UK: Trial of Muslim who racially abused BNP leader Nick Griffith "not in the public interest"

Lancashire News, thanks to Davey

Burnley (Muslim-) man to stand trial over allegations he racially abused abusing  BNP leader Nick Griffen

nick_griffin          Remember: only white people are ‘racist’, and  opposing Islam makes you a ‘bigot & Islamophobe’ in the eyes of our detractors…


Islamophobe (is-slahm-o-fohb) – A non-Muslim who knows too much about Islam.

A BURNLEY man is set to stand trial later this year over allegations that he racially abused BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Lawyers representing Tauriq Khalid claimed that his prosecution, relating to an alleged incident at a demonstration in Burnley last November, “might not be in the public interest.”

* Otherwise… 10 000 Muslims would go apeshit and riot against the state?

Khalid, 25, of Windermere Avenue, Burnley, pleaded not guilty to using racially abusive threatening behaviour towards Griffin on November 18.

Defence barrister Zoe Neild told Preston Crown Court that the trial may be used by people “for their own political motivations”.

“It may not have been given consideration at the highest levels within the Crown Prosecution Service and we would ask that this is done,” she added.

The incident, where Khalid is alleged to have hurled ‘racist’ abuse at Griffin, is said to have taken place while the party leader was being interviewed by the group’s internet broadcast arm, BNPTV.

But Jonathan Oultram, for the crown, said the case had been reviewed by a senior lawyer and would still proceed.

Recorder of Preston, Judge Anthony Russell QC, said he had also read the case papers and was satisified that the matter had been considered by senior CPS figures.

Khalid was released on bail by Judge Russell to face a three-day trial at Preston, beginning on November 2.

The incident is alleged to have occurred at a BNP demonstration outside Burnley Police Station, in Parker Lane, over the prospect of four party supporters from East Lancashire being charged with racial incitement offences regarding the distribution of leaflets linking Muslim gangs to the heroin trade.

*Griffin was convicted in 1998 of distributing material likely to incite racial hatred.

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  1. If muslims wish to live within our societies then the laws that apply to us WILL apply to them. Keep your eyes open on this case. And yes, muslims actively work in the drug trade!


    In other BNP related news, the political task force (formerly known as the police) have seen fit to eject a man from a cathedral, while praying for his dead mother. What was his crime? Disruptiveness or something like that right? Nope, he was thrown out and searched because the cathedral staff thought “he looked like he might be a BNP member“.

    Hang on here, the BNP ARE LEGAL POLITICAL PARTY! This amounts to nothing more than political persecution, not only of actual members, but also of those who are not even involved simply because they fit the stereotype built by the newspapers of “tattooed shaven headed white males”. Excuse me, but if you go to any football match up and down the country about 70% of the crowd fits that description. Besides, I thought the police weren’t allowed to racially profile anymore (or is that just to avoid offending muslims and blacks?).

  3. Also, just for fun (and I laughed heartily at this):

    The Euro-election campaign in the North-West has distracted media attention from the jailing of two former Labour councillors in the region for separate offences in recent weeks.

    Former Labour councillor Noel O’Brien was jailed last week for a racist attack on a Polish woman traffic warden. O’Brien was told by district judge Paul Richardson he had been convicted of a ‘very ugly’ offence – made worse by racial abuse.

    Jailing the Labour thug for 28 days at Manchester magistrates’ court, the judge said: “It was unpleasant and caused a lot of emotional upset.” O’Brien, 58, a former Blackburn College lecturer, had pushed traffic warden Joanna Subocz after she caught him parking illegally in a suspended bay in Manchester city centre. After swearing and calling her a ‘Polish bitch’ he snatched her hat and threw it into the road.

    The court heard that the former Labour councillor for Haslingden, Lancs, had previous convictions for public order offences and had been given a 14-day sentence for assault only last November.

