The UN Gravy Train and the Fakestinian Arab "Refugees"

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U.N. fabricated crisis like gun to Israel’s back

International body exposed in blockbuster new book

JERUSALEM – The United Nations is perpetuating a fabricated “refugee” crisis with the aim of destroying Israel’s existence as a Jewish state, charges a recently released blockbuster book.

ap_gaza_36_090111_ssh                       Fakestinian Arabs wait for handouts from a UN relief agency
In “The Late Great State of Israel, author and WND Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein documents how the U.N. created a separate, massive agency to sustain and fuel a self-generated Palestinian “refugee” crisis, and how, Klein argues, the issue is pointed like a gun at Israel’s back.

“Palestinian leaders across the board call for the so-called right of return inside Israel for their fake refugees. If this demand is ever put into action, if millions of foreign Arabs flood Israel, it will destroy the Jewish character of the state by population genocide, by having Arabs outnumber Jews by a wide margin,” Klein explains.  
“That’s the plan,” he adds.
In a bombshell chapter of the book, Klein shows how after Israel’s founding the U.N. drastically changed the very definition of “refugee” just for the Palestinian conflict so that a large number of non-qualifying Arabs could register as “Palestinian refugees” and how these so-called refugees are being attended to in methods different from refugees in all other regions of the world, throughout the entire history and charter of the U.N.


  • Israel is dying. And those responsible are not just the terrorists plotting its destruction, but also the political elites within its borders. 

Klein also exposes how the U.N. Relief and Works Agency, or UNRWA, indoctrinates generations of Palestinians in hatred and violence against Israel; how UNRWA openly employs known terrorists and even formally uses terrorist propaganda material; and how the international agency sidestepped all Israeli attempts to settle the “refugee” problem or help create a better life for local Palestinians.

 The subtitle of the book reads, “How enemies within and without threaten the Jewish nation’s survival.” 
Klein warns of the emergency dangers facing. 
“The Late Great State of Israel,” is a clarion call for all supporters of Israel. The great Mideast democracy is headed down a road that, if not altered, may result in catastrophe, warns Klein.

“The greatest threat, the one that magnifies all others exponentially, is that only a few in Israel or abroad are aware of the real extent of the dangers facing the Jewish country – both from within and without,” writes Klein.

Hal Lindsey calls the book a “must read by a heroic journalist … it’s written for everyone seeking to understand the real situation in Israel and the Middle East.”

Klein pulls no punches, fingering the Israeli government as often being its own worst enemy. He also shows how policies from the Obama administration and international community harm Israel’s interests and how Iran, Hamas, Palestinian terrorists and a host of other players are poised to end the Mideast democracy once and for all.

Among the highlights of “The Late Great State of Israel”:

  • How the Israeli government has turned a blind eye as Islamic authorities physically erase archaeological evidence on the Temple Mount, including actual Temple artifacts. 
  • How Jerusalem ALREADY has been divided. 
  • Is Obama poised to legitimize Hamas terrorists? Plus, how Obama’s Mideast policies, including talks with Iran and Syria, threaten the Jewish state and, ultimately, America. 
  • How Iran is positioning its proxies to wreak havoc on Israel while Tehran inches toward nuclear weapons. 
  • How the U.N. fuels a fake “refugee crisis” that directly threatens Israel’s existence. 
  • How and why Israel failed in its recent 22-day war in Gaza. 
  • How the U.S. funds and fuels Mideast terrorism 
  • How the news media is covering for terrorists and playing a dangerous lying game about the Mideast and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In doing so, how they are emboldening the enemies of the U.S. and Israel 
  • Israel’s peace partner exposed; and much more.

“Unless these perils are countered soon,” writes Klein, “the only remnant of the Jewish country may soon be an epitaph: ‘The Late, Great State of Israel.'”

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14 thoughts on “The UN Gravy Train and the Fakestinian Arab "Refugees"”

  1. I agree with the ‘late great state’. izrael is an illegitimate ‘entity’ that will pass in time, as all things that oppose G-D do. Those that CLAIM to ‘children of the Most High’ are nothing more than disobedient pretenders. Much like the recent exposure of “holocaust” faker Herman Rosenblat stated in his interview. “It is not ‘a lie’ because I believe it in my own head, therefore it is true.” People that claim to belong to the seed of Abraham while ignoring their own disobedience are fooling no one but themselves and in the end tey will be sadly exposed for the liars and decievers that they are……but there is still time to repent of such wickedness.

  2. JAMES B:

    Well, if Israel is an ‘illegitimate entity’ then so is JORDAN. After all, they were both created the same way: the land was given by the British, who held the mandate; and ratified by the UN. And Jordan takes up a whopping 82% of what was the region of Palestine.

    Yet strangely, JAMES B, I don’t see you demonising Jordan.

    Palestinian Jews were the *natives* of the region; they have been living there for the past 3500 years. Continuously.

    Whereas, prior to 1967, there were no ‘palestinians’ as we know them today. They were happy to call themselved Jordanians.

    Double standard? You betcha.

  3. Indeed.

    You can, (and you should) apply that to Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bosnia-Kosovo -Herzegovina (greater Albania) as well.

    There is no country in this world that has greater legitimacy than Israel.

