Geert Wilders in Denmark: Deporting millions of Muslims may be necessary – Interview

in Denmark: Deporting millions of Muslims may be necessary – Interview

  • * Finally, he said it. Now watch the leftie luvvies spew bile on end…

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Geert Wilders is in Denmark for a conference entitled “Free Speech and Islam”, which is being held today at Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen and is sponsored by Trykkefrihedsselskabet (the Free Press Society). For a printable program of the event in pdf format, click here.

Mr. Wilders appeared on Danish television yesterday. After being pressed by the interviewer, he acknowledged that millions of Muslims — those who support jihad and shariah, and oppose the democratic societies that they live in — will have to be deported from Europe.

He says, “There’s only one solution.”

Update: Steen has some photos and a live-blog of today’s events (in Danish).


Fjordman said…
Wilders is only telling the truth. Millions of these people have no business being in our countries. Not only do we need to bar more of them from getting in; we need to expel a good few of those who are already here. They constitute an existential threat to our entire civilization and to the future of our grandchildren, who will judge us harshly if we fail to defeat this threat.

It is pretty obvious by now that we are facing a huge structural, economic and ideological collapse throughout the entire Western world in the near future. The crash can no longer be avoided, since our so-called leaders are doing everything in their power to ensure that we will indeed crash. We need to focus on surviving this crash, on regrouping and creating the seeds for the third generation of European civilization out of the leftovers from the coming collapse. We need to think and act like colonized people because that’s in many ways what we are now. We must reclaim our own histories and destinies. We must take our enemies seriously, both the internal and the external ones, and learn from them when they do something smart. For instance we need to respect the ability that Marxists of all stripes have for organization. Maybe they are evil, but at the very least they know what they want and they are ruthlessly and patiently dedicated to achieving their goals. We have a number of weaknesses but we also have many great strengths, some of which can be brought forward again if we do the right things.

El: He’s pretty much the only significant politician in the entire Western world saying this much. Let’s give him a break, shall we? Remember that for most people, guys like you and me and many of the regulars here still sound like “Nazis.” As we know from history, things that may appear unthinkable today will appear inevitable tomorrow. We will do this or we will perish.


21 thoughts on “Geert Wilders in Denmark: Deporting millions of Muslims may be necessary – Interview”

  1. ” we need to expel a good few of those who are already here”.

    It would be a catastrophic policy mistake if just a few hundred so-called radical Muslims were deported, thus calming the rest of the Muslims. This would be a serious blunder, as the demographic growth will still continue unabated. Sooner or later, at the most ten years, the party of Wilders will be defeated, and then the full impact of a majority or near Muslim majority will be felt. It will then be fleeing ethnic Dutch from the Netherlands that will take place, till just a few are left, as Jews in Arab nations, or Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh.

    I’m afraid that there is only one policy that is available- if and when Geert Wilders has the opportunity, he should seize the opportunity and remove the threat for posterity, for such an opportunity may never come again. Relying on the good faith of Muslims, or that they will reduce their demographic growth rate, is relying on the enemy to save your skin.

    Time and time again, civilised people had the opportunity to deal a crushing blow to Islam, but they stayed their hand. Greece had the opportunity to rid itself of all Muslims, India had a historic opportunity to do the same, the USA had a golden opportunity after 9/11, to stop all Muslim immigration and start the reversal. In each case the opportunity was missed, kindness was shown to Muslims, and they are now paying the price.

  2. It’s time to expose the real terrorists of 9/11 (New York and Washington September 11th 2001) Even the families of those who died that day ask for a new investigation.

    All hate towards aliens and Wilders rantings are based on a big lie.

  3. The interviewer seems to be trying to make an issue of how many muslims would be deported if they were kicked out for their sedition / criminal behaviour .
    As though the larger the number , the greater the human tragedy .
    What does it matter how many ?
    Thousands or millions – if they want to destroy your society , get rid of them .

  4. You will live in western countries under civilised western laws. If you are not happy with that, then you can move to a Muslim country. Muslims or any other religous freaks will have to sign behavioural contracts. Jail or deportation depending on your status if you break the contract.

