Yusuf, your (not so friendly) free speech eliminator…

… if only he could: If wishes were horses even beggars could ride..!

nazi-irfan11Trust me…

The ABC, always prepared to offer a soapbox to assorted miscreants, commies, crackpots and all kinds of deviants,  keeps publishing Irfan’s drivel. In his latest expose’ Yusuf once again attacks the people he loves to hate, namely Andrew Bolt, Piers Akerman.  and Tim Blair.  As always, Yusuf tries to play the race-card and winges and whines about some of the commenters, especially those that are, lets say, not eager to submit to his abhorrent belief-system. If only we would leave it to Yusuf, and perhaps some of his assorted sharia promoting co-religionists, the world would be so much of a better place for the Mohammedan’s among us. 

Unfortunately for Yusuf, we’re not quite there yet…

The real Islam, soon coming to a theater near you: 

Pakistan: Lawyer threatens to kill Christian charged with “blasphemy”

And not just with his hourly billing charges, either.

Here is yet another example of how Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are used to terrorize innocent people: “Pakistan: Lawyer Threatens To Kill Christian Charged With ‘Blasphemy,’” from Compass Direct, May 6 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm):

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  1. It needs not nor it boots thee not, proud queen, Unless the adage must be verified, That beggars mounted run their horse to death.
    Author: William Shakespeare

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