Sorry ass mothaf*#ers!

Tim Blair – Deads Army

French and Belgian jihadi wannabes attempt to join their brothers in glorious martyrdom. Hilarité ensues: 

After getting ripped off in Turkey and staggering through waist-deep snow in Iran, the little band arrived in Al Qaeda’s lair in Pakistan last year, ready for a triumphant reception.

“We were expecting at least a welcome for ‘our brothers from Europe’ and a warm atmosphere of hospitality,” Walid Othmani, a 25-year-old Frenchman from Lyon, recalled during an overnight interrogation in January. 


Suspicious Al Qaeda chiefs grilled the half-dozen Belgians and French. They charged them $1,200 each for AK-47 rifles, ammunition and grenades. They made them fill out forms listing next of kin and their preference: guerrilla fighting, or suicide attacks?

Then the trainees dodged missile strikes for months. They endured disease, quarrels and boredom, huddling in cramped compounds that defied heroic images of camps full of fraternal warriors. 

No wonder these idiots are so keen on suicide attacks. For them, it’s better than being alive. 

“What you see in videos on the Net, we realized that was a lie,” Othmani told police. 

You can’t believe anyone these days.  (what about the 72 virgins and the 28 boyz?)

  • And where were you, Yusuf?