Progress In Afghanistan

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“the Islamic Republic never takes a fanatic, tribal-oriented and one-sided view”

oppressinggirlsUS court ruling may bankrupt the PLO

  • Was there ever a time when they were not bankrupt?

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people than the ‘Palestinians.’

A United States District Court judge in Rhode Island has rejected a motion to vacate a default judgment against the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), allowing a $116 million judgment in favor of the family of two victims of ‘Palestinian’ terror to stand. The case involves the family of Yaron and Ephrat Unger HY”D (may God avenge their blood), who were murdered by ‘Palestinian’ terrorists in 1996. The Ungers left over two children, one of whom was in their car with them when they were murdered, who are being raised by Mrs. Unger’s parents. In the process, the judge, Ronald Lagueux of the District of Rhode Island, ripped the PLO and its leadership.

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One thought on “Progress In Afghanistan”

  1. Lets make sure these Pali thugs ARE brought to justice.

    On other news – which should be on Sky.

    1. Muslim who killed and butchered British girl in Brazil last year has been jailed for 20 years by Brazilian court. The Muzz was in on a scam to marry European women to enable UK citizenship for the muzz.

    2. Shahíd Malik, ranked no 2 in the list of people who have inappropriately claimed public monies for personal use, has resigned as Justice minister. If he genuinely made a mistake then he has done the correct thing and should be considered with respect.

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