Australia: Egyptian stabs stepdaughter 20 times with a butcher knife: "I stabbed the slut. I wanted to kill her, but unfortunately she's still breathing."

He was only sentenced to 12 years. Why? Stiffer sentencing would go a long way toward sending a clear message: You cannot do this in Australia. “Racy photos prompt stabbing,” by Amelia Bentley for the Brisbane Times, June 29 (thanks to JW):

A man used a butcher’s knife to stab his stepdaughter up to 20 times because he believed she was a “slut” who was interfering in his marriage, a court has heard.

* Pakistani cleric issues fatwa against suicide bombing; Taliban instantly eliminate him per suicide bomber (must be hard to be a “moderate”)

* Somali jihadist: “it’s time we attacked Ethiopia, who are our Christian neighbors … The people should be ready to take part in jihad.”

Islam’s borders are bloody” –– the late Samuel Huntington

* Sydney’s south-west is once again the battleground over plans to build a new Islamic school.

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Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb threatens "revenge" against France for "religious terrorism" over criticism of burqa

“It said the French were committing these injustices ‘at a time when their denuded women … flock to our land and occupy our beaches and streets, outrageously defying the feelings of Muslims’.”

south-france-beachesObstinate French female who wages a war of oppression against the Islamic freedom sack…

“Revenge,” “terrorism,” “occupation,” and of course, hurt feelings. Another near-winner for Jihadist Rhetoric Bingo. “Al Qaeda vows revenge for France’s burqa warning,” from Reuters, June 30 from JW:

REUTERS – Al Qaeda’s north African wing threatened revenge against France for launching a “war” against Muslim women who wear full burqas that cover them from head to toe, according to a Web statement posted in the group’s name.
French legislators expressed concern this month that more and more Muslim women were wearing a burqa or a niqab which cloaks the entire body, sometimes leaving a gap for the eyes.

President Nicolas Sarkozy said the garments were not welcome in France because they are a symbol of the subjugation of women.

*  Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

* Mauritania: Al-Qaeda claims killing of American

“Here is France mustering all her capacity, mobilising all her institutions and organising her ranks to wage a perfidious new war against our sisters who wear the niqab,” said the statement posted on a Web site used by al Qaeda supporters.

burka-france31The future of France?

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Royal Marines again abused by Muslims and Moonbats as they hold homecoming parade

Royal Marines abused by anti-war protesters as they hold homecoming parade

By Daniel Bates and Daniel Martin thanks to Davey

A homecoming march by Royal Marines returning after a bloody tour of Afghanistan was hijacked yesterday by anti-war protesters. 

Five militants waving Iraqi flags screamed ‘genocide’ and ‘not in my name’ at soldiers from 3 Commando as they marched from Buckingham Palace to Parliament. 

Some of the protesters also tried to use a megaphone to drown out the Royal Marines band but were beaten when onlookers began to clap and cheer to overcome them. 

3 Commando's march from Buckingham Palace to Parliament was marred by anti-war protesters, who shouted at the troops as they went past3 Commando’s march from Buckingham Palace to Parliament was marred by anti-war protesters, who shouted at the troops as they went past

One of the militants had to be restrained by police until the 120 servicemen and women had gone into the House of Commons, where they were met by Armed Forces Minister Bill Rammell and other dignitaries. 

However, it proved the only slight on what was a special day for 3 Commando, which has suffered more fatalities than any other brigade on their last tour. 

Some 33 of the 3,500 elite unit died, and hundreds more were injured on the gruelling six-month winter tour in southern Helmand province. 

Despite the demonstrations, the soldiers were cheered on by dozens of well-wishers and tourists who gathered outside Wellington barracks in London. 

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Refusing to See Evil Clearly

Iran coverage: Pamela from Atlas Shrugs does a marvelous job… but we know you’re only interested in Michael Jackson…

[Michael Ledeen] NRO

iranian-woman-gives-fingerIts a faux photo, of course. But a nice idea…

For those who wish to think clearly about Iran, there are two fundamental facts: 

* the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran have been at war with us ever since the overthrow of the shah in early 1979;

* the savagery they have unleashed on the people of Iran is precisely what they want to do to us.

The Iranian leaders and their terror instruments, from Hezbollah to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have been killing Americans for 30 years, from the Marine barracks in Beirut in the 1980s to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan at the moment, where Iranian Revolutionary Guards forces are operating against Coalition forces. Both the history and the contemporary facts are abundantly documented.

