Chk chk Boom: Australia suffers another great loss…

Andrew Bolt: Picking on immigrants

Another immigrant family suffers from violence in racist Australia:

SYDNEY’s gang war escalated to new heights yesterday with the younger brother of Kings Cross figure John Ibrahim shot five times outside his home… John Ibrahim, 38, a Kings Cross nightclub promoter, …has consistently denied the allegation put to him during the Wood royal commission in 1996 that he was the “lifeblood of the drugs industry of Kings Cross”… His three brothers, Hassan (Sam), 43, Fadi, 35, and Michael, 30, are said to have amassed “many powerful enemies”. Sam Ibrahim is a former branch president of the Nomads motorcycle club, which splintered in 2007 to form a new club, Notorious…


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  1. I liked this comment on Bolt’s blog:

    “… upside is that this will be made into underbelly 4 …”

    (I haven’t been watching Underbelly – too busy reading this blog)

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