  5. It is, I am afraid, the only thing to do. And not only for the Netherlands, and other Western European and Southern European countries (I am thinking of, for example, Malta, Italy and Greece).

    I am *also* thinking of Thailand, where in the past 4 years, in the southern states (which came under Thai control after the Malay Muslim sultanate that was there, had gone jihad on Thailand in an unprovoked assault) Muslim assassins have BEHEADED no less than forty-one people, most of those people being defenceless Thai Buddhist civilians, and murdered many, many more, usually in cowardly drive-by shootings and ambushes; murdering people like…rubber tappers, school teachers (one was a pregnant woman, shot point blank by Muslim jihadi assassins), and – a 60 year old Buddhist monk. I would not shed one single tear if the Thai army started at one end of that region and simply went through it razing all the mosques (after having raided and searched them for such things as weapons dumps and treasonous hatred-inciting jihad literature) and pushing all the Muslims out into Muslim Malaysia. The Muslim population is the sea in which the jihadists swim, and from which they perpetually emerge; the media is terribly puzzled about the fact that no branded ‘group’ comes forward to claim responsibility for the murders; I suspect this is because the Muslim community generally approves of the killers; its silence = consent, and the assassins represent not this or that named ‘combat group’ but in fact, the entire Muslim ummah in S Thailand.

  6. And pursuant to my point above: the same applies in Mindanao and the other jihad-wracked regions of the Philippines. Filipino non-Muslim culture is infinitely superior to, and much more human-friendly and creative than, the ‘polygamy, slavery and brutality’ that one 1940s observer recorded of the Muslim Moros. The Filipinos would be entirely justified in launching total war against the Muslim zones; crush the jihadis, just as Sri Lanka has crushed the Tamil Tigers, and then ship every last surviving Muslim to Indonesia and inform them that they will meet barbed-wire on the beaches and a withering wall of fire if they try to come back.

    Because the alternative is, in the end, the whole of the Philippines devoured by Islam and by the Nothing, the antihuman unlaw/ nonlaw that is sharia: violence and sadism codified and religiously validated; polygamy, slavery and brutality.

    Israel and India have to do something similar, if they are to survive longterm as free non-Muslim societies: every last Muslim must be removed from ancestral Jewish land, and from ancestral Indian land.

  7. There is another option that removes the muslim threat permanently……………….

  8. I think you guys are living in a dream world. This would never happen and there would be war on the streets before it even got near to it. Why not just declare war on Muslims? I agree with your analyses of the doctrinal basis of jihadism etc, and the threat of the stealth jihad, but when it comes to the appropriate response, you are far far off and have no idea what it is to be in government, the pressures and considerations they have to face. Its easy for you to sit there, armchair anti-jihadist warriors calling people dhimmis, but really, develop a bit more sophistication and people in power and with influence might even take you half seriously. Otherwise your appeal will remain to a fraction of the population, and most likely those that have a very simplistic view of the problem. You cannot ban Islam, you cannot just deport “millions of Muslims” even if you wanted to in your wildest dreams.

  9. dlp,
    The government responds to several pressures – one of which is the pressure applied by citizens. People must ensure that the pressure they apply is sufficiently great. How to do this is the real question – not an assertion that muslims cant be thrown out, which is incorrect. Look what happened to people of Japanese ancestry in WW2 in the USA. They were removed from the larger society which was very wrong – but this CAN be done to muslims if required. This is not an idle statement – it CAN be done if necessary. People must simply make sure that their politicians are aware of their concerns and the consequences to political futures if these concerns are not properly addressed. You can ban islam or you CAN deport muslims who represent a threat if the people wish it sufficiently to actually vigorously lobby the government. It is up to the general population, and the muslims recognize this which is why their birth rates are massive. It must be done now – if too long is taken dlp will be right. DLP does however have a point. People who are concerned do need to organize their resources more effectively – will think about this.

