We got mail! A "Christian" wants Sheik Yer'mami dead!

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Submitted on 2009/05/09 at 1:11am

This website is disgusting, generalizing propaganda. I’m an Australian. I have recently been to Morocco (a Muslim country) and can tell you that not one Muslim i met had any sentiment of jihad or intolerance for religion as your “about us” section seems to suggest they do. I have known many Muslims in my life and all have been great people. I am a christian born, white middle class male and yet i am disgusted every single day by people who are demographically similar spouting lies. However i do not worry or despair. People like you will die eventually and the sons and daughters that ignore you, run away from home, go to college as quick as they can and generally try and escape the nonsense that you push on them will not be like you. And then maybe one day we will be able to see peace. I hope you crawl away and die.

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  1. I will let the numbers give you an answer as to why people feel the need to be critical of the islamic faith.

    People murdered by Muslims over last 1o years in name of religion:
    > 500,000 (this is backed by literature and represents a lower limit.
    Included are victims from the muslim-muslim conflict in Darfur (here numbers are uncertain), the anti-buddhist genocide in southern thailand and phillipines)

    People murdered by Hindus over last 1o years in name of religion: O(10,000)

    People murdered by Christians over last 1o years in name of religion: > O(200) – this is an upper estimate only

    People murdered by Buddhists over last 1o years in name of religion:
    ~O(10) (I need to check this number, however I seem to recall two incidents in S.E.Asia where people were killed by Buddhist extremists – the numbers were small but at present I cannot recall exact numbers)

    Now – all people are giving here are their opinions (and even some muslim folk enlighten us with their wisdoms), but whether you agree with them or not they have every right to say what they wish. You have every right not to listen – YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO SILENCE OTHERS – UNDERSTAND THAT!!! I suggest you widen your frame of reference.

  2. This is the typical, oh! I know a couple of nice Muslims so they’re all angels and your a racist and a Xenophobe. I am sure there were a lot of nice Germans in Nazi Germany.

    I brought up the boat people the other day at the end of a conversation with a colleague at work. I had never been called a Xenophobe before. The emotion and disgust was unbelievable. This seems to be the new trendsetter name to call genuinely concerned anti-jihadists . Does this mean I am getting points?

    This fella should actually go out of his way to meet the Islamic Supremacists that do not want to meet him. He will not have to look far or wide (especially in Morocco) to pick up on their agenda. He could even open a a book maybe? Then again it could be hard for him to read a book with his head stuck in his backside.

  3. This person might be a nominal Christian – in other words a pseudo Christian who might have been born in a “Christian” country.

    His rantings are inconsistent with any possibility of his being a Christian.

  4. Don’t take his “I am a christian” nonsense as true. Either he belongs to one of those “churches” who accepts things like homosexuality and abortion, or he is plain lying.

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  7. This man is not a Christian…I went to Morrocco the other day..What aload of B/S. You have to live in an islamic country to know what it is like.

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