Wacko Jacko kicks the bucket

Michael Jackson dies at age 50


Due to Michael Jackson’s untimely death, all of his dates in London have been canceled. His dates were Tim, Age 10, and Sam, Age 7.   More>>>

Atlas: The real tragedy is the Iran story is dead …………… at least for the dinosaur media.

UPDATE II. Here’s a shock: 

The mother of two of Michael Jackson’s children has claimed Jackson is not actually their father …

[Debbie Rowe] has told the News of the World that she was artifically inseminated with sperm for both births from an anonymous donor. 


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Wacko Jacko Converts to Islam

The conversion of the child-molesting freakazoid Michael Jackson to the Religion of Peace has beenconfirmed. No word yet on whether he will exhibit his devotion to the faith by taking up terrorism or by crushing himself under a wall for being homosexual.

Suffered for us all

Andrew Bolt – Monday, June 29, 09


Boris Johnson tries to explain the tears for Michael Jackson:

He spoke to the billions of people the world over who feel that they do not conform in some way to the Hollywood stereotype of good looks – either because they are too fat or thin or the wrong colour or have the wrong sort of eyes or nose. In a world dominated by a demoralising canon of physical perfection, he was the patron saint of dysmorphia.

Never was someone so obviously and so literally unhappy in his own skin, and by his obsessional suffering he earned the potential sympathy of everyone who feels doubtful about their appearance, which is a fair chunk of the human race.

And by his musical triumphs, he proved the essential point, that you can look weird, feel weird, be weird – and still be a genius.

The Jackson children – unwanted and unmoored

Andrew Bolt – Monday, June 29, 09 


In my opinion, the doctors should be sued for malpractice in creating the ultimate example of the modern bred-to-order family:

THE mother of two of Michael Jackson’s children has claimed Jackson is not actually their father.

Debbie Rowe made headlines 13 years ago when Jackson announced she would be the mother of his first child, Prince, now 12.

Rowe was a receptionist at the dermatology clinic where Jackson received his skin treatments and a year later, bore him a second child, Paris.

Now she has told the News of the World that she was artifically inseminated with sperm for both births from an anonymous donor…

She said it was at that stage the Jackson ended their relationship and paid her $9 million over nine years in exchange for custody of the children… Rowe admitted she was never a good mother and said she never wanted to see her children again.

Which means the two children have no father and knew no father, and have no mother who wants to know them, either. I hope they one day sue the people who so frivolousy brought them into this world at the request of a freak. 


Tim Blair – Monday, June 29, 09 

The UK Telegraph reports: 

Michael Jackson was working on a song about climate change in the days before his death, his friend Deepak Chopra has disclosed. 

Was it called Chiller? Heat It? Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough Carbon Credits? Guess we’ll never know. As if in tribute, Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous (but catchy!) climate change bill has made it through through the House of Representatives, although without the support of Republican John Boehner: 

When asked why he read portions of the cap-and-trade bill on the floor Friday night, Boehner told The Hill, “Hey, people deserve to know what’s in this pile of s–t.” 

More than a few Democrats were just as dismissive: 

Mississippi Rep. Gene Taylor (D) voted against the measure that he says will die in the Senate.

“A lot of people walked the plank on a bill that will never become law,” Taylor told The Hill after the gavel came down. 

19 thoughts on “Wacko Jacko kicks the bucket”

  1. Now the worlds children can feel safe in the knowledge that there is one less weirdo out there.

  2. You really know the socialist subversion of our morals and values is severe when about 90% of the world stops to mourn a nasty little kiddy fiddler, because you know, we have to forgive him because he wrote a few “good” songs back in the eighties.

    On every single website that i’ve read this story on, the general consensus is that he should be remembered for his music and not for the terrible things he did. A load of liberal nonsense basically, hate the sin not the sinner and all that crap.

    Good riddance!

  3. Personally I think that the system failed him. He was obviously off his rocker and should have been put away to stop him hurting others and himself. Perhaps with some real help he could have got it together, perhaps not.

    I don’t know about the alternatives to “hate the sin, love the sinner” are though. Sure, you could get rid of that and the other Christian principles such as “do to others what you would like them to do to you”, but don’t try and call America a “Christian” country any more. Do you really propose that we should hate the sinner instead Davey? What if every failure of yours was posted on the net for the world to see, how much hate would you get? Wouldn’t it be better if we all were a little less ‘holier than thou’ and had some compassion on people that mess up? Or are we really that delusioned that we don’t think there’s anything wrong with us?