    As he was led out of the dock O’Brien shouted to the judge: “I’m a better man than you are. I love you judge.” He then mouthed an obscenity. O’Brien was also convicted of making homophobic remarks to the police communications operator and fined £250 plus £250 costs.

    The O’Brien case came only a few weeks after the jailing of another Labour Councillor, Joe Shaw, for child pornography and firearms offences. Shaw – who was arrested while on official duties at Wigan Town Hall – was found to have downloaded almost 2,000 images of child pornography and had a gun and ammunition in his safe at home. Liverpool Crown Court heard that Shaw had been a Labour councillor for Wigan West for three years and was also a member of the Greater Manchester Transport Authority.

    Sentencing Shaw to six years in prison, Judge Swift told the Labour councillor that the indecent images involved the exploitation of children, “some very young indeed.” The children had been subjected to “degrading and sickening experiences”, said the judge.

    It is, of course, a great relief that these two Labour criminals have received their just deserts, but the MPs expenses scandal has raised the question of just how many other Labour criminals, who should be behind bars, are still walking the streets.

    It seems that the ruling labour party and it’s members are GUILTY of everything they accuse the BNP of doing: Racism, Violence and homophobia! And just to demonstrate how truely sick and twisted the marxist mind is, they even have a pedophile in their ranks, and most likely many more if the truth be told!

  4. It must be said that in all walks of life you have the good, the bad and the ugly. One thing for sure the BNP are certainly not is the first, although, they are very likely candidates for the latter two. Lets be realistic if BNP is a political group so innocent that its facing a terrible politically motivated “crusade” type of persecution then I wonder what it is the BNP possess that labour or others (who are established but covertly just as racist) want??? . One thing they lack is for sure the inability to think rationally, in many ways its self inflicted. You see BNP’s predecessor or rather successors (I don’t think BNP have earned the privilege” to even gain such a title as it does not inherit the required facilities or abilities due to their own reasons)other political members have this ability to at least keep their inner racism concealed. It is questionable and interesting whether this is a good or bad thing as in a way they are at least not trying to deceive people about how they feel but, then, a fundamentally serious question must be asked, knowingly insulting others as the difference in opinion, colour of skin, eyes shape or finger nail size becomes apparent is this a sign of strength or weakness and is there any wisdom in this behaviour? Well we have the media who absolutely flood the waves with anti Islam propaganda and there is a lot of emphasis that religiously motivated hatred is “dead wrong” in the same way a racially bias but secular group who claims to hold values of a historical racist nation that promotes violence is also Dead wrong. If you fight fire with fire we all get burned the truth is search away from self glory and look to stand up for others before yourself it shall be the gates that will take you out and away from self imprisonment.

    1. Please let us know which media “absolutely flood the waves with anti Islam propaganda” so we can tune in.

      “serious question must be asked, knowingly insulting others as the difference in opinion, colour of skin, eyes shape or finger nail size”

      Not sure where you take this from, Ahmed.

      Do you know where this is from?

      Ahmad Sirhindi: Shariat can be fostered through the sword.

      Kufr and Islam are opposed to each other. The progress of one is possible only at the expense of the other and co-existences between these two contradictory faiths in unthinkable.

      The honor of Islam lies in insulting kufr and kafirs. One who respects kafirs, dishonors the Muslims. To respect them does not merely mean honouring them and assigning them a seat of honor in any assembly, but it also implies keeping company with them or showing considerations to them. They should be kept at an arm’s length like dogs. … If some worldly business cannot be performed without them, in that case only a minimum of contact should be established with them but without taking them into confidence. The highest Islamic sentiment asserts that it is better to forego that worldly business and that no relationship should be established with the kafirs.

      The real purpose in levying jizya on them is to humiliate them to such an extent that, on account of fear of jizya, they may not be able to dress well and to live in grandeur. They should constantly remain terrified and trembling. It is intended to hold them under contempt and to uphold the honor and might of Islam.

      Whenever a Jew is killed, it is for the benefit of Islam.

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