Muslims have more than a dog in this fight…

(UK) How many times have you heard how Muslims feel offended by dogs? Which may help explain how the British Police have quite literally moved the mountain to Mohammed in which to appease them:
  • We’ve had the British transport police told not to use sniffer dogs on Muslims.
  • We’ve seen how Police dogs which search mosques will have to wear socks so as not to touch hallowed ground.
  • And we’ve had Muslims object to a cute puppy being used on a report crime poster because Muslims found it offensive.
So why am I not surprised to hear that British police have just busted the largest dog fighting cabal in the UK in over 100 years. 6 men have been found guilty of hosting dogs fights in Alum Rock, Birmingham. And here’s the catch: not only are all those men found guilty are Muslims, but Alum Rock, where the fights took place, is an Islamic ghetto. So even if the Mullah’s claim that these men are not Muslims, in which to try and absolve Islam of any association (you know, like they do after any major terrorist outrage), they cannot hide the fact that Alum Rock is a predominantly Muslim ghetto. Somebody would have known (if not the whole street) that dogs were been bred for fighting.   

Now, you’d think that seeing how Muslims bitch about how much they find dogs offensive, somebody would have complained.

Bad News:

I’m sure that the British Police will take no notice of the open ‘hypocrisy’ on show here and will endeavour that in the future dogs are kept away from searching Islamic terrorist suspects because they don’t wish to offend them.

5 thoughts on “Muslims have more than a dog in this fight…”

  1. Once again muslim s___show their dishonesty, and the PC morons show their hypocrisy.

  2. Forget the five pillars Mohammedans only have one pillar HYPOCRISY it permeates the CULT from top to bottom

  3. More to the point: the ‘prophet’ of Islam was a mass murderer, multiple rapist, and a paedophile, who ‘married’ a nine year old girl when he was fifty four.

    Funny how the muslims call him the ‘perfect man’, isn’t it.
    And even more funny how they never tell us any of the above when they are ‘educating’ us about the ‘wonders’ of Islam…

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