Toronto: Neighbor's "Hello" Enrages Muslim Hubby

“Hello- Rage”, soon coming to a theater near you:

muslim-march                                                    Just waiting to say “hello” to you…

Toronto: Muslim files complaint after unbeliever says hello to his wife

The joys of multiculturalism in microcosm. Outrage over nothing, intimidation, cringing dhimmitude, naivete — it’s all here. “Hallway culture clash: In a Toronto apartment building, a feud has broken out over a neighbourly ‘hello.’ What hath multiculturalism wrought?,” by Matthew Coutts in the National Post, May 22 (thanks to JW):

When the landlady of my Toronto apartment building said an outraged neighbour had filed a complaint about me over an apparently inappropriate hallway interaction with his wife, my mind raced through the countless conversations I’ve had with fellow tenants, none of which seemed a possible source of offence.It turns out, it wasn’t a salacious transaction that had caused the complaint, but rather a neighbourly and — to me — entirely forgettable greeting, little more than a brief “good morning” as I passed my neighbours on the way to work.

Still, it was enough of an affront for the man — once a doctor somewhere in the Middle East, my landlady clarified — to feel I had broken a cultural taboo. The incident started an awkward feud which has involved warnings not to repeat my indiscretion and one face-to-face shouting match, which included allusions to my impending death.

I expect the battle will wage on, as we appear to be stuck at an impasse.

His Muslim upbringing has ingrained in him a sense of entitlement to demand I not speak directly to his wife; and my prairie upbringing has ingrained in me a duty to strive for polite cohesion with my neighbours.

My landlady, who has handled the complaint with tittering trepidation, hasn’t helped dispel the friction. She has told me to adhere to the demands because the man “could be dangerous,” directing me to literally turn my back to the couple as they pass, never make eye contact and never hold the elevator for them, no matter what.

Life among neighbours has become increasingly complicated by multiculturalism, in this case making even the most affable salutation or good Samaritan gesture a practice in walking on eggshells. But in trying to adapt to a patchwork of often conflicting cultures, has civility become the casualty of accommodation?

The funny thing about this is that if this man did start ignoring his neighbors, never holding the elevator for them, never greeting them, etc., onlookers would think him “xenophobic” and say that his coldness was the kind of thing that made Muslim immigrants feel alienated and lash out in terrorist acts.

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  1. I’m sure it must be acceptable to Moslems them the finger as an alternate form of greeting.

  2. Hey bad grammar but you get the drift. I was educated at a state madrassa see.

  3. What, no “Harmony Day” and “celebration of diversity” in Toronto?

  4. The tenant has to take the death threat to the Police, and also file a complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission. I would also suggest that he hire a couple of big, beefy-looking Bulgarian mafia types (there are lots of those in Toronto, I know) and have them visit this ignorant, uneducated muslim and deal with him in a back alley. As the Bible says, an eye for an eye. End of story.

  5. Don’t be a wuss. By giving in your letting him win. This man moved to YOUR country, and needs to make concessions to the culture he CHOSE to live in. If the tables were turned and you were living in some sand blown sheep nailing shithole you would be expected to act accordingly. I would hold the elevator for him, make him refuse to get on.

  6. God help you all. The muslim shit of the world must either be extirpated or you must reconcile yourselves to being a second-class citizen in your own country. You need to train them to behave properly, when in civilised society otherwise, they’ll walk all over you.

  7. I’m sorry, I would not be good for interfaith relations. With that reaction it would be good morning, gidday and good evening as often as I could. As for the lift, to much. I would certainly be prepared to help him down the stairs as often as possible. Think about it, one could have a lot of fun taking the piss out of this Muhammadan and his harem.

  8. islam is the complete opposite of christianity.
    islam represents darkness (moon)
    christianity represents the light (sun)

    allah is the best of deceivers and a liar and so is his false prophet.
    Christian God represents the truth and His word is eternal!

    no difficulty here in identification of an evil cult called islam.
    although the child raping, pedo, murdering, stealing, lying
    pig named muhammad (piss be upon him) is a inspiration to all muslims
    that evil satanic man is an abomination to the freedom loving nations, and has to be stopped, muslim immigration should ban islam now.
    ban quran, ban hijab, deport 80% of muslim back to their miserable muslim invaded land.


  9. Too late – read up on the demographics of muslim immigration to Europe and the falling birth rate in non-muslim European countries – Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland etc.

    Eurabia here we come unless the tide starts to turn.

  10. An adaptation I did of a famous poem about Nazis by Pastor Martin Niem?ller.

    Muslim outrage:

    At first, the Muslims were outraged by cartoons but I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t an artist.

    And then the Muslims were outraged by history books and news but I didn’t speak up because I don’t read much.

    And then the Muslims were outraged by women who weren’t completely veiled but I didn’t speak up because I’m not a woman.

    And then the Muslims were outraged by the practice of other religions but I didn’t speak up because I’m not very religious.

    And then the Muslims were outraged by the existence of Infidels so when they came for me … there was no one left to speak up.

    The last line is the ultimate goal of Islam the rest are just steps towards that goal.

  11. This is a constant problem with these muslims. They come to live in a democratic world and expect everyone around to change for them. They are never the accommodating type. Bloody @($@#!!! If he didn’t want anyone to greet his wife why did he want to live in such a country. He should have gone back to live in his 1400 year old backward Arabia. These people completely spoil the fun of living for everyone. I say you shouldn’t bow down to them. You should find tooth for tooth. If he has a problem he has leave. He doesn’t belong to your country.

