The boat was torched, and Australians hurt

The boat was torched, and Australians hurt


  • Why Mr Rudd why are you so fixated on flooding Australia with such people?

Andrew Bolt – 

More leaks on the story the Rudd Government refuses to discuss:

THERE was a deliberate attempt to set Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel 36 alight off Ashmore Reef on April 16, but speculation has been raised as to whether it was an Indonesian crew member, rather than Afghan asylum seekers, who wanted to scuttle the boat.

The claims come as The Weekend Australian has learned that at least two of the nine Australian Defence Force personnel who were on the vessel when it blew up have had breakdowns and will not return to service.

3 thoughts on “The boat was torched, and Australians hurt”

  1. If these folks had breakdowns then something else happened. And I suspect that their terms of engagement are so restricted that they left – the PC correct media have then called this a break-down, however this is conjecture.

  2. I knew SIEV had to be an acronym for something. We don’t need it

  3. With the Tampa incident, the primary ADF folks involved were the SAS and then the RAN. I would guess that the first contact people are the SAS – that makes sense to me. These guys do NOT get nervous breakdowns and very few soldiers are mentally tough enough to make it into their ranks. I wouldn’t think that they would resign unless some really bad command level decisions affected their ability to work, and I couldn’t image that this incident would cause any resignation. I haven’t read anything more about this so I wonder if the “nervous breakdown” part of the original story was artistic journalistic licence (ie BS).

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