Yusuf wipes it

* For once, Yusuf tells the truth and answers one of the few commenters who bothers to comment on Planet Irf:

 Irf said…
“the herald sun the factual newspaper when it comes to African crime”- Actually, Andrew Bolt’s Herald Sun articles on “African crime” seem to make sense after I wipe my backside with them. Which is the same with most of what Bolt writes.
Sheik sez:
* (you’re supposed to use pebbles, Yusuf. An “uneven number, and not bones or dung, for those are the food of the jinn”. What kind of asswipe do you think you are?/ed)

2 thoughts on “Yusuf wipes it”

  1. Irf, you getting fatter – lets home that heart attack is just aound the corner and that it is fatal so that we don’t spend public money on a public enemy.

  2. So he wipes his mouth with Andrew Bolt, what a strange little turd the Irfan idiot is.

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