Winds of Jihad readers support "enhanced interrogation"

Poll Results:

Do you agree with harsh interrogation techniques?

48 % say “yes, absolutely”

13 % said “hell no”

25 % think its cool but only on Islamic terrorists

14 % believe it should be used in “extreme cases only”

ramirez92479  Reasons for supporting “Enhanced Interrogation”

* Meanwhile, Muhammedan agit-props and their leftist enablers can’t get enough of  “torture” crapola, the show must go on:

Helen Thomas’ been cookin’ your news since the early 19th century!

6a00e008c6b4e5883401156f61bfcf970c-300wiHelen Thomas: “What Sadist in the Bush Administration Came up With Torturing al-Qaeda With Caterpillars?”…

Sticking someone in a box with a caterpillar isn’t torture, sticking someone in a box with Helen Thomas is torture…..Rest from ZIP

Would these wankers protest for this tortured Indonesian maid? Don’t hold your breath:

(Saudi) Indonesian Maid Suffers ‘Horrific’ Torture…

Dennis Prager: Nine Questions the Left Needs to Answer About Torture




Pelosi: Officials said “they wouldn’t use” waterboarding

Nancy Pelosi sat down with CNN’s Candy Crowley tonight and gave her most detailed — and passionate — explanation of her muted behavior during an initial classified briefing on enhanced interrogation procedures in 2002.

Politico has more>>

2 thoughts on “Winds of Jihad readers support "enhanced interrogation"”

  1. Just displaying a picture of Helen Thomas is torture. Don’t worry I won’t sue you Yer’Mami.

  2. If you folks really support enhanced interrogation then you had better make sure the “people” that do the interrogation do not have their own agendas. I have seen enough “crocked” policemen in the west, and the levels of corruption in Asia and Africa are simply massive.

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