The Obambo-Rambo Coup d'etat

The Looting Continues Unabated

If you don’t believe that America is now a fascist state, and that the Democrats are now on a full-out looting spree, here’s just a few tidbits from today:

alex-ross-obamaObama invented ZERO:

The biggest single mistake that well-meaning Westerners make when analyzing the Middle East is when they assume that everyone thinks the way they do. They just don’t get it-, from the Elder of Zion

An attempt to use the left-wing blogosphere to quash the ChyslerGate: Doug Ross has a great article exposing the cooperation:

Obama’s use of Czars (he’s up to 13) is a way around law, and a way to consolidate absolute power in his office. If the Democrats had a clue, they’d say something… but they’re too busy trying to throw up smokescreens to cover their takeover looting of America…

Israeli Ex-Defense Minister Arens: ‘We Must Build Up Settlements’

Settlement communities in Judea and Samaria must be expanded and strengthened even beyond their rates of “natural growth.”

“Our settlement in the Land of Israel is the basic right of the Jewish Nation,” Arens said, “based not only on the Bible and Jewish history, but on international recognition during the times of the League of Nations and the British Mandate.”

“I do not accept the terms of ‘natural growth.’ We are not living in Judea and Samaria because of our ‘natural growth,’ but because of our natural rights.”

“It is incumbent upon us to strengthen the existing communities,” Arens said. “We cannot be like our former prime minister, Ehud Olmert, and like Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni, who deny our natural rights, a basis of Zionism, to live in Judea and Samaria.”

Israel NN

All the news that have “nothing to do with Islam:”

  1. Brit Urges Fellow Muslims to ‘Kill the Unbelievers’…
  2. Westerner Converts to Islam, Builds ‘Bomb Factory’ in Bedroom
  3. San Diego Muslim Ends Religion Dispute by Shooting Christian…
  4. Transcript of Obama Speech – Calls Qur’an ‘Holy’…
  5. Christians Denied Housing in Pakistan Province…
  6. Prisoner Accuses Paki Jailers of Sewing His Lips Shut…
  7. Confirmed: Obama Said US ‘One of the Largest Muslim Countries’
  8. Briton beheaded by Al Qaeda, no riots in UK against Muslims
  9. Post-Obama speech, U.S. seeks to reduce Israel tensions

red_socialism“Borat” Sacha Baron Cohen Admits: Obama A Big Practical Joke

More Shenanigans From The Obama Administration

U.S. Muslims still unsatisfied: “A single speech is not going to make things better, it takes time”

Here is an egregious example of victimhood politics. “A single speech is not going to make things better, it takes time,” says Syed Mehdi, as if Muslims have been suffering horribly in the U.S. since 9/11: “He’s trying to build bridges. He’s trying to be the cure to the damage and wounds that happened after 9-11.” No word, of course, about the 3,000 wounds of 9/11 itself, or what must be done about them and the other wounds that Islamic jihadists continue to inflict daily. Oh, no — it is only Muslims who are suffering.

“US Muslims: Obama speech a 1st step in fixing ties,” by Sophia Tareen for AP, via JW…

Obama Abandons Israel

Acute observations by Alex Knepper:

It has become the president’s trademark, perhaps, to engage himself inside the comforting realm of The World That Should Be. In that world, the answers to America’s conflicts with the Islamic world become easily resolvable, because we are one peoples with a shared destiny. Living in The World That Should Be, the Enlightenment in Europe came about, in large part, due to the contributions of Islam. In The World That Should Be, Islam has always been a part of America’s story. In The World That Should Be, Muslim communities “in our times” have been “at the forefront of innovation and education.” But while this game of equivalency might be comforting at a base level, it is simply not true. The Enlightenment in Europe had nothing to do with Islam. America’s story is one of Christianity and secularism, not of Islam. Islamic communities in our times are startlingly hostile to modernity.That’s all irritating, but it’s all boilerplate fodder. There’s a real scandal beneath all of this.

After today’s much-ballyhooed speech, it should now be utterly, blindingly apparent that President Obama is hostile to the cause of Israel. He subscribes to a completely ahistorical leftist narrative of Israeli history. This disturbing development reveals more than ignorance: it reveals utter hostility. As Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously put it: we’re entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own facts. Anti-Israel forces have continually made up their own facts, and it appears that our esteemed president has swallowed the Kool-Aid.

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