Will President Obowa Bow Again to the Wahabi King on June 3rd?


Obama to visit Saudi Arabia June 3 to discuss Iran

US President Barack Obama will visit Saudi Arabia on June 3 for talks on Iran’s nuclear program and Washington’s renewed push for a Middle East peace plan, the White House said on Tuesday.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Obama would meet Saudi King Abdullah and would also discuss terrorism. (Reuters)

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* Russia: “Moderate Mufti” shot dead for opposing Wahabi-extremism…

But surely this has nothing to do with Islam?

Akhmed Tagayev was deputy mufti of the Clerical Directorate of Muslims of Dagestan and was considered a leading opponent of “religious extremism” among Muslims, the agency said. More from Reuters

* Jordan huffs & puffs and summons the Israeli ambassador:

Jordan summons Israeli ambassador/JPost

Jordan’s foreign minister summoned Israel’s ambassador Tuesday to protest a proposal National Union MK Arye Eldad made in the Knesset last week that Palestinians be given Jordanian citizenship.

According to the official Petra news agency, Nasser Judeh issued a strong protest to the ambassador “over a debate in the Knesset on a motion on a so-called two states for the two people on the two banks of the Jordan River.”

Judeh said Jordan was “dismayed by the debate and categorically and totally rejected the proposal submitted by a Knesset member, calling on the Israeli government for a clear explanation of what took place in the Knesset.”