UK Compo Jihad: Bosnian Muslim Hack Screws Employer Over Cocktail Dress

Muslim cocktail waitress awarded $4,700 for being made to wear “indecent” dress

  • Cupidity, stupidity and complicity from the  judiciary:

She was  awarded  £2,919.95 for “hurt feelings” and loss of earnings..

But wait, there’s more:

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But this is how she displays herself on Facebook:

article-1193100-0558581d000005dc-8_233x388                                       My feelings are hurt also…

What was a pious Muslim doing working as a cocktail waitress, anyway? And what did she expect to wear inside a bar — a burqa? Not coincidentally, she dresses more “indecently” than she was asked to in the bar on her Facebook page — indicating that this was all about intimidating the dhimmis, and of course, it worked. Absurd Brittania Alert: “Muslim cocktail waitress gets £3,000 for sexual harassment after bar ordered her to wear ‘indecent’ dress,” from the Daily Mail, June 15 (Jihad Watch):

A Muslim cocktail waitress who quit after refusing to wear a bright red dress for work has won almost £3,000 in compensation for sexual harassment.Fata Lemes, 33, was handed the payout even though a tribunal rejected her claim that the dress was ‘sexually revealing and indecent’.

It concluded the Bosnian Muslim ‘holds views about modesty and decency which some might think unusual in Britain in the 21st century’.

But it accepted that Miss Lemes genuinely believed that the short, low-cut dress was ‘disgusting’ and made her look ‘like a prostitute’.

Bosses at the Rocket bar in London’s Mayfair should have made allowance for her feelings and their insistence that she wear the dress amounted to sexual harassment, the tribunal ruled.

The panel at Central London Employment Tribunal found that Miss Lemes overstated her trauma at being asked to wear the sleeveless dress that was open at the back.

It also rejected Miss Lemes’ claim that she was left with no choice but to walk out of her job after just eight days.

It branded her compensation claim of £20,000 including £17,500 for hurt feelings as ‘manifestly absurd’.

But it awarded her £2,919.95 for hurt feelings and loss of earnings.

Miss Lemes pictured in a low-cut top on her Facebook page

Miss Lemes told the tribunal that she ‘might as well be naked’ in the dress, adding: ‘I was brought up a Muslim and am not used to wearing sexually attractive clothes.’

A photo of Miss Lemes on Facebook, however, shows her wearing a low cut T-shirt revealing her cleavage….

Miss Lemes’ lawyer Joe Sykes asked the restaurant’s general manager Danila Bodei: ‘The reason for choosing the colour red was to indicate that the waitresses were sexually available, wasn’t it?’

She replied: ‘No, it was just the colour to match the bar.’

That color is gonna cost you.

Rod Liddle on the madness of fairness tribunals:

A Bosnian Muslim woman, Fata Lemes, has just won £3,000 from an employment tribunal because the Mayfair cocktail bar in which she worked required her to wear a red dress (above) in the summer months. She said this was humiliating and made her feel ‘like a prostitute’ and ‘violated her dignity’ and therefore she refused to wear the dress. She complained and won her appeal. ..

The red dress Ms Lemes was required to wear was not in the least bit revealing, incidentally — less revealing than the slinky t-shirt worn by the woman (below) on her Facebook site, apparently. I assume Fata is now busy applying for jobs in a pork pie factory, or a dog pound, or a synagogue, and keeping in touch with her lawyers. There’s another thing about working in a cocktail bar which might make Mohammed, pbuh, a bit twitchy. Can you work out what that might be? Hmm, let me think….

The final irony of the Fata Lemes case is that the money was awarded to her not because her Muslim faith had been transgressed with that red dress, but because she had been transgressed as a woman. Those were not the grounds upon which she had based her appeal, but the tribunal seems to have decided unilaterally that those are the grounds upon which she should have based her appeal. Their point being that while waitresses were expected to wear nice red dresses in the summer months, no such demand was made of the waiters. Somehow this unsurprising fact grated with the panel, the notion that women had to wear dresses and men did not. The discrepancy seems to have grated with the panel rather more than it grated with Fata Lemes. That is because — I would contend, M’lud — that the panel was comprised of mad men and mad women, as these panels usually are.

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  1. Is there any gainful employment for a muslim that does not involve “hurt feelings” and “upset sensibilities”?

  2. What a hypocrite……. in the facebook picture , she looks like any other young western woman wearing modern skimpy, summer clothing….I hope she never gets another job but then she would just dream up more ways of ripping people off.
    My feelings are very hurt that she is not in jail.

  3. It would take a heap of cocktails to make her look any good. Maybe that was the bar owners plan, the more the punters drink the better she would look. He would be a millionaire within days, because they would have to drink 200 litres each for starters.

  4. What this does expose is the stupidity of British Judges the insanity of British ‘yuman rites’ laws and last but not in anyway least the mendacity and astounding HYPOCRISY of Mohammedans when she poses with her t*ts hanging half out on Facebook while at the same time complaining about wearing a perfectly respectable dress to work in a BAR which serves ALCOHOL which MOHAMMEDANS are not supposed to drink or even touch. Remember the US taxi drivers who won’t even allow passengers with duty free in their cabs HYPOCRISY is truly a PILLAR OF ISLAM

  5. I totally agree Realist. Lots of them drink alcohol especially the wealthy ones. They buy the best wine , drink on beaches , hit the plonk as soon as they board a plane for some non muslim destination..Then you have all the young girls getting all rugged up at home then changing into modern gear in the toilets of a shopping mall…etc etc
    I lived in an islamic country for some years and while there I recall an English friend pointing out to how absolutely hypocritical it was for them to get all rugged up head to toe and then wear tons and I mean tons of makeup…the wealthy women in this country spent zillions on cosmetics…As my friend commented to me , why rug up so you do not arouse the passions of the men folk and then wear a ton of makeup to attract those same men folk. Like everythingelse in this nutty system , it did not make sense.

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