The mullahs’ war is unrelentingly and barbarically waged. When they organize demonstrations of hatred against the United States, and lead chants of “death to America,” they mean exactly that. It is not a slogan playing to a domestic audience (we have seen in recent days that the regime is enormously unpopular), but a statement of intent. They aim to kill us, humiliate us, and eventually dominate us. Just listen to President Ahmadinejad’s words to President Obama last Saturday:

You should know that if you continue (to criticize the repression) the response of the Iranian nation will be strong. . . . The response of the Iranian nation will be crushing. The response will cause remorse.

Such language is of a piece with stories alleging that Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has ordered an all-out attack on American, British, French, and German targets wherever possible.  

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"Where Islam touched, there is no recognition of the ways of life of the people. Islam, being a way of life, swallowed all that was African in the people."


Here is a stinging indictment of the historical revisionism and outright denial surrounding the treatment of black Africans under Islamic regimes. “The trouble with Black Muslims,” by Rudolf Okonkwo for the Examiner, June 28 via JW:

Even Obama cannot say it. But someone has to say it.

We cannot be talking about this season of hate without mentioning the steep decline into actionable hate by misguided black Muslims.

The first time I met a black Muslim in America was in the 90s. I had just arrived from England and this man wearing a bow tie and three-piece-suit approached me with a copy of the Final Call newspaper – the official mouthpiece of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. He wanted me to buy the newspaper but I resisted. He told me it was the bestselling newspaper in America. I told him I was new in America but I was sure the Final Call could not be the bestselling newspaper in America.

“You’ve been brainwashed,” the man said to me.
“By whom?” I asked.
“By the blue-eyed white devils who run the world.”
“O’ yeah.”
“They don’t want you to know the truth.”
“Like what?”
“Like all the great things our forefathers did.”
“Like what?”
“Bro, you have to open your eyes. We have to get on with the program of our forefathers.” “And what is that program?”That was how we began a discussion about the world and the place of the black man in it.

*  Reparations Disclaimer on Slavery Apology Outrages Congressional Black Caucus, “More Than Just an Apology Should be Made”….

“Why are you a Muslim?” I asked him at one point.
“Because my people were Muslims before the blue-eyed white devils bought us and brought us to America as slaves and forced us to be Christians and to worship a blue-eyed Christ.”
“O’ yeah.”
“But I am from Africa and my grandfather was never a Muslim nor was he a Christian.”

He was shocked when I said that.

“It is OK if you want to be a Muslim and follow Elijah Muhammed and changed your name to Muhammed, too. But don’t tell me you are trying to be like your forefathers,” I said. […]

Some of these people are carrying their misguided and misrepresented history and anger out in the open and are even planning to act on them. It concerns me. And it should concern you, too.

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The Muslim invasion of Australia

We need your help to stop the Islamic invasion of Australia!

At this moment in time there are 10.000 fake asylum seekers on the way to Australia, most of them Muslims who have passed through several Islamic countries on the way here. These countries have a religious obligation to assist their Muslim brothers and sisters. For this reason we must repatriate these people back to where they belong and not allow them to be settled here, in what they perceive to be Dar ul Harb, infidel land that is yet to be conquered for Allah.

Stop, for god’s sake stop, importing trouble—and Muslim immigrants, as a whole, necessarily mean trouble, in all lands where the political and legal institutions, and social arrangements, are flatly contradicted by the Shari’a. Muslims are obligated to change or tear down those institutions, in order to remove all “obstacles to Islam.” It is not special or individual malice that prompts that attitude. That is their duty, a central duty. Why not come to fully and soberly understand that duty, and out of a minimal sense of self-preservation, cease to import those into our lands (America, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, and every other place that has so generously admitted, under a twisted definitiion of “refugees,” people who do not, and can not, wish our ways or institutions or constitutions well.


You can use the following text or you can write your own. Email Chris Evans , Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. Email Dr Sharman Stone, Shadow Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Email Malcolm Turnbull, Leader of the Opposition. Email: Email:

Most of you will probably recognize that the second part of the letter is the entire writing of Mr Hugh Fitzgerald from Jihad Watch who nailed it masterfully. Our elected politicians, those who have sworn to protect us, have failed us miserably. Help to preserve the birthright of our children. Help us and yourself to keep this country free from sharia and Islam.

Dear Mr Evans,

I am writing to you on behalf of a group of Australians who are very concerned about the continued invasion of this country by Islamic peoples who have often travelled  through several Islamic countries before arriving here in Australia, a nation that bases its values on the Judeo-Christian tradition. It is widely known that Muslim people have no intention to integrate or to assimilate, they don’t arrive on these shores to become Australian, but they arrive here to make Australia Islamic. This is a matter of fact and a religious obligation for Muslims, who take their religious ideology seriously.

