Australia: Sudanese "youths" bash cops at Rugby Union club

Coppers told: “We are going to rape your wives and children” and “go back to England…!”

  • Everybody knows that Rugby is a game for tough guys. What did these coppers think? Why are they whining like a bunch of sissies? Nothing to see here, the Sudanese are just a bunch of misunderstood kids. Just let them go out with your doughters and you’ll see; everything will be just swell…

FOUR Sudanese nationals seriously injured two senior off-duty police officers at a Brisbane football club after having first threatened to rape their wives and children, a jury has been told.

A Brisbane District Court jury was told the four also allegedly assaulted the manager of the Southern Districts Rugby Union Club at Annerley about 12.30am on November 24, 2007.

Magid Santino Agwaig, 25, Marier Majur Amour, 22, and brothers Doctor Martin and Hakuma Martin Mirich-Teny, 21 and 25, all yesterday pleaded not guilty to two counts each of grievous bodily harm and one of common assault.

Prosecutor Catherine Birkett said off-duty officers Senior-Sergeant David Ewgarde and Inspector Stephen Munro, who is also the football club’s president, were at a Christmas party on the evening of November 23.

Ms Birkett said the officers and manager Donald Godfrey had been standing on the clubhouse veranda when they heard loud banging sounds nearby.

The court was told Godfrey and Munro went to investigate and found a group of men kicking metal signs.

Ms Birkett said Godfrey and Munro asked the group to desist and move on, but were then subjected to a string of loud expletives and racial slurs.

The jury said members of the group made comments such as “you white pieces of s***”, “get back on the boat” and “go back to England”.

Ms Birkett said one comment heard was: “We are going to rape your children.”

She said when Godfrey tried to entice them to leave he had liquid, possibly cheap wine, thrown in his eye and was then repeatedly hit. The jury was told both Ewgarde and Munro were then assaulted by one or more of the group.

Ms Birkett said Munro later required surgery for several fractures to his eye-socket, while Ewgarde required dental treatment to remove teeth smashed in the alleged attack.

Munro testified he was “king-hit” when he tried to move the youths off the club’s grounds.

“The next thing (I know) I am king-hit straight into my right eye,” he said.

Munro said he later required 13 stitches for three lacerations around his left eye and required surgery to correct his eye-socket fractures.

The trial before Judge Michael Forde is unfinished.

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  1. Well rape is a fully ordained rule/commandment of islam-club! Women, both of islam and of kufar are classed as nothing more than “war booty” to the rapacious beast that is islamic males.

    But our politicians have decided:

    “first rule of islam-club: don’t talk about islam-club”

    “second rule of islam-club: DON’T TALK ABOUT ISLAM-CLUB”

    In many countries it is now considered more offensive and racist to suggest that there should be some dialogue about the crimes committed by muslims, than the actual crimes and criminals themselves.

    I’ve been classed as racist among close groups of friends for simply bringing up in discussion the topic of muslim grooming of young English female children! Now explain to me where is the racism? Facts are facts, and as such cannot be racist, but when muslims specifically target infidel children to pimp out and get them hooked on drugs, that to me is racist…… but in England we have a fucked up sense of perception, and to point this out is a sin above all sins!

    Makes me fucking insane with anger! I guess the truth really is no defense in our all-inclusive progressive liberal “democracy”!

  2. I believe these “men” need to be personally introduced to the horrors of rape. Shall we say bayonet or nightstick?

    White piece of shit…very interesting. The “white” surgeons should refuse to repair their ruptured intestines, following the rape/romance educational instruction.

    Or just put them in jails cells, individually, with REAL rapists…you know…men who rape men. Let allah sort it all out.

  3. To clarify…rapists who attack women are real also….poor syntax.

  4. The reward a few months later. I know exactly when this happened this was at least a year ago and later this happened:

    “Officers from the Queensland Police Service and young members of the Sudanese community will be testing their skills in a QPS and Sudanese Youth Football (Soccer) Challenge on Sunday, February 10.

    The match, titled ‘Bridging the gap’, will see the two teams kicking off at 11am at the Annerley Soccer Club, Greenslopes. It is expected the event will attract up to 600 supporters.

    Sergeant Jim Bellos, Cross Cultural Liaison Officer for the Metropolitan South Region, said the match had been suggested by Sudanese youth who play locally in and around the Annerley and Yeronga areas.

    He said the aim of the day was to celebrate diversity and encourage a fun and safe community environment.

    “This kind of event brings people together and everyone can feel a sense of belonging within the broader community.

    “It is very important to have police participation because …”

  5. They come over here looking for a better life where they don’t have to worry about being eaten by other negros and they simply abuse it. They should be subject to immediate deportation, we don’t need these animals in this country.

  6. I agree, can any western country accept these people when their stated intention is to rape local females? Of course these incidents are always treated as if they are isolated occurences rather than part of a premeditated plan by a large group of males.

  7. uhhmmmm, I can’t seem to find to home address/location of their kennel anywhere. Can anyone help…? – just curious how they’d go one on one.

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