pple do.. just because stupid humans make mistake dat doesnt mean pple should go talk bad about the religion or to represent our Holly Book like that. Talibans are not muslims, they fcking have no religion, they just wanna represent muslims bad. i am muslim and very proud of my self and happily thanking My ALLAH for being a muslim(shia). The people that make this sites or talk bad about our Allah just to let u guys knw dat ur insulting ur God cause no matter wat u are u still worshiip my Allah and if u keep doing that Allah will never be happy with u and one more thing, the day of judgement is very close so say toba to Allah and delete these sites and start believening on one God.
    Inshallah Allah will help you guys 🙂

  3. * one thing i like to mention is that we all believe in one God, we all worship one God

    Really, fatima? Which god do you worship? The Biblical God is not the sonless allah, who denies the crucifixion and resurrection of God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

    False christs and false prophets such as Mo deceive many with their lies and blasphemies, including but not limited to claims of “one god”, while denying the fundamentals of God.

    islam is doomed, fatima, along with its followers.

  4. Shabbir, we do have religion, fortunately (for us) it is not connected in any way to the filthy koran.

  5. Learn to spell you ignorant muslim Shabbir. As said by others our religions are not connected in any way to the construct of a rapist donkey fucking arab warlord and child rapist called mohammed. I actually use the pages for toilet paper.

    You prayers are not needed or wanted- we know how to think and to use the intelligence that we have been given. Perhaps it is about time that you started to learn to critically think. Or do you muslims plan to follow the bleating of mo without thought for another millenium???

  6. Hello if any one hate Quran then show me a single mistake in Quran according to modern science. It is the best book ever in the world and no one can not keep it in toilet because almighty Allah is protector of holy Quran. I believe that the photo what is shown is not real Quran.

  7. I keep mine in toilet and use it for toilet paper md opu. Btw, your challenge is meaningless – there is no science whatsoever in the quran. almighty allah does not exist, is a fraud etc etc , just like you islamists.

  8. if you doent accept a religion , just respect it , and doent put or touch the book of Quran if your n,ot muslim , remember this moment , a day come God will ask you about this then you will see …. delete this photo

  9. The Koran is too big of a turd to flush. Personally l’d use it to soak up the piss when one of my dogs wees in the house.

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