There is scarcely a single non-Muslim inhabitant of England, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, or any other country in Western Europe who, knowing what he now knows, or perceives, would not, if he could rewind the clock, undo the policy of permitting large-scale — or even small-scale — immigration by Muslims, and almost all, if not all, of such inhabitants would gladly, if they could, have halted all Muslim immigration altogether. It has become a permanent security nightmare, and a permanent threat to the legal and political institutions, and social arrangements, everywhere accepted in the Western world. That large-scale Muslim presence has required tens of billions of dollars to be spent, now and forevermore, on monitoring of Muslim populations and guarding airports, train stations, subway stations, bus terminals, airplanes and trains and busses, ports, government buildings, churches and synagogues, all identifiably Jewish institutions including day-schools, all the most important Christian sites (such as the Vatican), museums (whose contents offend Muslim sensibilities) and much more. Every country in the West has developed institutions, laws, has permitted the free inquiry that permits the enterprisee of science, has created conditions for the creation of works of art, none of which, and not for one minute, could have been created by Muslims or under Islamic rule.

And everywhere in the Lands of the Infidels the large-scale presence of Muslims has created a situation of much greater unpleasantness, expense, and physical insecurity than would exist without such a presence. That no one in Western Europe now denies; the quarrel is over what can or should be done about that.

What are you going to do about it? 

* God damn Australia with leaders like this!


"There is no compulsion in religion…"

Hugh Fitzgerald explains: “There is no compulsion in religion..” 2:256 Quran

Remember the Fox journalists Centanni and Wiig, who were kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam? Their comments after they were freed were deplorable. They were full of misplaced gratitude to assorted local Arabs (i.e. “Palestinians”).

Update: re  the 11-year old schoolboy  who was  converted by Anjem Choudary without his parents consent, there’s a good piece below from Harry’s Place…

Pakistan: Polish Engineer Was Beheaded by the Taliban Because He Refused to Renounce Christianity And Convert to Islam…

Thanks to ZIP

6a00e008c6b4e58834011571866f84970b-400wiIslamabad Piotr Stanczak did not exhibit the slightest hint of hesitation when the Pakistani Taliban asked him to choose between execution and conversion to Islam.

Whether the Polish geologist acted out of pride or religious conviction, he decided to pay through his blood to save his faith, a choice that bewildered his killers and keep them talking about him with respect after his murder.

Afridi heads a small group of Taliban in the Orakzai tribal district and is loyal to Baitullah Mehsud, the chief of local Taliban who has a 5-million-dollar bounty on his head for being an al-Qaeda facilitator. Pakistani troops have recently been ordered to take decisive action against Mehsud.

Stanczak, 42, was kidnapped September 28 on his way to survey for oil exploration in Attock district, of Pakistan’s eastern province of Punjab. The kidnappers also killed his driver and two guards.Militants released a gruesome seven-minute video in early February showing his beheading. One of the murderers blamed the Pakistani government which failed to accept their demands for the release of detained militants.When negotiations between the representatives of the Pakistani government and the hostage-takers failed, the Taliban leadership gave the Polish man a last chance to save himself, Stanczak’s captors revealed to another hostage, a Pakistani man Mohammad Amir.

Even “Harry’s Place” smells the coffee: Recruiting tomorrow’s Apostates?

Anjem Choudary - I read in The Metro this morning, has converted – in an impromptu street-corner ceremony on an 11 year old boy “to Islam” without obtaining his parent’s consent. The boy was apparently “coaxed onto the platform at an Islamic ‘roadshow’ in Birmingham”.

It is obviously the type of stunt to outrage the public and generate publicity that Choudary revels in. What concerns me more is this:

“The ‘reversion’ of such a young boy without parental consent was condemned as ‘unethical’ by Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, a member of the Muslim Council of Britain”

I notice Mr Mogra doesn’t declare the ‘conversion’ invalid. He only says that it is ‘unethical’ to perform the conversion in this way. Now from what I’m led to believe, in Islam, conversion is a one-way street. Abandoning Islam after conversion – a sort of spiritual buyer’s remorse, at it were – could be consideredapostasy, which, to Islamic fundamentalists, is a very serious ‘crime’.

From the Elder of Zion:

“There is no compusion in Islam”

From the Saudi Gazette:

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Hai’a) arrested Wednesday seven persons for “breaking their fast” during daylight hours in Ramadan. Hai’a spokesman in the Northern Border province Abdullah Al-Musheiti said that the arrests came during Hai’a campaigns in streets and districts, and that the seven had “been handed over to the authorities concerned”.

Someone ought to tell the Muttawa that Islam doesn’t approve of their actions.

Or do they know Islamic law better than I do?