  4. The death is reported of a talented black American singer /songwriter who was also a child molester, serial narcissistic plastic surgery abuser and drug addict and who wanted to be a white woman . The world goes in to an orgasmic outpouring of grief led by a stupid dumbed down MSM who devout countless hours of airtime to reporting what other m[nonentity so called celebrities say about this nonentity who has just died.
    Then you wonder how people like the ’empty suit’ Obambi gets elected well its because the dumb general populace gets fed it pap from the stupid MSM and uses it as a repository of truth and importance.

  5. I wonder if the last thought that went through his head was about the proximity that he felt to the “handsome boys of everlasting youth” that, according to Mein Qurampf 76:19, are supposed to satisfy all of his sexual desires for male youths for eternity… Desires which are shared by many, many other mahoundian males, their hypocritical outspoken homophobia notwithstanding…


  6. Proud_Kafir7908 – good point. But according to this doctrine I think the clerics say that Allah (AKA Satan to us) only grants little boys in paradise to those paedophiles that have resisted the urge to bugger little boys while they were alive.

    So Jackson gets no little boys, no paradise, only the fires of hell – the abode of Allah according to the Koran.

    Poor creep (Jackson that is). We should all be thankful we are not him.

  7. upon the news of Jackson’s death it has been decided that his body be melted down and turned into toys so that children can play with him for a change.

  8. @ A Christian –

    Do you really propose that we should hate the sinner instead Davey? What if every failure of yours was posted on the net for the world to see, how much hate would you get?
    Trust me, if ALL of my failures were compiled they simply would not amount to anything like MJ’s failures. I would place child-molestation right up there with murder on how evil a crime it is, and my so-called “sins” are nowhere near as bad. They amount to drinking alcohol, dabbling in certain drugs when I was a teenager and having the occasional punch-up. If you choose to place that in the same category as kiddie-fiddling then I truly feel sorry for you and how screwed your sense of values must be!

    Wouldn’t it be better if we all were a little less ‘holier than thou’ and had some compassion on people that mess up? Or are we really that delusioned that we don’t think there’s anything wrong with us?
    Once again, I believe that yes it is right to forgive and forget certain criminals, you know, petty thieves, fraudsters (as long as they don’t ruin lives), etc, but I sincerely do not understand how sexual predators, murderers, pedophiles bent politicians and the like deserve to be forgiven. These are criminals that literally and irreperably ruin lives, and as such I think anyone found guilty of these crimes should be strung up or locked away permanently so that their perverse natures are not allowed to harm anyone else. Honestly the forgive and forget attitude of the human rights crowd is totally skewed out of all proportion, my argument being that why should a criminal of these proportions be allowed any kind of basic rights? They should be given the same amount of rights that they allowed their victims: NONE!

  9. I am not the judge, but it would appear that he has gone to be with the false prophet of islam forever, assuming he did “revert ” to islam last year…

    New Delhi, June 26, 2009: Pop star Michael Jackson who died yesterday had converted to Islam last year. The fifty year old star who was under immense pressure, both financial and legal had reportedly embraced Islam in a Los Angeles mosque. ( khabrein.info )

  10. Goin through what everyone has written I feel its somethin sincere comin from deep down there hearts and the message seems the same – condemning Michael Jackson, some even embracing their sins that what they’ve done cannot be compared to what MJ did while alive but the bottom line fact is they are neither saints and the fact that Michael Jackson’s evil deeds were exposed due to the fame he’d earned throughout his successful music careeer, some of those commenting are sheltered from exposure due to the fact that they are not celebrities. They could be worse but in hiding but love him or hate himWacko Jacko has left somethin, a legacy music wise that nobody will ever equal and will definitely be forever remembered. Its only God who can judge and condemn Michael but not the sinful human nature. My heart goes out to the Jackson’s family for the loss and may God grant them the strength to withstand all the wicked souls out there who are busy condemning and celebrating his death.

  11. I have to agree with Stella. I am quite certain that all the accusations against Micheal Jackson were eventually disproved, albeit that he was certainly unusual.
    A lot of the accusations against him were questionable and many people tried to make more that a few bucks out of him. My prayers for him and his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  12. I saw a television interview last night with a man who was his makeup artist for twenty years. He also disagreed with the allegations against him. He said many parents were motivated by greed.
    I guess where Jackson sealed his own fate was when he said in an interview that he shared a bed with with some of these young boys. What normal person would do this?
    RIP Michael Jackson.

