UK Compo Jihad: … and the winner is..?

Yesterday, when we put up this post, we almost instantly received mail from a co-religionist of  this oversexed, misogynist Polizotto, telling us that the “Police force has a kangaroo court system – if you are not white you are guilty until proven innocent.”

  • How it really works we can see here: once again, the British kangaroo court awards taxpayers money to an undeserving Moslem infil-traitor. A brown man can do no wrong. Its all our fault. “Racism”, or being accused of it, terrifies British judges. Muslim grievance theater pays:

UK: Muslim cop wins £11,000 payout for remarks that “left him feeling hurt, humiliated and depressed”

snn0643a280_400124aPerhaps we should call him “Santa” instead, what’s that worth?

Imagine if you had £11,000 — over $18,000 — for every remark that left you feeling “hurt, humiliated and depressed.” Lots of failed actors, rejected suitors and American Idol contestants would be very rich people today.

And do you think this chap would have been awarded $18,000 if he had been a non-Muslim police officer insulted by Muslims? Did Dost’s offensive remarks to his female colleague cost him $18,000? If losing 13 days’ pay cost him $18,000, then he must be pulling in a salary of around $500,000 a year. Not bad for a police officer.

Absurd Britannia Alert: “Bin Laden slur Muslim PC wins £11,000 payout in racism claim,” from the Birmingham Mail, June 27 (thanks to Robert Spencer):

A DEVOUT Muslim police officer who claims his boss compared him to Osama Bin Laden, mocked his beard and referred to his prayers as “shouting and wailing”, has won £11,000 in damages against West Midlands Police.PC Tariq Dost, of Small Heath, said the comments made by his former line manager Darren Yates left him feeling hurt, humiliated and depressed.

An employment tribunal upheld PC Dost’s allegations that he had been treated with religious and racial discrimination and awarded the figure of £11,000 based on a psychiatric report measuring the scale of his hurt. Employment judge Hughes said: “The remarks made were offensive and more so because PC Dost is a very religious man.”…

But PC Dost, who was himself disciplined by West Midlands Police over his attitude towards women, had further allegations of victimisation rejected.

He claimed his punishment for remarks made towards a female colleague where he boasted about his sexual performance and use of Viagra was harsher than that doled out to Mr Yates. PC Dost was fined 13 days’ pay and removed from his post as positive action officer, where he mentored ethnic minorities and women to apply to the police force, after discussing the sex drug with colleagues and telling one she wouldn’t be able to walk when he’d finished with her….

PC Dost said he was saddened that the tribunal did not uphold his claims of victimisation and that a man who had been found to be racially discriminatory continued to work in recruitment. “It’s a point of concern for me and I’m sure it’s a point of concern for the people of the West Midlands,” he said….

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  1. “Run you dogs! Run you kaffirs!” (peaceful muslims chasing off the aggressive kaffir kops in the UK a few weeks back. Did any of them get compo for “hurt feelings”

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