(Actually, how Muslims interpret the Quranic verse “There is no compulsion in religion,” 2:256, is fascinating, at least in this article I found. In short, it appears that this particular command has either been abrogated or must be radically re-interpreted in light of later actions by Mohammed.)

Muslims have more than a dog in this fight…

(UK) How many times have you heard how Muslims feel offended by dogs? Which may help explain how the British Police have quite literally moved the mountain to Mohammed in which to appease them:
  • We’ve had the British transport police told not to use sniffer dogs on Muslims.
  • We’ve seen how Police dogs which search mosques will have to wear socks so as not to touch hallowed ground.
  • And we’ve had Muslims object to a cute puppy being used on a report crime poster because Muslims found it offensive.
So why am I not surprised to hear that British police have just busted the largest dog fighting cabal in the UK in over 100 years. 6 men have been found guilty of hosting dogs fights in Alum Rock, Birmingham. And here’s the catch: not only are all those men found guilty are Muslims, but Alum Rock, where the fights took place, is an Islamic ghetto. So even if the Mullah’s claim that these men are not Muslims, in which to try and absolve Islam of any association (you know, like they do after any major terrorist outrage), they cannot hide the fact that Alum Rock is a predominantly Muslim ghetto. Somebody would have known (if not the whole street) that dogs were been bred for fighting.   

Now, you’d think that seeing how Muslims bitch about how much they find dogs offensive, somebody would have complained.

Bad News:

I’m sure that the British Police will take no notice of the open ‘hypocrisy’ on show here and will endeavour that in the future dogs are kept away from searching Islamic terrorist suspects because they don’t wish to offend them.

Today's Obambi-Nation: Selling the Family Silver and the Kitchen Sink……

Spending at 174 miles an hour


    Abu Hussein, the Musim “Outreach Czar” and the Charter of Dhimmitude

  • It seems that the media is far more interested in praising the Obama administration than it is in questioning whether rampant deficit spending is appropriate or wise. When asked, Left-leaning talking heads always conjure an image of their nemesis, George W. Bush, and argue that Bush spent money like a drunken sailor. How that justifies even more spending by President Obama and the Congress is a bit difficult to understand, but so be it.

The real question, however, is how much more is Obama spending? 

I know, I know … the argument is that any discussion of federal spending, unless it is anecdotal (e.g., a bridge to nowhere), makes viewer’s eyes glaze over, and that’s why the networks avoid the subject. It’s all numbers, and it’s complicated, they’ll tell you privately. No one will watch.

There’s a wonderful YouTube Video that explains our spending problems in 2 minutes and 46 seconds. It uses a simple metaphor and very low budget animation that even MSNBC could afford. Take a look and ask yourself, “Should we really be going 174 miles an hour?”

Then ask yourself — why isn’t the MSM covering this issue more fully?

 WaPo slams Obama for painting himself into a corner over a ‘settlement freeze’

By: Rick Pedraza / Newsmax

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, says he was dismayed that Congress passed the war supplemental appropriations bill so easily last week.

“An economic collapse seems to be the goal of Congress and this administration,” Paul said during his weekly radio address Monday.

“Washington spends with impunity, domestically bailing and nationalizing basically everything they can get their hands on,” Paul said.

Mocking the idea that Obama was a “peace candidate,” Paul pointed out that his administration will be sending another $106 billion it doesn’t have “to continue the bloodshed in Afghanistan and Iraq without a hint of a plan to bring American troops home.”

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Iran: the "Islamic Revolution" pays handsome dividends…

… for Mullahs, of course!


* An excellent report from Atlas Shrugs. Pamela also has by far the best Iran coverage I have seen on any blog: 

Oh those pious mullahs! So righteous! Is this what they mean by sharia finance? I guess this is their idea of a  “green revolution”. And you have to love those little Swiss piggies. Neutral? Yes, Just like during World War II. Neutral for Nazis. Neutral on the bloody backs of millions.

This century’s Nazis……………….

Foreign bank accounts of Iranian leaders


1) Ali Khamenei 
– Sparkasse Bank (Frankfurt/Germany) Acct.# 234075617: DM 112.1 Millions 
– Corner Bank (Geneve/CH) Acct. # 217824: US$ 97 Millions 
– Banque Cantonale (Lausanne/CH) Acct. # 71713: US$ 73.2 Millions


2) Ali Akbar Hashemi Rasfandjani 
– Union Bank Suisse (Geneve/CH) Acct.# 223870390: SF 532.5 Millions 
Societe Generale (Zurich/CH) Acct.# 30064183: DM 477.2 Millions 
– Sparkasse (Ciborg/Germany) Acct. # 2957132: DM 238.2 Millions


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