Fitzgerald: Let the filthy rich Saudis aid other Muslim states!

The reason for the “widespread poverty” is Islam itself

* WTF is wrong with us? Are we all suckers?

Hugh Fitzgerald talks truth to power: is it just about making sense, or insisting that we use common sense when dealing with cunning Arabs? 


Fitzgerald: We insist: the Saudis should aid other Muslim states

“Yemen is the Arab world’s poorest nation — and one of its most unstable — making it fertile territory for al-Qaida to set up camp.” — from this article

And right next to Yemen is Saudi Arabia, the Arab world’s richest nation and, per capita, one of the richest nations on earth, surpassed only by the tiny sheikdoms along the Gulf that, like Saudi Arabia, have received trillions of dollars since 1973 alone. Yet we, the Americans and Europeans and even Japan, are expected to pay for all the economic ills of the Muslim states that do not possess oil wealth (that, and the Jizyah of foreign aid from Infidels, is what keeps the Arab states going, now that there are no large non-Muslim populations to exploit and plunder) — in order, so it is said, to prevent “widespread poverty” from making the population susceptible to Al Qaeda.

But the reason for the “widespread poverty” is Islam itself, not only its resistance to “bida” (innovation) — which also means resistance to real, secular education — but also the inshallah-fatalism that Islam naturally encourages, and an all-encompassing belief-system that views everything non-Muslim with permanent and deep hostility. That is because Believers in Islam are encouraged to be “slaves of Allah” and never to think for themselves, or even exercise their own moral judgment (for “‘Allah Knows Best”). This is not limited to those who would in any society not be capable of thinking for themselves, but is far more widespread than among non-Muslim peoples. Thus “poverty” is — without oil wealth — a condition among Muslim peoples and polities that can reasonably be attributed to the effects of Islam.

Some Muslims (but how many, really?), plucked out of such a context, and allowed to live in a non-Muslim nation and environment, can manage in that world to tacitly ignore or even reject the essence of Islam, even when not jettisoning Islam altogether, and of course without admitting it to themselves. Inserted into a non-Muslim economic machine already going, they can make livings. But were they to return to a Muslim context, they would no doubt find that the economic activity which they enjoy in the non-Muslim world cannot be reproduced in the Muslim world.

Meanwhile there is Yemen. And there is, next door, Saudi Arabia, that sits on, even now, about a half-trillion dollars in surplus owned by the government. And then there may be another trillion or so squirreled away by the thousands of princes, princelings, and princelettes of the Al-Saud. Why does the Western world not, at every forum, point to this and other Arab oil money, and demand, or ask, or ask and demand, why the rich Arabs and Muslims are not contributing more, and more, to their fellow members of the Umma? And why are political figures in the Western world not attacking their own governments for the fantastic sums that continue, in ever increasing amounts, to be transferred by those governments? For this is done without the consent of the non-Muslim governed who pay for all this. Money is flowing from Infidels to Muslim states and peoples who do not wish us well, whose “poverty” is a result of Islam itself, and who can, or should be able to, receive sums from their fabulously rich fellow Muslims. This would at least diminish the sums available to spend on mosques, madrassas, and sinister non-stop organized campaigns of Da’wa in the West, in prisons and among other, identifiable and identified, economically and psychically marginal populations. Such people are already alienated from the circumambient society, and delighted to find an organized army ready to accept, and justify, that alienation, and the behavior prompted by it.

Let the rich Arab states pay for the poorer Muslim states. If they pay for fellow Arabs, but not non-Arab Muslims, attention should be drawn to this. In Pakistan, more should be done publicly, by the Pakistani government itself, pushed by the Americans, to make its own population fully aware that no aid, only trouble, comes from the Arabs, and it is non-Muslims who are supplying all the aid that Pakistan enjoys — and that from now on, the Americans should insist, must be paid for by the Saudis.

And all it takes, in Congress, is one person to raise this, and raise it again, and get publicity, for everyone else to see just how enraged the public is at the sums being spent — the two trillion dollars squandered in Iraq, the sums squandered in hopeless Afghanistan and meretricious Pakistan, or to “make life better” for Mubarak and his Family-and-Friends plan, and for the son of “plucky little king” Hussein — Abdullah — in Jordan, with his slightly less corrupt, and less comprehensive, family-and-friends plan than the Mubarak model. One Representative should ask publicly why Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the U.A.E., Qatar, and all the rest of the Muslim oil states are apparently relieved of the burden of taking care of members of the Umma.

Raise that issue. Do it in letters to Congressmen, do it at political meetings, do it when you call in to talk shows, when you write letters to the editor. Make sure you note the more than twelve trillion dollars received by the Arab and Muslim oil states, without lifting a finger, since 1973 alone. Make sure you know how much is really being spent on Pakistan (including the huge sums hidden in our military budget), Afghanistan, the Iraq war, on Egypt, Jordan, and of course the Gazan Arabs and the “West Bank” Arabs. Keep it up. Spread the word. Force the issue.

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  1. I have long thought many muslim countries…poor people everywhere and extravagant Saudi sponsored mosques everywhere you look. Also the breeding issue..the overflowing orphanages. So many abandoned and unloved children.
    I recall reading some time back about even the Saudi is just luck they are wealthy when compared to a powerhouse economy like South Korea which is wealthy because of the extreme hard work of its population.
    There is also the issue of Saudi proritites ..building mosques , sending fake students who are really in foreign countries to spread the word not get degrees.

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