Bombs go off in Palma di Majorca, Police Blames "ETA"

The Spanish government also blamed ETA when Islamic terrorists bombed the trains in Madrid. But ETA has no beef with Majorca. Why would ETA bomb Majorca, (an Island) when they can find easier targets in Bilbao, in the Basque Country?

Yesterday we reported:


Palma di Mallorca: Police arrest 3 in mosque, 150 Muslims go apeshit…

Majorca sealed off after bombing

Ports and airports on the Spanish island of Majorca have been closed after a bomb at a Civil Guard base there killed two officers.

The measures – which Spain said were meant to “prevent the terrorists from fleeing” – were expected to affect many thousands of tourists.

The bomb blast, in Palmanova, comes a day after a similar attack at a barracks in Burgos, northern Spain.

That left 46 people injured and has been blamed on Basque separatists Eta.

The BBC’s Steve Kingstone in Madrid says Eta, which has been held responsible for more than 820 deaths during its decades-long campaign for an independent homeland in Spain’s Basque region, will again be the focus of police inquiries.

There was no claim of responsibility, but local politicians and police were quick to blame Eta, saying it was an attempt to take lives and cause maximum damage.

* Hmm, any idea why they’re  so quick to blame ETA?

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5 thoughts on “Bombs go off in Palma di Majorca, Police Blames "ETA"”

  1. Sadly, it was ETA. The other time it was an error due to proofs which fooled Aznar’s government. But now, since a non-nationalist has been elected in the Basque country, they have again made their “summer campaign”.
    Why Majorca? There are a lot of tourists there: much more publicity to show their “strength”, thanks to the negotiations ETA has held with Zapatero’s Government. Majorca is also the official summer place for the Royal Family to spend their holidays and the place where an ETA terrorists tried some years ago to kill the King.

  2. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Just a strange coincidence that 150 Muslims started a racket in front of the police headquarters after 3 of them were arrested at the mosque?

    Lets keep an open mind…

  3. I think that it is likely that ETA had nothing to do with this – however a calm decision can be made when all evidence has been examined.

  4. The day before another bomb exploded in Burgos, thanks to ETA (more than 100 persons, Civil Guards, Police and their families could have died if it hadn’t been summer):
    ETA normally did this during the summer, against Spanish Military, Police and Civil Guards (2 killed in Majorca). But since Aznar passed the Law of Political Parties to let Judges declare illegal those who supported violence leaving them without public funding (yes, we are so idiot we were maintaining ETa’s political branch Herri Batasuna&Co.), their terrorist activity have reduced, although not ended. This year European Court of Justice declared that Law totally constitutional because of the situation Spain was living with ETA’s terrorism.
    That Law was criticized in all the world:
    considering Spain was not democratic. Even Socialists in Government now, criticized it back then. But after the negotiation with the Government, those “parties” are back in some of those municipalities, receiving funds from the State as political parties, because the Government didn’t want to act against them before the elections were held.
    By the way, on March 2004 there was an interest in declaring it an Al-Qaeda Attack to convince undecided voters that they should vote for Zapatero, after a shameful campaign including physical attacks against PP’s offices and supporters. Even the actual Interior Minister Rubalcaba said on March 13th that “Spain doesn’t merit a liar Government” referring to Aznar. For Zapatero both terrorisms are bad politically speaking as he has had a real “caving into” attitude with both, supported by 90% of the MSM, who said he was bringing peace to Spain, not as “those Aznar’s warmongers”. He even called an ETA terrorist attack (terminal T4 of Barajas’ airport, 2 killed, €40million in damages) as “an accident”.
    So, yes, let’s keep an open mind… and sorry for the long comment. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

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