Yemen: More infidels being kidnapped

So much for Yemen’s three-year old vow that it would halt abductions. “Seven Germans, Briton, Korean kidnapped in Yemen – TV,” from Reuters, June 14, JW:

DUBAI, June 14 (Reuters) – Seven Germans, a Briton and a Korean have been kidnapped in the Saada area of north Yemen, Al Jazeera reported on Sunday. 

The television station gave no more details. Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country, is struggling with an on-off revolt in the north, a secessionist movement in the south and intensified al Qaeda militancy.

Update from Jawa Report:

Yemen Rebels Jihadists Deny Kidnapping Foreigners

The rebels say it occurred next the headquarters of the Political Security (the secret police) in central Sa’ada. However like every other group in Yemen, when news hits the western media, the rebels were unable to put out a statement in English. Ergo, yet more bad google translation:

Houthi deny that any of the sons of Saada relationship is responsible for the kidnapping of German. Power is the power (the government) bears full responsibility for their fate. The area where it was said that they had kidnapped them (Graz) is next to the Political Security in the heart of the city of Saada. We emphasize that the charge for us is null and false accusation and slander is a matter of political vindictiveness, which is evidence of the bankruptcy (of the regime). More>>