Obambi leads, KRudd follows…

Next they’ll have to pay for their coffins

  • The history of Australian politics is that Labor gives us deficits and Liberals pay it off. Not too different to the rest of the world in which the left insists on spending the next generation’s wealth to pay for supposedly progressive policies in the here and now. It’s completely immoral, of course. But being left has never been about morals…


* No wonder they accuse our soldiers to be terrorists in the making:

Andrew Bolt – Next they’ll have to pay for their coffins

Why must Diggers pay if their life insurance isn’t enough?

AUSSIE Diggers being deployed to Afghanistan are being warned by the Defence Department topay for extra life insurance because existing compensation has been deemed “inadequate”.

A day after 600 troops from Townsville left for the warzone, The Courier-Mail can reveal hundreds of soldiers have been issued with letters from the department advising of the need for “appropriate insurance”.

“The additional accident insurance cost for basic cover is less than a night out on the town for a few beers with your mates each month,” the letter reads.

If it’s that cheap, why does the Government pay it? It has billions for pink batts, so why not a few millions for soldiers risking death in the line of duty?


whatever it takes to smear the troops and to destroy the war effort. And the country along with it:


Tim Blair – Sunday, May 10, 09 

The Sun-Herald‘s Conrad Walters on Joe Rosenthal’s celebrated photograph of the landing at Iwo Jima: 

The original photo, which was later revealed as having been staged, inspired a memorial statue in Washington and was central to the 2006 Clint Eastwood films Flags Of Our Fathers and Letters From Iwo Jima. 


Rosenthal, who died three years ago, spent more than half a century defending that image. It wasn’t staged, as this 1995 Associated Press piece tried to make clear: 

The man responsible for spreading the story that the picture was staged, the late Time-Life correspondent Robert Sherrod, long ago admitted he was wrong. But still the rumor persists.

In 1991, a New York Times book reviewer, misquoting a murky treatise on the flag-raising called “Iwo Jima: Monuments, Memories and the American Hero,” went so far as to suggest that the Pulitzer Prize committee consider revoking Rosenthal’s 1945 award for photography.

And just a year ago [in 1994], columnist Jack Anderson promised readers “the real story” of the Iwo Jima photo: that Rosenthal had “accompanied a handpicked group of men for a staged flag raising hours after the original event.”

Anderson later retracted his story. But the damage, once again, had been done. 


(Via Alan R.M. Jones)

UPDATE. The Sun-Herald knows all about staged shots. So do the experts at sister publication the Sydney Morning Herald.


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  1. For those interested in the real history of the picture
    taken in Iwo Jima – Mt. Suribachi (23-2-1945)
    here are two links


    Three of the six flag raisers were killed on IJ within 21days of photo being taken.

    People like Mr. Sherrod can say what they wish, without thought, because men and women like those in the photo have given their lives for his freedom. One could wonder it is ever a fair exchange when freedom of speech is abused so openly by the MSM.

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