Obamessiah to address Muslim world from the Kaaba in Mecca

  • Hmm, Al Azhar is not quite like preaching from the kaaba in Mecca, but almost, almost…

obama-kaaba                                       Thanks Shem, you did it again!

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4 thoughts on “Obamessiah to address Muslim world from the Kaaba in Mecca”

  1. Well the liberal idiots in Washington still probably won’t get the clue that not only is he most Marxist but he is also a Muslim as we said all along. Now why could that be? Ummm…the clues were there before but “infidels” are NOT allowed in Mecca: ONLY MUSLIMS! Hello libnuts? America? World?

  2. Kay,

    Even if he is a Muslim, there’s nothing wrong with that because we all share the same values and Islam is one of the Abrahamic religions, and is noble and peaceful and liberates women and is very democratic, much more so than we are, and does not discriminate against anyone, not like Western countries, and is simply Wonderful!

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