Swedish "Lynch Mob" Runs Muzz Out of Town

‘Lynch mob’ prompts “refugees” to flee town in northern Sweden

Nearly half of the predominantly Iraqi-refugees residing in Vännäs in northern Sweden have decided to permanently move out of the area after being terrorized by what police called “a lynch mob” in early May.

  • Bleeding hearts to the front! This puts all the multiculti interfaith-activities of past decades on the chopping block: the Islamization of EUrabia is at risk of being reversed; can’t have that! Read it all…>>


SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2009 Update:

Sweden: All Left, All the Time

Gates of Vienna/by Baron Bodissey

Laine is on a roll.

Gates of Vienna readers who delve into the comments are familiar with Laine, who comments here regularly and always has something interesting to say. I enjoy reading his posts because I almost always agree with him, and appreciate his rhetorical fluidity.

On CB’s recent post about Swedish public media’s radical Muslim darling, Laine had this to say (edited slightly for punctuation and clarity):

For “Swedish Public Media” substitute “leftist extremist media”.

For “extreme right media” substitute also “leftist extremist media”.

Then there’s no mystery why “both” give a terrorist-promoting anti-Semitic imam a soapbox. There’s no “both”. It’s a single extremist mentality and it’s found on the Left.

The Left’s enormous public relations coup is twofold:

1.   They managed to ascribe their secondary socialist tumor — Hitler and the Nazis — to the right side of the ledger, on the sole basis that he turned on their favored communist tumor the Soviets. That was simply a falling-out among leftist thieves who had signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of co-operation dividing up eastern Europe. Then one of the thugs got greedy and the other thug joined with “the good guys” to save his own skin and ended up grabbing the loot he’d been promised by Hitler and running a worse criminal enterprise that set new records for holocausts.
2.   The Left, according to the Gramsci protocol for cultural communism, infiltrated and came to dominate all western organs of public information, including public education and the media. This leftist-dominated media has consistently presented as “centrist” leftist views that have become progressively more blatant and extreme. Concomitantly, anything to the right of them is then presented as “extreme right-wing” and smeared with the poor fit of Nazism. That a few ignorant boys dress up in Nazi regalia and spout the meme that they are right-wing does not make it so.


The Right — or conservatives, as I prefer to call us — has been absolutely lousy at the propaganda war. (If we really were Nazis we’d be a lot better at it). It’s the Left, whether Nazi or Soviet, that has a lock on this “talent”.

Conservatives are for liberty and individual rights. Both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were totalitarian systems with significant similarities (including denial of individual rights and eventual anti-Semitism) and trivial differences.

Sweden has no extreme right (demanding small government) or even centrist media. It is all left all the time, call it what you will. How much more extreme can you get than opening your gates to people who declare their intention is to substitute themselves and their culture for yours?

Why are these crazy people allowed to get away with calling themselves moderates or centrists or hide behind double euphemisms like “Public (meaning government) media”?


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  1. Excellent news – who’d have thought the fight-back would have begun in the left-wing liberal utopia of Swedenistan?

    As the invasion becomes more and more threatening to native populations around Europe, I expect to hear more stories like this over the coming months and years. I expect the media will try to keep this under wraps, as many will adopt the attitude “if the Swedes can do it, so can we!”

  2. In other news:

    Islamist violence causes local councils to cover up BNP advertising:


    Two British National Party election advertisement billboards in different parts of the country came under threat from mobs of Islamists this afternoon. One billboard was covered up after the mob intimidated the police by threatening to attack.

    The first sign of trouble came in the West Midlands where an Islamist mob emerged from a local mosque after Friday prayers – where they had possibly been stirred up during the sermon – and threatened a BNP billboard advertising ‘British jobs for British workers,’ according to BNP press officer Simon Darby.

    “The police were called in to protect the billboard, which they did, despite the mob taunting them, threatening Jihad and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and other such militant Islamist slogans,” Mr Darby said.

    “The outbreak of militancy appears to have been coordinated, because at almost the same time, a BNP advertising billboard in Luton was surrounded by a similar mob. They were also shouting Islamist slogans and carrying items which were clearly intended to be used to set fire to it,” he continued.

    “The billboards do not even mention Islam or Islamism, and merely call for British people to be given jobs, so the cause of the Islamist militancy obviously lies elsewhere,” he said.

    According to Mr Darby, the local police in Luton then ordered that the billboard be covered up “for public safety.”

    “In other words, mobs can threaten violence in the street and instead of being arrested, the police and authorities cower down and submit to whatever these mobs want,” Mr Darby said.

    “Forcing the BNP to cover up its billboard underlines the fact that Britain is being colonised by Islam and that this is leading to the suppression of democracy.

