Abu Hussein Obama, The Manchurian Candidate

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Freedom is not for government to give. But it IS for all of us to ensure that government does not take away.


Did Muslim Extremists Help Obama Get into Harvard?…

ZIP:  Obama’s election campaign might have been funded by radical Saudis, not just his Harvard degree!!!

White House refuses to release president’s law school records

President Obama’s unwillingness to allow the American public to see his records at Harvard Law School prevents resolution of a continuing controversy over whether radical Islamic influences promoted his admission and financed his legal education there.

In an appearance on the New York-produced “Inside City Hall” television show, octogenarian Harlem lawyer Percy Sutton – whose clients included Malcolm X – explained that Islamic radical Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour, “one of the world’s wealthiest men,” asked him to write a letter of recommendation to Harvard Law School for then relatively unknown Barack Obama.

In the video, Sutton says he was introduced to Obama by al-Mansour, a Saudi citizen, who “was then raising money” for Obama. More from WND>>

Is this Son of a Gramscian whore and a Kenyan Muslim a bona fide American? WTF is wrong with his birth certificate?


The indisputable fact is that Obama has not released his birth certificate, which the state of Hawaii issues for all citizens born there.

Instead, his campaign has only released his certificate of live birth from the state of Hawaii, which is a document that offers a summarized version of the birth certificate. More>>


* A race huckster no different from Al Sharpton or Farraklan:

Obama’s Press Conference: He Plays Race Card Again


Atlas Shrugs: Obama’s Birth Certificate Forgery


Atlas Shrugs:

Caving in at 100 miles an hour:

Day 39 Iran Revolution: Obama OK’s Nuclear Iran – Major Shift in policy – “once they have a nuclear weapon”

“We want Iran to calculate what I think is a fair assessment that, if the United States extends a defense umbrella over the region, if we do even more to support the military capacity of those in the Gulf, it’s unlikely that Iran will be any stronger or safer because they won’t be able to intimidate and dominate as they apparently believe they can, once they have a nuclear weapon,” Hillary Clinton today.

This is a major shift in US policy on a nuclear Iran and a stunning endorsement of Ahmadinejad.


Unethical Congressman Keith Ellison’s Pilgrimage to Mecca Paid for by “Islamic Nonprofit” – Claims didn’t “know about the inner workings of this group”


Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, who is currently working on ensuring missing Somali terrorists’ safe return to US, has been very shady on who paid for his pilgrimage to the haj and why. The Star Tribune breaks the story wide open. Dirty dealings indeed. Why did it take eight months for an ethics investigation. No elected official should be accepting such accepting such pricey gifts particularly form those with questionable ties and ill gotten taxpayer monies.

Surprise: ‘Peaceful’ imam blames Jews for Holocaust


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  1. Al Mansour works for Al Waleed bin Talal. Georgetown took his money in exchange for promoting Wahabi in the US. Like Ingrid Mattson does as a “convert.” Now I know that Jews aren’t welcome in Saudi Arabia, but is Khalid “Death of Christianity” Al Mansour welcome in the hallowed halls of Georgetown?

  2. to the author: why you waste your time for ‘jihad’, etc. better work and make friend. this is the worst rubbish blog i ever find. the cartoon is not funny at all. i dont like obama but your cartoon is a shame. i will not visit this lunatic blog again. better surf quality blog out there. byeeeee.

  3. Where is that article inferring that Malcolm X is Obama’s real father based on facial features?

    1. Nah, lets not go there. His own father (a Marxist-Muslim-misogynist-polygamist) is more of a burden to him than his mother, the gramscian whore….

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