  12. if these islamo fascists don;t like our way of life and our beautiful
    democracy go back to your garbage wife beatting child raping
    dictatorial Muslem hell countries They shloud all be deported
    before they destroy our beautiful America!

  13. Muslims/Islam can’t coexist with any other religion on this planet, they have not done that for the last 1400 years, so don’t expect it now. It is high time the people [ non muslims]in the West to wake up and see what Islam is realy about, they want to dominate the rest of the world, as ordained by their Allah. log on

  14. “Those who put their faith in fire in fire their faith shall be repaid” A Gordon Lightfood song. Hate only engenders more hate.

    You’re right adapting to so many cultures can be like walking on egg shells. If we want to achieve our inbred drive for polite civility we will have to add some patience humility and willingness to learn from others.

    Your Muslim neighbor should learn to understand that a simple greeting of his wife doesn’t have the same meaning as it does in whatever culture he is from. He didn’t confront you directly in order not to insult you. If you really want to settle the feud give him some cooling down time, then find someone who understands his culture and ask them to go and talk to your neighbor on your behalf.

  15. It’s a pity you didn’t hurt this creep at the time of the confrontation, it is always difficult to know what to do at a later date, but I think you should treat these people just as you would any others and if that means greeting them/him/her in passing, then that is what should be done. They are operating in your culture, not you in theirs and if you surrender it to this creep then you will not deserve to keep it, nor your self respect. I suggest you carry a hammer in a very light shoulder bag if you are nervous he might turn violent, a similar tool has served me well in the past, and if you need to use it in self-defense, do so to the maximum, without hesitation or any feeling of guilt, and of course without taking it out of the bag. Good luck.

  16. Yep, I agree with so many of the others about this ex-doktor retard. I think that group assault is going to be the order of the day. everone in the apartment house needsto meet the muzzie at the same time and …..instruct him in manners. Canadians, make the immigrants be Canadian, or make them leave. You guys, there is a good movie out there about a community coming together for the good. It is called “Free Range”. Get it. Get some popcorn too. Its another Robert Duvall classic.

  17. I understand the problem completely having had similar experiences. I would contact the police to report the threat. It is a legal matter. If the cops show up the guy may think twice . Say good day or whatever to everyone who you meet in the building and pause to wait for the appropriate response back,look them in the eye while waiting. This way you establish what is correct behaviour and that you do the same to everyone. I have even made a comment when I don’t get the required response .
    Encourage all your friends in the building to do the same. It makes the ignorant one more aware of his ignorance. Any threat should be reported to building security and managers as well as police. Put the badly behaved on record for their behavior. If they continue they may be asked to leave or for continually causing a disturbance. If your landlady is the owner you can report the incident and her response to the tenants association. If the “landlady” is a superintendent complain to the next level of management etc. if the issue continues to be a problem. Avoid future shouting matches, but continue to report problems with these people. If we don’t fight back we will lose out to political correctness. Rudeness may be acceptable where he lived previously but it’s not here. You could try the Human Rights Commission but likely it would not be accepted ,you have to be one of the chosen minorities. Canadians who understand how the commissions are being used to destroy our charter rights are trying to denormalize them and therefore, not using them but,”never give in” W. Churchill .

  18. I wouldn’t shut up nor turn my back; I’d give even bigger hellos, wave, invite her in for a coffee, and the be as friendly as could be. And I’d make it clear to my landlady that, like SheepAreForSheering said above, this is North America, where people are friendly to each other no matter the gender, and men aren’t jealous of a neighbor being friendly – because we’re actual men. What’s your landlady going to do? Kick you out? Sue her ass if she tries. Now go say hello and maybe even leave a nice gift at their door, like a ham roast. Just being neighborly.

  19. Take ‘Hello, How are you’ and shove it!

    Let’s just suddenly reverse all women’s liberation which was drummed into us in the last 30 years, why don’t we?

    Where are all those brave feminists? Hey, sisters! Yoo-hoo!

    The silence is deafening!

    Let the Mozzie guys stomp and beat their wives and daughters, why don’t you?

  20. Juging from the photograph on top of this comentary the little muslium boy holding a sign almost bigger than himself “europe remember 9/11 should be a sign to non-muslium Americans that we cannot let these extremists ruin our American and european culture. We are not in there country so they have to recpect our culture. I watched a doctumentry on Musluim woman who went to prision in aganastan and I was shocked! Young woman and men where sent to prision because they had intercourse before marriage. One young muslium woman said ; her parents would never let her back home,disowned her because she ruined the the family pride,and that her famiy was worried about what the neigbors and her extended family would think and that the parents would rather quietly drown her for shaming them. Please I urge all non musliums fight for ypour freedom till the end ! and DONNOT LET MUSLUIMS RUIN OUR CULTURE! AMERICANS SHOULD DO WHAT PARIS HAS DONE REMOVE THE BURKA! THEY ARE MOCKING OUR WAY OF LIFE AND HAVE A LONG TERM PLAN TO DISTROY ANYONE WHO IS NOT LIKE THEM. GOD IS A JUST GOD AND HE WILL PROTECT OF FROM EXTREMISTS! GOD BLESS THE FREE WORLD ALWAYS AND FOREVER! The poor guy should never speak to a muslim woman again!!!! they are not friendly only to their own kind.

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