    “This is what the immigration policies of successive Tory and Labour governments have created: A situation where a violent mob of Islamists can dictate to the public which party they have a right to hear.”

    Mr Darby said the BNP was not going to be intimidated into backing down. “We have too much at stake,” he said. “We are the only party which opposes the Islamification of Britain and we will not be put off by threats of violence from these people.

    “The BNP will never stop until it has reclaimed this land for its indigenous people, so those who seek to destroy Britain had better accept this or leave.”

  3. Poltical change will be very painful, especially for the Pakis. The only alternative will be for them to return to the sub-continent, but India is too progressive for these ignorant zealots and would not allow them refuge. So it would have be back to good old Sharia street Talibanistan. You should be careful what you wish for you dickheads.

  4. Watch all the shit fly as the leftist bastards do everything they can to smear the BNP (although I hear they don’t need help half the time) coming up to the elections. Are they really Nazi nutters? Still this is the backlash you get when immigration policies allow an invasion into your own country. Yer know Chamberlain could have stopped Britain from entering WWII. He could have opened the British borders to German immigrants. Then he could have the “British people” put in a vote for National Socialism but only when a minority was not a minority. That would not be fair would it? In the meantime he could do what most pacifists do best – Kiss someones backside under the cover of big meaningless words. I pointed this out to to a friend the other day and he retorted that the Germans were vile and evil and the enemy of Britain. I could only answer, “And your argument is”?

  5. @Geoff

    No the BNP are not nazi nutters…..

    They are anti-islam, they dropped all the nazi stuff when they got rid of John Tyndall, for the better I must add. At present the BNP represent the only true escape from islam that Britain’s political parties have. They are Britain’s equivalent to Geert Wilders PVV, to draw a comparison, and you know already how much he has been smeared and demonised, it is a similar situation within Britain. The National Union of Journalists (the body that controls Britain’s media) has a section of their handbook that dictates that no positive reporting should ever be given to the BNP.

    Think of it this way: if a BNP member saves a female from being raped by a member of the ROP, then the media will simply “forget” the rape aspect and label it a racist attack on the muslim by the BNP member, that is the level of smears we are seeing within todays media against the BNP!

    Just this week saw The Sun newspaper distributing anti-ghurkha leaflets in the name of the BNP in order to blacken their name, only to be caught doing so, and the BNP have successfully brought legal action in order to have The Sun retract their anti-BNP smears!

  6. The evidence suggests that Davy Crockett is correct. And the BNP are not national socialists – however the same CANNOT be said for many from the left wing PC moron group. Very interesting aspect on the media behavior comes from the report on the Sun. Davy Crockett – can you give additional references to this story.

  7. Swedes kick out Muslims from their town –
    I get to talk to lots of Europeans and the impression I get is their views don’t always reflect the views on their goverments –
    some are just as dhimmified but a lot aren’t .
    Now these small town Swedish people can have their Swedish life back -good for them .
    Is this the start – wouldn’t that be nice !

  8. @ Kaw – this is as good as I can find when it comes to the retraction, it seems to have been covered fairly well – evidence of the “no positive stories” NUJ policy.


    Joanna Lumley and the Gurkha Justice Campaign have issued the following statement regarding the unsavoury lies propagated by The Sun newspaper over a forged leaflet which made headline news yesterday.

    The British National Party wishes to place it on record that the issue of the Gurkhas should not be politicised any further, and condemns The Sun unreservedly for resorting to this underhand smear tactic.

    The BNP would also ask all supporters to refrain from further politicising the matter.

    Full statement from Joanna Lumley and the Gurkha Justice Campaign, as received by the BNP via email this afternoon:

    More at the link, the statement is rather long so I thought best not to post it up. Apologies to Sheik and all readers for the constant posting of BNP related items, but it fairly difficult trying to show people what they are all about without using a lot of information, especially in the BUSY run up to June 4th, euro elections.

  9. No apology necessary Davy Crockett. Given the new articles on the Tories re Muslim solidarity etc.. the BNP is the only chance and the fight is going to be difficult to say the least (although you might be better to judge). I just hope a lot more Britons are as aware as youself and will act accordingly at the polls. With what even this site has informed me of the media bias in Obama ‘s election in America, you can bet your life that a lot of Saudi money (or maybe American indirectly from Pakistan) will certainly make the BNP an easier target. Do keep us informed it will be heartening to see them win a lot of seats.

  10. I think people should take the last lines of Geoff’s last comment quite earnestly. Corrupt muslim money does seem to have been behind the mass media manipulation for the Obama election, and the vilification of the BNP. The muslims cannot avoid leaving footprints – look hard and you will find them.

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