  4. Jew with a view,

    Jordan was not the subject of the illegitimate Balfour Document. Nor were the intention of the political zionists to settle ‘Jordan’ but to present the false image of the desire for ‘world Jewry’ to relocate.

    You mince words and redefine them but you also are deceptive.

    Would you agree or disagree with the statement that there were no ‘Americans’ prior to 1776? The indigenous indian population in North America pre-date ALL European settlers yet they still do not enjoy full citizenship or recognition yet their culture was far superior to that of the European invaders. Those people that were slaughtered and herded into camps were my ancestors just as European “Jews” that came to occupy Palestine.

    You attempt to skew perceptions by saying that “Palestinian Jews” are a separate group than the Muslim population. All 3 faiths lived in peace in a fruitful land PRIOR to the gradual zionist occupation leading up to the Balfour Document and the U.N. ‘mandate’.

    I find it quite perculiar that zionist pushed so hard for recognition by the U.N. yet in 61 years have not obeyed another single mandate that has decreed since.

    Double standard? You betcha!

  5. Who Needs a (Second) Pali State?


    One Nation’s Capital Throughout History

    Jerusalem and the Jewish people are so intertwined that telling the history of one is telling the history of the other. For more than 3,000 years, Jerusalem has played a central role in the history of the Jews, culturally, politically, and spiritually, a role first documented in the Scriptures. All through the 2,000 years of the diaspora, Jews have called Jerusalem their ancestral home. This sharply contrasts the relationship between Jerusalem and the new Islamists who artificially inflate Islam’s links to Jerusalem.

    Erasing Jews from Jerusalem

    Arab Propaganda denies Jews’ historical ties to Jerusalem

    What really happened

    Fitzgerald: The persistent myth of Andalusia

    The Myth of Islamic Tolerance

    UNRWA and the “Palestinian” “refugees”

    Why is it, do you think, that you never have stories showing Jews who fled Syria, or Iraq, or Morocco, or Yemen, under threat of pogrom replacing the usual insecurity and daily humiliations of life as a Jew in a Muslim Arab land, visiting their “old houses”? After all, Baghdad early in the 20th century was the second Jewish city in Asia (after Jerusalem). What happened to all those “houses”? No, the Jews do not make a fuss, do not demand compensation, do not make their huge losses a source of constant, obsessive media attention and U.N. focus. In Israel they integrated the Jewish refugees from Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, and later from Iran, not to mention those who came from non-Arab and non-Muslim lands lands such as Ethiopia and Russia. Read more>>

  6. sheik,

    You’re wasting your time with those links. I am familiar enough with the ideology that you espouse. The occupants of Palestine during the Nakba were the Jews, Christians, and Muslims that had lived in the land for almost 2000 years. THEY were the true landholders. The zionist movement developed their own perception of “jewishness” that had nothing to do with the Torah, God, or morality.

    To successfully lay claim to the land “Jews” would be that ‘shining light to the nations’. Quite to the contrary they reveal their darkest, most perverted nature by exhibiting the nature that in juxtaposed to historical Judaism. That is why they are opposed by Jewish groups that actually practice Judaism.

    If you want me to read something put your own ideas into words. I’ve read enough of your ‘historians’ and ‘public relations’ pieces to last me a lifetime.

    1. James B,

      Muslims couldn’t possibly have lived in “the land for 2000 years” since the meshugga prophet pretender Muhammad happened in the 7th century, and it wasn’t until the 8th century that the Muslims conquered all of North Africa including Spain (Al Andaluz) . “Nakba” is a sick Arab fantasy, the Arabs who fled in 1948 roughly match the numbers of Jews who have been driven out of Muslim countries since Israel came into being.

      So what is your beef?

  7. Sorry, again your perception is off. Those that worship according to the ‘Muslim’ faith go all the way back to Abraham. It wasn’t until the 7th/8th century that it was organized, much like ‘zionism’ didn’t attain its malignant form until the late 19th century.

    I realize that zionists are the author of ‘holocaust denial’ much in the same way that they are pioneers in ‘terrorism’ but one day your ‘faith’ will be your undoing. It is sad that so many pay the price for the actions of a relatively small group of people.

    “the Arabs who fled in 1948 roughly match the numbers of Jews who have been driven out of Muslim countries since Israel came into being. ”

    So what are you saying? This is justification to behave in such a reprehensible manner? Further proof that the occupiers have no claim to the land when they are oblivious to the truth of the scrip[ture they claim gives them the “right of possession/oppression”.

    Come clean and admit that the goal of zionism is the extermination of the indigenous population in order to preserve the ‘superiority’ of the zionist mentality. There is not one single zionist that has even an inkling of how to bring about ‘peace’ because PEACE is not a word the comprehend nor understand.

  8. Well “James”, if you’re a Muslim why don’t you say so?

    If you’re are trying to peddle inverted reality, revisionist history and logical absurdities, try your luck elsewhere!

    Perhaps you should try to lecture your co-religionists on not to behave in a “reprehensible manner.”

  9. Could you translate that last one I’m having some trouble understanding what you’re saying?

    Muslim? me? No. I’m one of those run-of-the-mill goy type of guys. No respect for Talmudism or political zionism.

    Still waiting for an answer to my question.

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