Sarkozy: "The Islamization of Europe is inevitable"

“Liberté, égalité, stupidité…”

charliesarkozybenheine-2What a disappointment this Sarkozy is! Falsely portrayed as “right wing” he is anything but. Sarkozy is a pathetic apparatchik just like the unelected Gordon Brown who continues to disgrace Britain on a daily basis.

That’s all right. Let Europe be conquered and subjugated. It’s much more important to shun and vilify all those in Europe who are accused of being fascists or racists, however false the charges may be. It would be better for Europe to fall to jihad and Sharia.

Of course I am being sarcastic, if it isn’t obvious. Actual fascists and racists are abhorrent, and no one should make common cause with them. But the real threat to Europe is not from tiny fringes of genuine neo-Nazis and their ilk (genuine as opposed to those who are falsely accused of being in this camp), and there is no real danger of anyone making common cause with such people anyway. The real threat is from the Islamic jihad, which proceeds apace to encroach upon European liberties — the freedom of speech, the equality of rights of all people before the law — while some stand by, effectively indifferent to that jihad, and instead direct their energies to defaming decent people who are trying to do something to resist its advance.


“Villiers Speaks Out,” from GalliaWatch, June 6 (thanks to Fjordman)via JW:

– Why are you so focused on the theme of Turkey and Islamization?- Quite simply because we will see the first transformations of churches into mosques in the coming three years. At any rate, that is what Nicolas Sarkozy told me.

– When?

– I had an in depth discussion with him at Elysée at the end of last year. He said to me: “You have intuition, I have the figures. And your intuition is confirmed by my figures. The Islamization of Europe is inevitable.” Careful: it’s a process that will not occur overnight, but will take decades.

– Why does this issue appear to be of central importance to you?

– Most politicians have a comforting ignorance of what Islam is and propose transforming Europe into a supermarket of competing religions. Unaware that Islam is not only a religion since, by melding the temporal and the spiritual, it imposes a law. But behind this comforting ignorance of politicians, there are those who know. (…) The reality is that we are headed for a criss-cross (chassé-croisé) with, on one side, Europe and its en masse abortions, its promotion of gay marriage, and on the other, immigration en masse (…)

It’s all the more ironic, then, that gay rights advocates make such an issue of gay marriage while remaining indifferent to the Islamic jihad, or, if they care about the jihad, are still willing to throw overboard allies who may not be in lockstep with their social agenda — that the Islamic jihadists, once in power, will treat gays far more harshly than Christian conservatives ever dreamed of doing doesn’t seem to enter into their calculations.

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No. Sarkozy is a great disappointment. We gave him credit for being the new kid on the block, but it turns out he’s just another yesterday man from the Socialist elite that has been dragging France to the abyss.

Mark Steyn diagnosed the French, or better, the European disease, here:

… the rich can only be driven out if they’ve got somewhere to be driven to. At the ludicrous Group of 20 summit in London last week, the official communique crowed over a “clampdown” on tax havens – those British colonies in the Caribbean and a few other offshore pinpricks in the map. “The era of banking secrecy is over,” the G-20 proclaimed.

Does anyone seriously think a Swiss bank account or a post-office box in the Turks and Caicos is responsible for the global meltdown?

No, but the world’s governments have decided to focus on irrelevant scapegoats.

Suckers! Now imagine for one moment these awful, pandering & squandering governments would succeed in  closing all the tax havens, and steal all the money people have been hiding from the greedy, insatiable tax-regimes of their respective countries. How much reprieve would that give these mismanaged, intrusive, Socialist republics? A day? 2 days?

Absurd. People who don’t trust their Socialist engineer- politicians with their money ought to be commended, not prosecuted. Would you in your right mind trust these pathetic failures with your piggy bank when it is obvious that  they can’t even run a coffeeshop? Why leave it up to them to distribute the wealth you have created for yourself and your familiy, to “spread the wealth around” they had no part in creating?

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  1. Islam will not conquer Europe if the Europeans throw the muzz out – and this is very close to passing.

  2. Islam won’t conquer Europe. It never intendend to
    this phobia looks weirder and weirder 😀

  3. In 1980 , a muslim leader said ”We do not need to take Europe with the sword , we shall take Europe with our children.”
    No need for war when one has outbreeding on ones side.

  4. Brunilicious 😀

    You gave yourself a D, I will give you an F. in more ways than one!

  5. Well marked, An Infidel. Theresaj J, the muslims have inbreeding on their side.
    Perhaps our concerns are not waranted ? 🙂

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