  13. Why would the black community mourn a pedophile who spent his life bedding little boys and turning himself into a white women who looked liked a very creepie Jacqueline Kennedy, his book editor He became a white women without a nose!!!!!!

    He was a drug addict who engaged in the sale of human beings …. the three children he bought who were continually dangled over balconies covered in towels or paraded before the public in grotesque masks. They never left the house … not even to go to school.

    Too many secrets required home schooling.

    He loved his little slaves so much that he left them penniless after blowing through a $100 million dollar fortune and leaving $500 million dollars of debt. His children seemed to have disappeared. The Jackson family mentions them not at all. If there’s no money those kids won’t have a rats chance of becoming part of that money grubbing family. Wacko accused his own family of exploiting him. So, one can imagine what they’ll do to those three children who are nothing more than a financial burden.

    If their own adopted wacko father didn’t think enough of them to care for their future why should mommie and daddy dearest Jackson care. According to Wacko his parents physically and mentally abused him and his mother let it all happen.

    What special grand parents they are!!!!!!!!


    Millions of little members of the worldwide F.F.A. (Future Followers of the Antichrist) have finally learned how to find a certain part of their lower anatomy and quickly touch it while dancing – thanks to Michael Jackson, the highest paid Lower Anatomy Toucher of all time! Special thanks also go to the Jesus-bashing, Hell-bound Hollywood moguls who were just as quick to see higher profits in lower anatomies! [Just saw this opinion on the web. Other grabby items on MSN, Google, etc. include “Separation of Raunch and State,” “David Letterman’s Hate, Etc.,” “Tribulation Index becomes Rapture Index,” and “Bible Verses Obama Avoids.” – something for everyone!]

  15. Would be nice if other victims gave thier opinion besides me

    Hum, before everyone here accuses Michael Jackson of these disgusting charges, let us take a close look at “Jordan Chandler”. He was the first 13 yr old boy who filed charges, causing Michael Jackson’s downward spiral in 1993. Jordan Chandler proceeded to have a book written called “Michael Jackson Was My Lover” which sales between $200-500. I am a true victim, I was molested as a little girl and I would NEVER share details with the world. Jordan Chandler would be scarred for life after what he claimed Michael Jackson did to him. His Uncle “Raymond Chandler” felt he too wanted to write his own book about Jordan Chandlers experiences “All That Glitters”. Then Jordan’s Sister Lilly Chandler had a book written called “Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case”. Because I am a victim, I can assure no one in my family would EVER try to profit off me! June Chandler (Jordie’s mother) is presently an acting coach for children and finally his father Evan Chandler is an aspiring screenwriter.

    How is Jordan Chandler today? Recent photos: WARNING THESE PHOTOS ARE VERY HARD TO VIEW, AFTER ALL THE INTENSE THERAPY THIS POOR MAN ENDURED OVER THE YEARS. The title of blog is perfect! “Time flies when you’re living off of Michael Jackson’s money!” This is a perfect example of a fraud


    And a little paragraph from “Wikipedia”
    Evan Chandler sued Jackson for around $60 million, claiming Jackson had breached an agreement never to discuss the case. In 1999, a court ruled in Jackson’s favor and threw out the lawsuit. Today, Jordan Chandler is in his late twenties living in a $2.35 million home in Long Island under an assumed name. He and his family also own a high-rise apartment in Manhattan and a condominium in Santa Barbara. June Chandler’s second marriage ended sometime afterward. Jordan Chandler and Jackson never spoke to each other again; he received his last installment from Jackson in June 1999.
    From one victim to another


  16. I just happened to fall on this site by accident because I wanted to see the picture of what Blanket mother looked like. I read all the comments from others. Has anyone committed a sin and no matter what it was you did? You were forgiven by someone for what you had done correct? Why are we going to judge someone when we were forgiven for what we did? We do not know what went on in his home or what he experienced as a child that made him change his appearance. He might had some psychological issues but we cannot judge him only God can judge a person. Where ever Michael soul is that is where his judge and jury sits right now? America is a land of freedom and Obama is the first black person to come out of an era where there was racial hatred and prejudice. It is good to see blacks moving up and forward. Stop all the hatred and back talking and lets all come together that is why America is so great because we as a people come together.

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