  10. No Bert – only a fool would not recognise that a problem exists with the interaction of the muslim community and others. By putting your head in the sand the problem will get worse. You are either a fool, a muslim or just lazy. By the way, in the interest of correct grammar your sentence should have been constructed as follows:
    “So you have nothing else to do than muslim bashing?” –
    The answer course is that we do – and it would be nice if nothing had to be said, but it is necessary. It appears you have nothing better to do than write silly comments which are based on your ignorance – oh well – to each their own. Sometimes the worst enemies of freedom are those who enjoy it and take it for granted – ring a bell Bert.

  11. It will come to that.
    Too many europeans feel the same way, and this can’t be denied.
    if our disgusting politicians won’t take responsibility then WE will.
    Make no mistake

  12. there certainly is an issue and a problem with the Muslim community in Europe, they have been dominated by radicals.

    Of course the solution should not be dominated by radicals as well as they are also a problem.

    The solution is to attack the radicals and support the moderates and then you will see integration.

    Radical/Bigots like Wilders are just as much the problem, their mad rantings only give ammunition to the radical Muslims who will in turn tell the moderates that they were right in the first place.

  13. You are in no position to judge, Solkhar, living in one of the most anti-Christian nations, and apparently fully complicit with the satanic
    god of islam.

    Wilders has nothing on Morocco, and the mainstream muslims running the place in accordance with satan’s counterfeit religion:

    You can read all about it at Persecution.Org, but there is probably
    nothing there that you are not already familiar and complicit with,
    while you come onto sites like this and attack the site owners as
    “right wing bigots”, “agenda-driven” and all the rest.


    This antichristian nation is facing the wrath of the God that it despises and blasphemes against.

    What of you, Solkhar?

  14. At the risk of being unpopular, which actually does not concern me, I consider that there are many muslims who do interpret the quran with moderation and realise that much of it is not to be taken literally. But these people need to stand and be counted – so how are these people reached Solkhar?.

    Sheik, I certainly condemn the radicals. If I am given the authority by the state morons like Islam for UK WILL dissappear overnight and they will NEVER be seen again anywhere – in any world – and I am not speaking lightly – but I will give the people who are moderate muslims a chance. I understand Solkhar’s argument – the antislam sentiment that arises as a direct consequence of islamist action drives the moderates into the camp of the radicals – BUT THE MODERATE HAVE TO LEARN TO WITHSTAND AND REJECT THE EXTREMISTS – and they have to do it without our help initially. It is very unfair, but that is how it is! How the battle evolves, and to a large extent (I believe) the future of islam, depends on how the moderates contain the radicals. And they need to start acting NOW.

  15. I also would not call Wilders a radical. However I would call many muslim Immans (certainly not all) radicals and I consider that in comparison to the Saudis all “western racists” pale to insignificance.

  16. Always like your posts Dumbledoresarmy.
    Malaysia ”supports” the killers in Thailand and those in the Phillipines yet receives very little condemnation. They pride themselves on not having terrorist attacks on their soil but the reason they don’t is that they support radicals and allow them to use Malaysia as a base for activities in other asian countries. Huge quantities of explosives go missing in Malaysia every year. Where do they end up? Malaysia is also a major muslim missionary training ground..they send missionaries out to other countries throughout the region.
    We don’t see integration. Muslims do not integrate. They constantly try to set themselves apart.

  17. theresaj,

    you see the Muslims that do not integrate, you do not see the Muslims that have integrated – simply because they did.


    I agree with a lot of your sentiment and would argue that governments are not being very open and tough at the same time, they are scared of making strong decisions and being blunt about it. I have absolutely no problem of a western government making a clear statement such as “our nation is a western, mostly Christian nation with our own culture, standards and norms. If you come, you are more than welcome and your rights and faith will be protected BUT you must integrate and fully support our nation and those values. If you do not, you are not welcome and you must leave.” No one is able to criticise that as it is open and clear, in fact I would support and recommend such an action.

    As for Wilders, he is a radical but to make comparisons with say radical and violent extremits is like chalk and cheese and they must be valued in their own environment. In the case of Europe and The Netherlands, Wilders promotes hate, bigotry and is fuel for the radicals he is apposed to.

  18. This traumated arier, needs to be forbidden!! with his peroxyde hair, his big trauma are his indonesian roots, and i am sure, he don,t tell, what he is thinking!1940-1945..

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