Phillipino Jihad: MILF's Must Be Chronic Misunderstanders of Islam


MILF raids Philippine village, uses hostages as human shields

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front doesn’t seem to have any problem using civilian hostages in furthering the goals of its jihad.

Evidently this group is filled with still more Misunderstanders of Islam, right? Because we all know that this kind of behavior is not sanctioned in Islam, right?

In reality, procedures dictating what to do with hostages are deeply rooted in Islamic legal thought. The Shafi’i jurist al-Mawardi explained that Muslims who took hostages had four options: “As for the captives, the amir [ruler] has the choice of taking the most beneficial action of four possibilities: the first to put them to death by cutting their necks; the second, to enslave them and apply the laws of slavery regarding their sale and manumission; the third, to ransom them in exchange for goods or prisoners; and fourth, to show favor to them and pardon them. Allah, may he be exalted, says, ‘When you encounter those [infidels] who deny [the Truth=Islam] then strike [their] necks’ (Qur’an sura 47, verse 4)” – al-Ahkam as-Sultaniyyah, (The Laws of Islamic Governance).

In this case they were freed, once they had served their purpose as human shields.

“Muslim rebels raid southern Philippine village,” from The News International, May 16 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

COTABATO: Muslim separatist rebels raided a southern Philippine village, ransacked stores and used about 20 hostages as human shields in their escape, the military said Saturday.

The hostages were freed unharmed before dawn Saturday, about 12 hours after Moro Islamic Liberation Front guerrillas swept through the village of Basak in Sultan Kudarat province’s Lebak township, said Lt. Col. Jonathan Ponce, a local military spokesman.

Rebel spokesman Eid Kabalu said the Moro front was not responsible for the raid and that it could have been a spillover of an ongoing feud between a local rebel commander and the leader of another guerrilla group.

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  1. It is interesting to observe the selective mechanisms that prevent our muslim co-respondents, who demonstrate an undeniable affection for circular logic and denial, from commenting on stories such as these. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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