Mark Steyn: Whoa, racist! Crime? Racist! Welfare? Racist! Islam? Racistracistdoubleracist!!!

The greatest threat to Western Civilization may be white guilt. The fear of being charged with racism inhibits countless people. This madness is also mostly responsible for the election of the shabbily educated race hustler Barack Obama.

 Mark Steyn mocks the the slippery downward spiral of  the Eurabians, who are moving towards removing rights, liberties and freedoms due to ‘hypersensitivity.’  If you bother to read some of the letters to the editor, there is no shortage of “fascist” shriekers, and that includes Ralph Peters hit piece in the New York Post ‘The Eurabia Myth’.


Talk about denial: while it is (the Islamization of Europe)  happening before our very eyes,  Peters  tells us its not happening. Very much like Walter Duranty, really. Is there something in the air or in the water in NY that afflicts people in this way?

Why the fascists are winning in Europe

Mark Steyn

In bad times, if the political culture forbids respectable politicians from raising certain issues, voters will turn to unrespectable ones

Things are not going to get any prettier in the next European electoral cycle. Aside from professions of “horror” at the success of the neo-nationalists, there is now talk of shutting down these parties by using the legal system (as was done in Belgium) or by denying them the public funding to which their share of the vote entitles them. Subverting democracy to suppress neo-nationalism doesn’t seem a smart move. But then if the political class were that smart it wouldn’t be in this situation. The problem in Europe is not a lunatic fringe but a lunatic mainstream ever more estranged from its voters.

The European political class is congratulating itself at holding the tide of neo-nationalism to the low double-digits. I’d say some of these results are pretty remarkable given that these parties are all but excluded from the public discourse and that even a relatively mild dissenter from the consensus such as the Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders has been banned from setting foot in Britain and is undergoing prosecution for his views in the Netherlands. What makes the Labour Party “mainstream” with 15 per cent of the vote and UKIP the “fringe” with 17 per cent? Nothing, other than the blinkers of the politico-media class. But if you want to drive the electorate toward the wilder shores in ever greater numbers, keep crying “Racist!” at every opportunity.

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7 thoughts on “Mark Steyn: Whoa, racist! Crime? Racist! Welfare? Racist! Islam? Racistracistdoubleracist!!!”

  1. I do not and will not tolerate people who are the products of menticide. I will not submit to their ideology and I will fight it tooth and nail, and expose it’s moral bankruptcy at every opportunity it gives me. Yet these same people caterwaul the word Racist thinking that it will be some sort of default insurance against any scrutiny of their collective evil dogma. Obviously within Islam the Aesop fable of the boy who cried wolf is not something they learn but then this story is relative to lying and they learn the opposite. Even when liars tell the truth, they are never believed. The liar will lie once, twice, and then perish when he tells the truth.

  2. Menticide:

    the systematic effort to undermine and destroy a person’s values and beliefs, as by the use of prolonged interrogation, drugs, torture, etc., and to induce radically different ideas.

  3. Hi Sheik, This is the definition that I have. ” the murder of the mind, used rarely today although the general sense of the term is captured by the somewhat more colourful term brainwashing”.

  4. “The greatest threat to Western Civilization may be white guilt. The fear of being charged with racism inhibits countless people. ”

    I agree with Steyn.

  5. While I don’t deny the reality of white guilt, I find the same phenomenom amongst other non-Muslims who are not white. For example, Indian Hindus and Chinese, both Christian and Buddhist, seem similarly afflicted.

    I think it is actually dhimmi guilt.

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