Philippines Declares End of Ramadan a Public Holiday, Muslims Promptly Retaliate by Attacking Christian Village

Appeasement really, really worx!

President Arroyo declares Eid Al Adha a national holiday

Gulfnews: By Barbara Mae Dacanay, 

Manila: President Gloria Arroyo has declared November 27 and 28, as national holidays, to make it easier for Filipino Muslims in the southern Philippines and other parts of the country to celebrate Eid Al Adha when they go to Makkah for Haj, a senior official said.

Philippines: Muslim rebels attack Christian town

More on this situation. “Muslim rebels suspected in deadly blast in Philippines,” from Channel News Asia, June 21:

ZAMBOANGA, Philippines: Suspected Muslim separatist guerrillas hurled two grenades at a town festival in the southern Philippines, leaving one person dead and 32 wounded, officials said. 

* Muslims are religiously obliged to attack, harass and terrorize  infidels  when they celebrate their holidays.  They are just being good Muslims, why can’t we just let them practice their religion and see what happens?

The grenades were hurled almost simultaneously late Saturday at the town plaza and the town hall in Maasim town on the southern island of Mindanao as residents were celebrating the town’s 37th anniversary, said local army spokesman Lieutenant Kurt Decapia.

He said the attacks may have been carried out by the separatist Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), citing intelligence reports that the rebels had originally planned to plant home-made bombs in the town.

He also noted that last year, the MILF attacked the mostly-Christian town, killing and wounding several civilians…